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Kavanaugh Accuser Family CIA Black Budget Ops/Fusion GPS / Deep State Security Ties

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 16:25

Original Story by Paul Revere (17 Sep 2018)

We all knew their were “Deep State” ties but this is mind-blowing all the CIA “Deep State” Connections within her own family!  I will provide EVERYTHING – ALL in one story!  This is a True Real Deep State Life Spy Novel. (NOTE – Photos, Profiles & Past News of the Blasey family have been CIA “Scrubbed” from internet to keep the public from knowing about their criminally tied CIA “Deep State”.).

I do this for our Nations Survival, and maybe play a small part to move our nation forward at our time of need.  Hopefully this will help keep our nations freedoms, so all our future generations can enjoy living free as I have.

Please link back to this original news story and give create to myself for my hours of invested work.  (On BIN, a fellow poster NESARA straight out copy/pasted a previous story of mine and took full credit for it as their own work and got 40k+ reads.)

Dr Christine Blasey-Ford (Maiden Name = Blasey)

The Accuser = Dr Christine Basley-Ford, who is just a innocent woman wanting to do the right thing – yet has accused Brett Kavanaugh of a Sexual Assault 36 years ago, and wants the Public to believe her.  KEY = Her FAMILY MAIDEN NAME IS BLASEY.  Here are the KEY FACTS she provided about her Allegation


1 – Unable to name the exact year it happened,

2 – Not remembering where the location incident took place,

3 – How they gathered together that night.

4 – How she got home

5 – Did not tell anyone of incident at the time

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More…

So this is her Real Factual based victimization.  I do not know any other actual “Victim” that can not remember specific traumatic emotional distress of any attempted rape, including one where she also Feared for her life.  Each of us remembers Traumatic moments of each of our lives, even 50+ years ago.  Whats going on inside her head/mind?

Current Job – Dr Christine Blasey-Ford is a Professor at Stanford University – who Mentor’s a College job title Program named “CIA Undergraduate Internship Program” (click to read). 

You read that right!  She Seeks/Mentors and Oversee’s a CIA College Training Program – who is looking for Future and Pre-Screens potential young CIA Agents.  Dr Blasey-Ford main College position is a Psychiatric Professor – Yet she needed a “Therapist” to Remember a lost memory for 30 years?  “Psychiatry” is one who learns to control one’s Minds, Thoughts and Mental Illnesses!  Stanford just removed all photos/job titles since she went public to hide her “Deep State” involvement.  A Previous Professor of this Psychatric position is linked to a MKULTRA mind control assassination in 1985, allegedly ordered by her very own CIA father, using this CIA Internship program.

A few comments from her students – many feel she has a “Dark Personality”, very Unstable, Scare and Instills Fear them (LINK MORE).

Here is a 2012 “The New Yorker” published Article when Dr. Blasey-Ford’s Obsession with Kavanaugh Started:

“If a Republican, any Republican, wins in November, his most likely first nominee to the Supreme Court will be Brett Kavanaugh.”

(LINK For Complete Story including Below Quote)

Dr Blasey-Ford has a Husband, Russell Ford, met at Stanford Univ, and were married in 2002.  They have 3 young children.  Russell Ford is the “Senior Director” at Zosano Pharma, and Exclusively Specializes in “Mind Altering” Drugs.  Russell deleted his Facebook account, and removed his name from his Companies Website.  Imagine that, he deals with Mind Altering drugs, and Christine is a CIA Internship recruiter for Stanford for CIA MKULTRA mind readjustments? 

Keep in mind her 4 (or 2) boys statement was in 2012 – but in 2018, it changed to 2 guys!?  If she remembers Brett, surely she remembers the 2nd boy.  What was she and her husband in “Therapy” for and what caused this – as an average 98% of families do not ever need such treatment.  So we see their was documented “Mental Stress” upon her.  Now – what affects did her Stanford CIA MKULTRA college position have on her Mental Illness?  Was she CIA MKULTRA Mind Controlled then or now?  But wait, their are still 1 or 2 more “Mind Altering” MKULTRA connections to this specific CIA Stanford position that will be exposed.

