A  faithful  reader of Abyssum asks the following questions:

“Thank you very much for your courage and light you provide in these difficult times. I have read from your blog about the invalid promulgation of Jorge Bergoglio as a Pope. I completely agree with you.

My question is this, I live in the Hartford diocese. Bishop Leonard Blair was appointed Bishop of Hartford by the man who now usurps the Chair of Peter. What I understand is that he is a true bishop because he was appointed as bishop by St. John Paul II, therefore he has the power to consecrate new priests, but does he has the power to grant faculties to priests who does not belong to his diocese? Does the priests in the Hartford diocese have the power to absolve?, to confirm?”

I respond to the questions as follows:

A priest becomes a bishop when he is named/appointed a bishop by a validly elected pope and when he is ordained/consecrated a bishop by three bishops in union with the Holy See of the Catholic Church.  Ordination/consecration bestows two sacramental powers on a priest validly named a bishop by a validly elected pope: the power of sacramental orders and the power of jurisdiction.  A validly appointed/consecrated bishop can under the usual conditions ordain deacons and priests.  A validly appointed/consecrated bishop cannot exercise the power of jurisdiction unless it has been specifically granted to him by a validly elected pope when, for example, he is appointed bishop or ordinary of a specific diocese or other jurisdiction of the Church.  A bishop appointed ordinary by a validly elected pope can grant priestly faculties to any priest in good standing even though the priest is not incardinated (belongs to) his diocese.  A priest cannot absolve and confirm without the faculties of the diocese (and permission to confirm) having been granted to him by a bishop who has been validly ordained/consecrated and appointed ordinary of that particular diocese.

+Rene Henry Gracida

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