Ben Shapiro Decimates the Pro-Abortion Argument in Stunning Fox News Monologue

Image source: Twitter via Fox News
Image source: Twitter via Fox News


By Will MauleAuthor
October 8, 2018

During his “Election Special” show on Fox News Sunday, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro picked apart the abortion issue with utter concision – a quality that has seen him rise to become one of the most popular political critics in America.

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Using the simple ultrasound image of a baby in the womb, Shapiro dismantled the idea that unborn children are somehow devoid of basic human characteristics. “Let’s look reality in the face,” Shapiro declared, before delivering a stunning monologue in which he sought to outline the clear-cut personhood present with an unborn child.

“This is a picture of a 19-week-old baby. This is a human child. This is not a ball of goo,” the commentator reeled off.

“In January, 44 Democrats voted not to protect the rights of babies older than this unborn child. Only three Democrats voted to protect children at 20 weeks.”

“Take a good look at that baby. That is a human being with zero rights according to the mainstream of the Democratic party.”

Then, Shapiro pulled up another image of a baby at 12 weeks.

“You can see this baby with his hands near his chest,” Shapiro explained. “This is not a cluster of cells. His liver and spleen are producing red blood cells. This is an unborn human being. But not a single federally-elected Democrat would vote for an abortion ban that would protect this babies life.”

Shapiro, however, went even further, offering his take on the exact starting point of a human being’s existence. “Life does not begin at 14 weeks. Life doesn’t begin at 8 weeks either,” he declared. “It begins at fertilization, when a new human life is born – a new human being with its own DNA.”

“Human life is a continuous process of growth from the moment of fertilization onward.”

Therefore, simply, abortion is “the killing of this human life,” Shapiro noted. “The later the abortion takes place, the more brutal the procedure. No matter the brutality of the procedure, it is obvious that abortion is not some mere optional surgery to be performed for convenience.”

So what about the much-quoted argument that those who value the lives of unborn babies are attempting to “control women’s bodies”? Well, as you’d expect, Shapiro has an answer to that one as well. “Those who want to protect the lives of the unborn aren’t trying to control women’s bodies,” he said, noting that those who “cherish abortion” are “trying to control, and dismember, the bodies of the unborn.”

“Think about that next time you see a radical feminist, in a handmaid’s tale outfit, suggesting that you better respect her right to carve apart an unborn baby in the womb, or else you are some sort of fascist.”

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