She claimed to have passed a FBI Polygraph, but she already WORKS FOR IN A CIA FUNDED PROGRAM, HER FATHER (Ralph G. Blasey Jr) is a Life-Long CIA Operataive since the 1960s, and currently PROVIDES PUBLIC SECURITY TO ALL “DEEP STATE” OFFICIALS under Criminal Investigation today – AND HER BROTHER WORKS FOR A FUSION GPS LINKED FIRM!?  How can one trust a FBI Polygraph when their is so much conflict with all these same Organizations under criminal investigation?  This was clearly a CIA/FBI “Deep State” setup. 

But this is just the start of her CIA and Deep State family connections.

Her Father = Ralph G Blasey Jr.

Her Brother – Ralph Blasey 3rdHow to Get a Free Sample of the Best Invisible Hearing AidEargo Hearing AidsSponsored by Revcontent

My my… Her father is a Lifelong CIA Operative into the 1960s & her brother’s firm was contracted with one Fusion GPS.  Isn’t that all just a fluke?

Paula K & Ralph G Blasey Jr – PARENTS

Property Forecloser of Paula K & Ralph G Blasey Jr – Case 156006V – 8 August 1996

Martha G. Kavanaugh, the mother of Brett Kavanaugh was a Maryland district judge in 1996. In an amazing coincidence, Martha Kavanaugh was the judge in a foreclosure case in which Christine Blasey-Ford’s parents were the defendants. Blasey-Ford is going after Brett Kavanaugh, not because of what he did in high school. Instead, Christine Blasey-Ford is going after Brett Kavanaugh out of spite and revenge for a case ruled on by Brett Kavanaugh mother. During the 1996 foreclosure case, Martha Kavanaugh ruled against the parents of Christine Blasey-Ford in the foreclosure case.  Brett’s mother was Montgomery County Circuit Court judge from 1993 until she retired in 2001.


Brother – Ralph Blasey 3rd

GPS Connection – Worked for a law firm “Baker Hostetler” for 15 years as a Litigation Partner – that retained Fusion GPS, the primary “fixer” for the Clintons and the DNC.

In a 11 January 2018, Yahoo Finance explained the role Baker Hostetler played in the Deep State’s attempts to bring down the duly elected President of the United States:

How did Baker Hostetler become a supporting character in the geopolitical drama over Russian meddling in the U.S. election, with possible implications for the fate of the Trump administration? The simple version? It was partly a matter of luck. The firm was tapped beginning in at least 2013 to defend a Cypriot company, Prevezon Holdings Ltd., against U.S. money laundering accusations. Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016—reportedly with the intent to provide information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—was also working for Prevezon.

And Fusion GPS, the company that produced the infamous Steele dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia, was also retained by Baker Hostetler amid the Prevezon litigation.

Read the Entire Yahoo Story Here

2nd Story Here

Father – Ralph G Blasey Jr

Ralph G Blasey Jr has been a life-long CIA Operative and Involved in CIA Black Ops Budgets and “Deep State” Security.  His entire CIA & Deep State past spans 40+ years, would fill chapters, but he has been personally involved with the very top DC elites – including John Brennan, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Susan Rice, etc, as he does at this moment. 

PRESENT POSITION – CIA black money operative Ralph G. Blasey Jr. remains secure, too—and who, today, is the VP of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.—that is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch Systems (LINK), Peel III also controls, has US government contracts extending till 23 June 2023 under the category of 246.42.1 to provide US defense and intelligence agencies with facility management systems—all of which intelligence analysts believe the American people have the right to know about in their evaluating the claims against Judge Kavanaugh being leveled against him by Dr. Christine Beasley.

