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The Spreadsheet from HellPosted: 27 Sep 2018 11:42 AM PDTThe World Cup of Bad Hymns has started, and here are the groupings for the first round. Apologies if your favourite bad hymn isn’t there: one or two couldn’t be found on the Internet, and one or two came in too late. HymnAuthorGroupGod’s Spirit is in my heart Alan Dale 2 This little guiding light of mine anon 1 Kumbayah anon 10 Christ be our light Bernadette Farrell 12 Bind us together, Lord Bob Gillman 15 If I were a butterfly Brian Howard 5 I Just Wanna Be A Sheep Brian M. Howard 14 The love I have for You, my Lord Carey Landry 16 Forever Chris Tomlin 4 Walk in the Light Damian Lundy 3 I, the Lord of sea and sky Daniel Schutte 1 City of God Daniel Schutte 7 Come to the Table of Plenty Daniel Schutte 16 Jesus take me as I am Dave Bryant 11 Now we remain David Haas 2 You are Mine David Haas 6 Sing a New Church Delores Dufner 6 I saw the grass, I saw the trees Estelle White 8 Autumn days when the grass is jewelled Estelle White 15 Moses, I know you’re the man Estelle White 14 Cheep! said the sparrow on the chimney top Estelle White 16 Deep within my heart, I feel voices whispering to me Frank Andersen 7 God of concrete Frederick R.C. Clarke 9 O mother, I could weep for mirth Frederick W. Faber 5 Shine, Jesus, Shine Graham Kendrick 10 Lay Down Your Head, Lord Jesus Christ Graham Maule 2 Journeys ended, journeys begun Gregory Norbet 14 This little light of mine Harry Dixon Loes 4 The Baker Woman Hubert J. Richards 8 I am the Living Bread Ifeanyichukwu Eze 7 Eat this bread Jacques Berthier 11 I love you with the love of the Lord Jim Gilbert 16 This is My Body, Broken for you Jimmy Owens 4 One bread, one body John Foley 12 I watch the sunrise John Glynn 13 There are hundreds of sparrow John Gowans 12 Jesus Christ is waiting John L. Bell 3 Enemy of apathy John L. Bell and Graham Maule 14 Gift of finest wheat John Michael Talbot 1 Come back to me with all your heart John Michael Talbot 12 Amazing Grace John Newton 10 I love to tell the story Katherine Hankey 11 Precious Body, Precious Blood Laurence Rosania 9 Our God reigns Leonard E. Smith 3 Gloria (clap clap) Martin Anderson 12 As the deer pants Martin Nystrom 11 Let us build a house where love can dwell Marty Haugen 5 Gather us in Marty Haugen 6 Springs of water, bless the Lord Marty Haugen 15 All are welcome Marty Haugen 12 Who is the alien Mary Louise Bringle 9 Follow me Michael Cocket 10 The world is full of smelly feet Michael Forster 8 On eagle’s wings Michael Joncas 4 Alleluia Ch-Ch Paul Inwood 15 They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love Peter Scholtes 8 Jesus Christ the apple tree R.H. 9 Here we are, all together, as we sing our song, joyfully Ray Repp 7 Make me a channel of your peace Sebastian Temple 6 Lord of the Dance Sidney Carter 2 Go, the Mass is ended Sister Marie Lydia Pereira 3 Colours of day Sue McClellan 1 Caterpillar, caterpillar Susan Sayers 5 I am the Bread of Life Suzanne Toolan 13 I have had a sheltered life, and only know about half of these masterpieces. Enough said.

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