Dear President Trump

Guy McClung   May 27,  2018

Dear President Trump,

I have now begun my eighth decade on God’s good earth. I am a lifelong Catholic.

Please do not give any more of my money to catholic bishops who defy the law. Please do not give any more of my money to catholic bishops who break the law.    Please do not give any more of my money, or any other citizen’s money, to these bishops’ dioceses, organizations, so-called “ministries,” so-called “charities,” or conferences which defy and/or break the law.

I diligently avoid giving my money anymore, at any level, to such bishops, including at the parish level where they usually receive a diocesan “tax” amount from such donations. I will not support their illegal actions.

Please be aware that these defiant, outlaw bishops and their supporters are  ignoring Church teaching (e.g., see below). These law-breaking bishops, their priests, and their employees in concert with them are also acting contrary to Jesus’s commands, contrary to the inspired words of God, and in opposition to Church tradition.

My money, and the money of other taxpayers – which as President you have a sacred role to use in accord with law –  is not being used by them for “religious purposes.” It is being used to violate the law. Not only is this illegal, it is a scandal to the faithful.

Please, please, be a good steward of our money and stop, immediately, giving any more of it to these un-american, un-catholic, law-defying, law-breaking bishops.

Very truly yours,

Guy McClung, Texas

Church teaching:


“Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.” (#2241;  Catechism of the Catholic Church).

“Man’s relations with foreigners are twofold: peaceful, and hostile: and in directing both kinds of relation the Law contained suitable precepts. . . . . With regard to these [who wished to enter another country and be admitted into its society] a certain order was observed. For they were not at once admitted to citizenship: just as it was law with some nations that no one was deemed a citizen except after two or three generations, as the Philosopher says (Polit. iii, 1). The reason for this was that if foreigners were allowed to meddle with the affairs of a nation as soon as they settled down in its midst, many dangers might occur, since the foreigners not yet having the common good firmly at heart might attempt something hurtful to the people. Hence it was that the Law prescribed in respect of certain nations  . . . that they should be admitted to the fellowship of the people after the third generation; whereas others (with whom their relations had been hostile, . . .) were never to be admitted to citizenship; while [others], who were yet more hostile to them, and had no fellowship of kindred with them, were to be held as foes in perpetuity . . .”  (St. Thomas Aquinas).


“The Church has rejected the totalitarian and atheistic ideologies associated in modem times with “communism” or “socialism.” She has likewise refused to accept, in the practice of “capitalism,” individualism and the absolute primacy of the law of the marketplace over human labor. Regulating the economy solely by centralized planning perverts the basis of social bonds; regulating it solely by the law of the marketplace fails social justice, for “there are many human needs which cannot be satisfied by the market.” Reasonable regulation of the marketplace and economic initiatives, in keeping with a just hierarchy of values and a view to the common good, is to be commended. “ (# 2425; Catechism of the Catholic Church.)

“Human work proceeds directly from persons created in the image of God and called to prolong the work of creation by subduing the earth, both with and for one another. [Cf. Gen 1:28; GS 34; CA 31] Hence work is a duty: “If any one will not work, let him not eat.” (# 2427; Catechism of the Catholic Church).

“The responsibility of the state. Economic activity, especially the activity of a market economy, cannot be conducted in an institutional, juridical, or political vacuum. On the contrary, it presupposes sure guarantees of individual freedom and private property, as well as a stable currency and efficient public services. Hence the principal task of the state is to guarantee this security, so that those who work and produce can enjoy the fruits of their labors and thus feel encouraged to work efficiently and honestly…. Another task of the state is that of overseeing and directing the exercise of human rights in the economic sector. However, primary responsibility in this area belongs not to the state but to individuals and to the various groups and associations which make up society.” (# 2431;  Catechism of the Catholic Church).

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Sheepdog says:

    I stopped giving to my Diocese. They are fully cooperating to push Medicaid and the immigration stuff through. Also allowing tax dollars for Catholic Charities is a mistake at this point.
    I have objected and have not received a response. I need suggestions of some good charities to donate directly too so that I can happily continue my obligation of tithing since the Parishes and Dioceses go back to fund all this nonsense.

  2. glmcreations says:

    Susan- Just as Jorge Bergoglio said re: those calling him “heretic,” “I know who they are,” Pres. Trump knows better than you and I can ever imagine those bishops and their minions who are disobeying the law. The real bottom line: the Demoncrat-Party/Bishop-cadre alliance for delivering 100% – and in some cases 104% – of the minority votes in the USA is falling apart and failing. Solution: bring in some more folks, tell them they will be nourished, comforted, housed, fed and given iPhones all on fed dollars – and then demand citizenship so that they can vote to stay on the Democrat plantation. Read the “Palmieri memo.” This being the case – bishops assisting in the buying of votes with your money and my money and the public’s money, I think the President and law enforcement will figure it all out.

    Not to mention that a plethora of the illegals brought here, cared for here, and groomed by the bishops in socialism or marxism will try to, and some succeed, in illegally voting this fall and in 2020.

    Thank you for reading what I wrote and for your insightful comment.

    Guy McClung, Texas

    ps: BTW I call Jorge a heretic. google my name and The American Catholic

  3. Susan Kruger says:

    Mr. McClung, I agree with you. But please don’t leave the President wondering. This is the most important part: Name the bishops!


  4. abyssum says:

    Thank you,Tony, welcome to I hope that you recover from the “gappiness” that has afflicted you upon discovering my website. I promise you that there will never be a dull moment reading this website.
    +Rene Henry Gracida

  5. Gary Dee says:

    AMEN!!!! Well said.


  6. Tony G says:

    Your Excellency, I don’t have any way of knowing if you will receive this reply email.

    I just found your site a few days ago and wanted to tell you how gappy I am to have found it.

    In these confusing days it is truly a blessing to have a resource such as this… (I signed up for the email under the profile name “hellenback7”.

    You are a true shepherd and an edifying example. If Bishops were not forced to retire at 75! Although, if active in a diocese you might get shuffled to Alaska where you could “discern your ridgity” regarding Truth).

    As this may not even reach you I will wrap up now.

    God Bless you and your work.

    Warmest regards in Christ Jesus,

    Anthony Greive

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