No major issue with Mr Ralph Blasey Jr just “HAPPENS” to be VP over all Personal private Security for Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Rice, Lynch, Podesta, etc?  Yeap – she just has a normal everyday daddy and family we all have – and the public wasn’t suppose to know about…

PAST  POSITION(s) – Her father Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—a proven CIA operative who, from June-1962 to January-1974, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C.—a CIA black budget bank best known for being 100 paces from the White House, and whom, in 1998, was taken over by SunTrust Bank—whose majority share owner is the CIA-linked investment fund BlackRock. (NOTE – Blackrock Secret contracted worth $100s Billions.)

The importance of noting this CIA banking connections of Ralph G. Blasey Jr., is due to the outbreak of what is now known as the CIA Bank War—and whose start of, in 1982, a CIAseized from publication news report (Declassified in Part-Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/09/05: CIA-RDP90-00965R00150010-7) describes as: “This is Wall Street, the center of the international banking system, a system on the edge of a crisis so severe that the CIA is preparing drastic measures. Something must be done to avert the breakdown of the Free World’s monetary system.

The main CIA operative involved in this war, and whom Ralph G. Blasey Jr. reported to, was Nicholas Deak (LINK)—a longtime OSS and CIA operative, both during and after World War II, who ran the CIA’s main BLACK BUDGET OPERATIONS under the direct command of the feared CIA Counterintelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton.

To how the CIA prevented the total breakdown of the Western banking system in 1982, was by their illegally laundering hundreds-of-millions of dollars of Colombian drug cartel cash into it to keep it afloat in an operation overseen by the CIA’s “James Bond of Money” Nickolas Deak—but when the President Ronald Reagan administration found out what the CIA had done, and started investigating it, saw Deak, on 19 November 1985, being assassinated in his New York City office by a homeless woman named Lois Lang.  (It was alleged that one Ralph G Blasey Jr was assigned this Deep State Wetworks, since he knew and worked with Mr Deak, and was his Senior).

Nicolas Deak assassin Lois Lang had previously been under the direct psychiatric care and medical supervision of the CIA’s own Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges just prior to her traveling from Seattle to New York City to carry out this assassination—and who was the exact type of assassin Dr. Melges had been working to create in his CIA-funded mind control MKULTRA programme—and whose Canadian victims of are still being silenced after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this past December, imposed a gag order on them to keep them silent—but that does apply to Judge Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey, who remains able to teach her CIA Undergraduate Internship Program at Stanford University the MKULTRA mind control techniques discovered by Dr. Melges.  (Ralph G Basley Jr was believed to have communicated with Dr Melges prior to Mr Deak’s death, and asked to use his MKULTRA program on Ms Lang, to target Mr Deaks.)

Dr Blasey-Ford wore this “BRAIN” hat during a Anti-Trump Street Rally (Breibart)

Understand Dr Blasey-Ford suspected CIA operative—and her Specific placement was due to her extensive and advanced educational training at Stanford, in the CIA-funded mind control-brainwashing techniques developed by Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melgeswhose primary mission for the CIA was to develop new technologies for interrogation and torture, secondary applications going towards studying the possibilities of exploiting highly “suggestible” subjects and getting them to do things — murders, couriers — they wouldn’t otherwise do, and of which they would have no memory in case they were caught.

Interesting “Connection” hey?  So Dr Blasey-Ford was placed in Dr Melges position, so she could control and recruit “targets” the CIA/FBI needed – just like what her father, Ralph G Blasey Jr did to assassinate Nick Deak?  See how this “Connects the Dots” right back to being a CIA Deep State Treason attempt of our nation?

Rod Rosenstein’s Secret Lawyer Wife (Lisa Barsoomian) Represented CIA, FBI, Clinton, Mueller, Obama in 250+ Gov AND Personal Court Cases! She IS “THE” Court “FIXER”! Notice how she uses A DIFFERENT LAST NAME then Rod? 100% NORMAL in Gov – so Public does not “Tie” criminal Spouses with each other!  Peter Strzok’s wife did same – Director of SEC – who just happened to NOT find “Any” criminal evidence to Procecute “The Clinton Foundation”!  See how the Criminal “Circle” works?  UNDERSTAND GUYS HOW IT WORKS?

