Although the upcoming Synod on the Youth May have some good material, it will be filled with heresy. There are heretical things it may or may not promote, directly or indirectly by some participants, speakers, and even more confusing statements from Francis Whether said directly by him; and or twisted in the secular and fake media. The courage apostolate was designed to reach out to lgbt in a way that Ministers to them puts Christ, not feelings first; it is widely successful. However Father James Martin will be both at the World Meeting of families and the Synod. His material “building a bridge” is not sanctioned by Church teaching up to and including Pope Benedict XVI. All promulgation by the Vatican that changes church teaching or openly goes against divinely revealed truths is to be ignored, even if a Pope says it. Only in the sacrament of marriage is a family fully able to receive the graces necessary for eternal salvation and earthly well being.

In regards to the USCCB allowing politicians who promote evils (including euthanasia or abortion of babies with Down syndrome) to receive communion, funding must be withheld by Laity who shall instead contribute to their local parishes or in other ways such as helping the poor and charities directly. One must not break with the church during these times even if some elements of it including the hiarchy are straying from the Faith at times. One must be allowed to support the police including our brave ICE officers. If being in Other countries is the cause for religious persecution, Bishops should be putting pressure on the hostile government rather than attacking the civil and church rule of law which calls for orderly lawful immigration where they learn our way. Some of that is in the catechism.

Catholics Must not live in a bubble and they must look out for the safety and well being of others; but they must avoid putting the secular world first. Faith and family comes first before anything else. We do indeed worship God and the civil rule of law is the way of life.

“Religious freedom, not freedom of religion, is found in the constitution.” This is something that Tricia Flanagan, candidate for US Senate told me. This is different than the state favoring a religion or condemning  those who aren’t religious.

In closing, people must always be kind to all. For example one may encounter someone at work or school who might be a democrat or who might be gay. As long as you don’t compromise your faith, or openly encourage bad behavior, your soul is safe as you build normal positive conversations with the person in the hopes they will see you as a positive light.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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