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Dear England

Posted: 29 Apr 2018 05:22 AM PDT

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Dear England,

What a week you’ve had. At the same time as your new Royal baby was born, you invoked a fascist ideology to deny the rights of the parent of another to keep theirs alive. Little Alfie Evans is dead, yet, he lives this very day. As a baptized child, long before the age of reason, he was dead in this life and alive in the Lord a moment later. A friend on Facebook wrote a post yesterday with the picture of Terri Shiavo. You remember her, right? She is the woman who was the canary in the coal mine in the United States over a decade ago put to death by a corrupt judge and medical system which has gone awry. She wrote:

Welcome to the Kingdom, Alfie. Charlie’s over there with your nanny. Her name’s Terry. She knows you better than you think. And she’ll keep you warm and happy till Mum and Dad get here. Come in and meet Abba, Father — and He shall wipe away every tear, and Death shall have no dominion.

Think not that this writer hates England or the English people. As a Canadian, that would be impossible. But what England has become in the last half-century reveals the fraud which it had become for over 500 years.

In my fantasies about living in another time, that time would be in medieval England, hardly the Dark Ages. A time when the whole land was Catholic. When the King was Catholic. A time when the monasteries developed a social and economic system that was inherently Catholic. When people’s lives were governed by Embers and Rogations and Feasts of Saints. A time and a land where Jesus Christ ruled people’s lives because they loved Him and Mary, His mother, was always their queen.

All of this changed when their own wretched “Pol Pot” or Henry VIII, as one commenter put it came on the scene. I would argue it was a generation earlier when his father murdered the last Plantagenet, Richard III, the last truly Catholic King of England. The Tudor’s were a satanic force. A pathetic, immoral blood-thirsty family of usurpers. Henry VII, Henry VIII and his bastards, Edward VI and Elizabeth I. The real and rightful heir, Mary, was tainted in history as “bloody” for protecting her rule and attempting a restoration. How just that a filthy brutish devil who would worry so much about his dynasty should have that dynasty end only a generation later. A murderous regime that tortured and executed thousands of its own people who only wished to follow the faith of their fathers. Thomas More, and John Fisher. Margaret Clitherow, Edmund Campion and Robert Southwell and Anne Line. Priest and Bishops, Augustinians, Franciscans and Jesuits when they actually had faith. Laymen and women including Earl’s Lady’s Knights and commoners.

If this were to happen today, the modern world would consider it a religious genocide. England was no better than the Iran of today or the maniacal monsters of ISIS, or the fascist regime of Saudi Arabia. This was their own Reign of Terror,  The French got it from somewhere. England’s leaders are no better than Assad or Hussein.

After that, England became worse. It profited from the misery of others as it enslaved Africans and sold them as chattel. It beggared nations as it raped their resources. The sun never set on its empire, yet it was an empire of evil and pillage. It could have been an empire of grace. The whole course of world history changed that day when Richard III was murdered. England would have remained Catholic, the protestant revolution would have no doubt been isolated to central Europe, it would not have been taken around the world as it was by England. North America would be fully Catholic, much of Oceana as well. There would have been no pilgrims to Plymouth Rock. There would have been Catholic immigrants.

The “Church” of England is a fraud. No bishop is real. No priest is real. The bread is bread. It is a corrupt mockery of the real Church. Anglicanism is a putrid abomination dressed up with pretty music and regal ceremony.

England went on to pass over more than 50 Catholics to find a heretic apostate to sit on its throne. They would take a German heretic rather than a Catholic Englishman. It engaged in a family feud that butchered millions in the mud of Europe and then extracted such penalties from the German perpetrators that it should have been obvious that a greater war of evil would come from it.

The Windsors are a Germanic family of frauds. Their hold on the Throne of England is as illegitimate as Henry’s bastards and as false as the Anglican “Church.” The both deserve each other. The English people have been duped to think that their church is the Church and their queen is their Queen.

England has become a fascist socialist swamp. A pathetic shadow of its once great potential. It’s Queen, who purports to love Jesus as in her last Christmas message must see her death coming soon. She is close to it, no doubt. Yet, she signed into law the murderous abortion bill that has murdered 7,000,000 of her children. She sat by and did not even use moral suasion to prevent the deaths of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans. Its people have generally become cowards and selfish.

Charlie and Alfie may have died, regardless. In fact, the doctors may have been correct about their diagnosis and the prognosis.

The issue then and now is the right of the parents to determine the care, to seek other opinions and other options.

England is now cursed. It cursed itself more than a half-millennium ago and it is being punished for its actions. In its zeal of hatred for Christ, it has embraced within it the tool which will destroy it, Islam.

To my English readers, God bless you and may Mary keep you. Find your courage, your soul, fight and reclaim your land for Christ, for Mary.

England is dying, it is almost dead, but it can be saved and it is a lesson for the rest of us in Canada, the United States, Australia and elsewhere.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. sandorbalogh says:

    Interesting and very true, but he left out the Opium Wars that ruined China’s ancient culture.

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