So it just happens Dr Blasey-Ford works in the same CIA-funded position that her father allegedly used a previous Professor, who brainwashed Lois Lang to murder her father’s leaker of his 100s of millions of stolen CIA Black Budget monies?  So now she is in that position to continue practicing “Mind Control” in today’s MKULTRA for the CIA and FBI.  Not only that, but remember what/where her husband is a Sr Director and works?  Yeah – in a “Mind Altering” drug producing company. Nothing to learn here hey?  If you want to talk about her having A MENTAL ILLNESS – need you look any further?  What was she in “therapy” for with her Husband?

So of course, Mrs Blasey-Ford has no interests other then being a honest angel country girl – that has no interest(s) in affecting the Trump agenda.  How more “Deep State” can one be?  I tried to expose this to other websites yesterday, but none printed it to inform the public. 

And I didn’t even talk about her Lawyers involvement in the MoveOn and ANTIFA links, supporter and activistium, or Dr Blasey-Ford involvement in Aniti-Trump donations and her physical on the street activisium against President Trump.

1962 St Paul Hockey Team – #12 = ROBERT MUELLER & #18 = JOHN KERRY (Again Connections)

As CIA & FBI Directors come and go after 4+ decades, Mr Blasey stayed at the very top of CIA/FBI officials, and was transitioned into each new CIA/FBI Administration.  If their is any Unelected, Stable, Reliable “Deep State” criminal agenda going on today, Mr Blasey Jr is a Major link Lifelong connection between each New Administration to carry out and plan any longterm “Criminal Coup” of our nation.  Understand how someone 40+ years in the CIA from controlling Black Ops Secret Bank Budgets, to now Providing Personal Public Security to each of the “Deep State” criminals (Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Rice, Lynch, etc) who have been fired, removed, and now facing criminal charges.  The one link to them all are one Ralph G Blasey Jr – and the REAL TOP TIER DEEP STATE CONTROLLER.  If Jeff Sessions or anyone in the White House want to find out any “Criminal Behavior” or want to know where each of his Security Team travels, need to ask him under oath what his involvement is, and who/when they all met with each other, and have a record by his agents.


“Deep State” is Real and if you didn’t know how it got funded so strong, please read.  The “Federal Reserve” is a Private For Profit Business – it is NOT a Government Bank.  (Owners of Federal Reserve – Rothschild family = value $250+ Trillion US Dollars.)  Just like me and you, we go to a bank, but so does the US Gov and its called the “Federal Reserve.”  JFK started the “Silver Certificate” to stop using them but was murdered by George HW Bush (LINK); who was detained in the room next to Oswald for hours – until J Edgar Hoover called and ordered them to let him go and stop questioning him.  KEY = Remember GHW’s GRANDFATHER “Prescott Bush” WAS FOUND GUILTY BY CONGRESSIONAL COURT in 1933 OF A WHITE HOUSE COUP OF THE US FOR HITLER!  Hitler Promised Prescott Bush (GHW’s Grandpa) to RULE THE USA AS OUR KING IF HILTER WON AND HE HELPED!!!  TRUE n SEARCH! Also, Why Does George HW Bush POSSES A GERMAN PASSPORT UNDER “GEORG H SHERFF” – HIS REAL GERMAN NAME?  (Again Search!)

