The Father of the Big Bang Theory Given Credit With Official Name Change

By Billy Ryan – November 2, 2018683  2

Known as the “Father of the Big Bang Theory,” Georges Lemaître was given credit for his proposal of an expanding universe with an official renaming of the theory.

In 1927, Belgian astronomer and priest Father Georges Lemaître first proposed the idea of an expanding universe starting with a “big bang,” previously known as the Hubble Law after astronomer Edwin Hubble.

“The Hubble law describes the effect by which objects in an expanding Universe move away from each other with a velocity proportionally related to their distance.”

However, a recent vote by the membership of the International Astronomical Union officially renamed the Big Bang Theory to give due credit to Father Lemaître’s contributions to the field, as he published his ideas two years prior to Hubble.

“To acknowledge the scientific contributions of Belgian astronomer Georges Lemaître to the scientific theory of the expansion of the Universe, the International Astronomical Union has decided to recommend the Hubble law to be renamed as the Hubble–Lemaître law.”

Some historians argue that Lemaître might have discussed his ideas with Hubble in 1928 during a general assembly of the International Astronomical Union, but the real reason Lemaître went overlooked lies in him publishing his results in French in an obscure Belgian journal.

“The meeting almost certainly didn’t take place. Hubble was clearly involved, but was not the first. He was good at selling his story.”

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  1. Christine Zainer says:

    Do you have links to facebook so we can share info? I didn’t see one. Thanks.

  2. hellenback7 says:

    Don’t know if my other reply will show up or not but Lemaître is the priest I refer to in blog com-boxes whenever I come across the specious “Catholicism is opposed to Science” nonsense.

    Whenever encountering ignorant comments from people like Bill Maher (among many others) I need to always remember…
    “Be not deceived, God is not mocked…For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap”

  3. hellenback7 says:

    I’m happy Monseigneur Lemaître has finally been granted publicly even a small part of the credit/recognition he so richly deserves.

    It would be difficult to do proper justice to him at this point by completely renaming the “Hubble Law” to the “Lemaître Law” due to most people not being likely to take the time to know what was being referred to.

    I’ve posted this information about Fr. Lemaître on various sites many times over several years now; mostly when coming across the incredibly prevelant ignorance concerning “Science vs Religion”; as if true Faith and real Science (aka “natural law”) could actually oppose each other on any more than
    a superficial and temporary “apparent” level.

    This priest’s insights were initially opposed by Albert Einstein, who later came around to acknowledging Lemaître’s theory of the”Big Bang” and an expanding universe.
    Einstein (among scientists at the time) ultimately proposed Fr. Lemaître for the highest scientific honour of Belgium, the “Francqui Prize” which Fr. Lemaître was awarded in 1934.
    So much for the “superstitious religion that is opposed to real Science” theory.
    Somebody should clue in Bill Maher and other Catholic/religion haters… although Maher probably already knows but acknowledging or even mentioning anything along these lines would ruin his atheist schtick.

    Fr. Lemaître was also very much ahead of his time in regard to the development of computer language/programming.

    Lastly, I love his phrase or reference to the beginning of time and the Cosmos as “the day without yesterday.”

    A truly original and Faith filled “beautiful mind”.

  4. Thank you for posting this Your Excellency. A very nice break from all the scandals and crisis in the Church.

    I sent your post to Fr. Gordon MacRae who is falsely accused and imprisoned and who ‘blogs’ at These Stone Walls. He is very interested in science and Fr. Lemaitre, and the following guest post on Fr. Lemaitre was posted on These Stone Walls in 2015


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