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Take a look at three of the headlines that hit my inbox after our grassroots campaign broke a new fundraising record and outraised Ted Cruz…for the fifth time:

Dallas Morning News

Beto O’Rourke’s torrid fundraising leaves Ted Cruz in the dust, with another $10 million in last 3 months

El Paso Times

Beto O’Rourke raises record $10.4 million against Ted Cruz in Texas’ Senate race

Houston Chronicle

Beto O’Rourke hauls in $10.4 million, more than double total for incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz

Clicking through headlines like these gets me so fired up. This movement of people — not PACs, or special interests, or corporations, or lobbyists — is proving we can not just compete with Ted Cruz but we can do it in the right way. I’ve never seen a campaign do what we’re doing.

Our campaign raised $10.4 million from 215,714 individual contributions, all from people just like you. The power of this movement is staggering. But I can guarantee you that Cruz’s super PACs and special interests are reading these headlines too. And they’re going to do anything they have to in order to stop our incredible momentum.

Can you chip in $3 right now to help us capture today’s energy and continue closing Cruz’s single-digit lead in the polls? We’ve got less than four months left if we want to pull this off.

I’ve sat shotgun as Beto has crisscrossed the state and visited all 254 counties of Texas so he could meet with his fellow Texans. So he could listen, learn, and make their fight his fight. There has never been a community too red or too blue for Beto to show up. There has never been a concern too small or too big for him to champion. That’s how he is building a campaign that answers to you — real people, not PACs or special interests.

And it’s working. Every single person who has shown up to a town hall to ask tough questions, who’s knocked on doors or made phone calls, who’s chipped in what they can to keep gas in the tank of our Dodge Grand Caravan and keep Beto on the road has made a difference. A really big difference. It’s no wonder outlets across the state are taking notice of what you’re making possible in Texas.

But we’ve got a long road ahead, and a lot of work left to do. These headlines are proof of what can happen when we all come together and do our part. When we give it everything we’ve got because everything we care about is on the line. Don’t let the special interests stop our momentum at a time we need it the most. Pitch in $3 right now to show you’ve got Beto’s back in this fight >>

Thanks for all you do!!

Talk soon,

Chris Evans
Beto for Texas

P.S. I can’t help but share one last headline. Beto O’Rourke Raises $10.4 million in second quarter of 2018, again outpacing Ted Cruz by wide margin(Texas Tribune)

*CINO, a person who is Catholic in name only.

Video Surfaces: Beto O’Rourke Attacks Catholic Church

Candidate for U.S. Senate, Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) is seen on video disparaging the Catholic Church during his time as an El Paso City Councilman in 2011.

The video begins with O’Rourke demeaning a Catholic Priest about the “moral failings of the church you represent, especially as you try to take the moral high-ground in this debate”.

The debate began over a council vote on same-sex marriage benefits which Father Rodriguez urged them to vote down in accordance with traditional teachings.

O’Rourke says, “Luckily, I don’t need your approval to move forward. I want to know why this, for you, has become the burning issue of the day… I can think of two obvious cases where the church has failed on a global level.”

He continues by alleging that the Pope went to Africa and discouraged people from using condoms before revisiting child-abuse allegations.

A member of the community, Rachel Quintana courageously came to the priest’s defense at the next meeting, saying:

“I am here not to chastize you for your obvious lack of civility and decorum nor address your permissiveness in allowing certain councilmen to personalize their attacks on certain speakers at this podium… Mr. O’Rourke, you stated at last week’s public hearings that you want to be remembered for decades for the decisions you made at city council. You will be remembered sir, for many things. Last week, you wrongfully and disrespectfully attacked Father Michael Rodriguez and the moral failings of the Catholic Church…”

Before finishing, the speaker is interrupted by Mayor John Cook:

“Thank you, your time is over. If you can’t remove yourself from the podium, I’ll have you removed.”

She is assumed to have verbalized her disagreement to which the Mayor responded:

“Right, well, you can take your freedom of speech outside.”

This blast from the past calls into question whether Beto O’Rourke is fit to serve Texas and its largest religious body of nearly 5 million Catholic Texans in the US Senate. He will face off against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the November General Election.

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