Next Pres Reagan gathered enough money to pay off the National Debt in full and used it to crash the USSR economy about 1990.  Once that happened, Reagan was leaving office and wrote a “Presidential Order” to pay off the debt when the money came back to the US – but GHW Bush REFUSED, AND STOLEN ALL THIS MONEY!  HENCH – the Secret “Deep State” was once again FUNDED ($21+ Trillion today)!  GHW BUSH THEN BOUGHT ALL THE US Top Gov POSITIONS AND COMPANIES TO CONTROL/RULE THE USA BEHIND THE SCENES!  TRUE!  Since then, all Presidents kept their power by continuing this cover-up and each President pocketing Trillions of Dollars – OUR TAXPAYERS MONEY and expanding the criminal element inside America (Drugs, Weapons, Child Sex Trafficking, etc)!  Only now Honorable President Trump is ending their theft and crimes, and why the “Deep State” will stop at nothing to remove President Trump from office.  See how this all just happens to “fit in”?  Search “LEO WANTA” a true honest American Patriot to the Death; who was Reagan’s Lawyer to ensure the Federal Reserve was finally paid in full..  (LEARN ABOUT THIS HERE)

Did you know that OUR Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg is on Video Tape SAYING THAT SHE WISHES TO DESTROY OUR 1776 Constitution, and “Replace it” with one, like they placed in Africa!?  Yeah Guys!  She is on the Supereme Court and a Clinton Deep State Supporter – AND WANTS TO DO ALL SHE CAN TO CHANGE OUR “OLD” CONSTITUTION!  (If Clinton would have won, she planned to replace Ginsburg with LORETTA LYNCH).  THIS IS PURE TREASON AND SHE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY TODAY as a Domentic Enemy!

0:00 Q info – 1:39 Video Starts!  If you read video beginning, you will see Clinton was waiting to be elected and make LORETTA LYNCH TAKE HER PLACE! 

Check out my other Original Stories.

Hope you enjoyed this and if you share it, please, link back to this original creation.  I don’t mind sharing but link back so I am given credit for this.  If you can, send me a personal positive blessing for enlighting you.   Even a small like is appreciated and would love to have a beer from each of you who enjoyed it….

Bless all you and your loved ones and Believe in President Trump, Q, and all the True Patriots fighting to restore our Nation back to what our Founding Fathers wanted.  Say silent prayers and blessings in our time of need.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Joe Frisch says:

    Russian troll identified. How’s moscow’s weather this time of year?

  2. Anna Salerno says:

    Mind boggling at best. Whew!

  3. Your report appears very interesting and most of it is easily found by good sources on the
    internet. But there are 4 or 5 items that I can’t find hard sources for;

    1. What is the source that Christine Blasey Ford actually teaches this
    Standford Hass class?

    Christine’s name is not on the list of alumni. She is listed as a Standford Research Psychologist. lt is logical that the CIA might scrub her name if they want it kept private.

    2. Christine Blasey Ford’s father, Ralph G Blasey Jr, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust in DC, until 1974, according to Reuters and Bloomberg, which later became Sun Trust.
    And Sun Trust’s largest shareholder is Black Rock which is one of the largest funds.

    What is the source of the CIA connection between National Savings and Trust, Ralph G Blasey Jr,
    and Black Rock?

    3. Ralph G Blasey Jr also was/is VP of Red Coats Inc, the parent company of Admiral Security Services.

    What is the source that Admiral Security Service provides security for
    “John Brennan, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Susan Rice, etc” and that Ralph G Blasey
    was running it as CIA?

    4. What is the hard source that Ralph G Blasey Jr knew or knew of Dr Megles?
    And what hard evidence to you have that Ralph G Blasey is a major CIA player and that he allegedly ordered the Megle’s patient Lois Lang to assassinate Nicholos Deak?

    If Ralph G Blasey Jr was CIA and he was VP of National Savings and Loan, because of Deaks serious financial problems due to the Reagan Administration legally pursuing S American Mob figures who had been hurt by Deak’s financial problems hired Lang. She met some people down in Miami just before the murders.

    5. What source do you have that Ralph G Blasey Jr worked for Nicholos Deak?

    Dr Megles did work at Standford and he did take care of Lois Lang who later murdered Nicholos Deak of Deak/Perera Exchange, a known CIA financier, since WWII, as told by ex CIA direct Willilam Colby and there is a picture of Deak and Angleton together. Frederick T Megles did work with mind altering drugs to affect memory on his subjects. Being that he did work at Standford Research, CIA is likely. Is there proof?

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