Across the transom comes this photo of a parish bulletin from a parish in Boston – Newton, Mass to be precise.  In it, the layman who runs the parish finances essentially tries to execute a mafia shake down of the parishioners who have clearly reduced their cash tithing now knowing that Cardinal Sean O’Malley and his chancery are up to their eyebrows in the sodo-clericalism and enabling and protecting of faggots and in massive financial corruption.Didn’t you hear?  Guess who is now Chairman of Auntie Blanche McCarrick and Donna Wuerl’s $200,000,000 slush fund, “The Papal Foundation”?  Yep.  Bergoglian henchman Cardinal “Call Me Shawna” O’Malley.  Note that Donna Guerl is still very much on the board, and is probably still totally running the show.The point is, the money men are now starting to sweat to the point that they are threatening parishioners and telling them that if they tithe in any form OTHER than non-directed Federal Reserve Notes (electronic preferred!), that they are committing sin.Um, no.  Tithing can be done in many ways, including in kind, which means things like labor.  Cleaning, yard work, linen cleaning and ironing, silver polishing, etc. Also consider tithing by buying supplies for the parish, candles, flowers, sponsoring coffee and donut time, parish picnics and events, by buying meals, household supplies and toiletries for the priests, by putting gas in Father’s car, paying for oil changes, new tires and other upkeep on Father’s car, the list is pretty much endless.Further, if one KNOWS that one’s cash tithes are going to the building up of the Antichurch, to fund a WAR AGAINST JESUS CHRIST AND HIS HOLY CHURCH BY MODERNISTS, and to the attached cult of sodomy as the Archdiocese of Boston is so massively infiltrated by, then the knowledge that you are handing these people completely fungible assets could TRULY “hinder the integrity of one’s worship”.I am reminded of the grifter beggars that one sees, feigning starvation and total destitution, and when someone offers to buy them a sandwich, or some socks or some such, they refuse, demanding only CASH.  Why?  Because they want the money to buy alcohol and drugs.  They want that FUNGIBLE ASSET.  Then, if you don’t give them cash, they curse you.  Or, in this case, call you a sinner who in un generous towards God.  Whatever, David.Finally, remember this: short of being arrested and frog marched in shackles to stand trial for RICO violations, the cutting off of the money IS ALL THESE BISHOPS AND THEIR TOADIES UNDERSTAND.  They don’t fear God, and many of them actively hate God.  You cannot appeal to morality, human decency, even shame to any of them.  With regards to the parish priests, they aren’t guiltless in this either.  They have cowered in fear and WATCHED IN SILENCE while men they knew to be wildly corrupt, heretics and sex perverts have taken over and essentially leveled the institutional Church completely uncontested.  Our Lord called them “Faithless Hirelings”.  The only thing that will get these so-called “good priests” to FINALLY man-up and defend the sheep and fight back against the sodomite heretics and finally stand up for Jesus Christ and His Holy Church is, sadly, the same thing: cutting off the cash.Pray for this parish.  By the looks of the parish website, it might be the best diocesan parish in the Boston area.  The Traditional Mass is offered there regularly.

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  1. hellenback7 says:

    @Kate R.
    I agree entirely and it can’t come soon enough for me. If it was just upkeep for a devout, truly Orthodox Catholic parish, it would’ve different. This Pope and some bishops seem to have little restraint re their “pet projects” and often seem to expect the faithful to support out of “obedience”.
    At the same time some faithful Catholics who have been obedient for decades are now called “hypocrites of the law”!
    Francis asked people to “make a mess” and it looks like he might be getting one. He should know that he can’t have it both ways.

  2. Kate R. says:

    I’m for the smaller church Pope Benedict XVI said was likely inevitable. The church has grown incredibly wealthy and wealth and leisure drew in hirelings who saw a fine career in a life spent largely with men and preferably homosexual ones who enjoyed little boys and teens.
    From now on our modest donation will be in gas gift cards to Father. We are so through supporting this church, and this concept, of stopping the money flow and giving of goods or services, is one we all need to share far and wide. Stopping the financial support is really hard, but this is the way to continue support for Father IF he is good, but not giving to the diocese and definitely not, to Rome. It’s going to come crashing down, but, it can’t go on this way.

  3. hellenback7 says:

    Typo in my first reply re Church precept should read;

    “Contribute to the support of the Church”

    (I apologize for the other inadvertent typos and hope people can read around them).

  4. hellenback7 says:

    WordPress so keeps crashing in this postdoctoral I hope comments get through.

    Although Anne send a faithful believer, I find her sometimes quite graphic posts to be a bit disconcerting. Perhaps it’s called for but the “tough talk” seems to sometimes contradict Charity when it descends into vitriolic name-calling. ..just an opinion.

    In regard to that ridiculous bulletin notice; Catholics who don’t know their Fsith well might be intimidated by something like that but they should know that the precept referred to is “contribute to the sorry if the Church” AFAIK it makes no reference to hire that should be done and we are not a “10% tithe” Protestant denomination.

    For all the talk from Rome about using our discretion and learning not to be “doctors of the law”, an awful lot of incongruent noise gets generated when it comes to Church finances!
    If some people weren’t so easily intimidated by “higher ups” that they actually listen to this kind of thing, it would be funny.

    I’d be happy if every Church closed and we went back to the Apostolic tradition of meeting in homes of the faithful. The upkeep in some parishes is simply money burned on bad ideas and is sometimes spent on lifestyles for bishops and priest’s that many people who contributecannot afford for their own families.

    Listen to the Pope (and the CCC) on in this one folks ….use your conscience!

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