Rome Pressures Publisher to Restrict Book on Whistleblower Viganò

by Juliana Freitag  •  •  November 4, 2018    

On Aldo Maria Valli’s new book ‘The Viganò case — the dossier which unveiled the Church’s greatest internal scandal’

An Italian author has just published a volume detailing the work of whistleblower Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò — but Church officials have pressured the publishing company to restrict future editions so as to protect Pope Francis’ image and reputation. At the end of October, renowned Vatican expert Aldo Maria Valli announced the release of his latest book, Il caso Viganò — Il dossier che ha svelato il più grande scandalo all’interno della Chiesa (“The Viganò case — the dossier which unveiled the Church’s greatest internal scandal”). The book is a compilation of all of Valli’s articles about the astounding testimonies of former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States and titular archbishop of Ulpiana Abp. Viganò. Our faith is in danger, and it’s our duty to stand up for doctrine and Catholic thought.TweetFrom Viganò’s first statement alleging Pope Francis covered up for ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, to Valli’s account of his private meetings with the former nuncio, the book is an attempt to document these turbulent events, as described by Viganò, for posterity. The book’s introduction is a revised version of the commentary Valli exclusively offered to Church Militant laying bare his reasons to enter this battle for truth. (The only important text missing is Viganò’s third testimony, made public on October 19, also through Valli’s blog — one day before the book’s official release.) Valli is one among several Italian journalists personally contacted by Viganò to help publish his letters, along with Marco Tosatti and print newspaper La Verità. Valli remains in contact with the archbishop and has many times presented Viganò’s commentary about his personal struggle to help expose a corrupt power system in the Church hierarchy.  Free clip from CHURCH MILITANT PremiumWATCH THE FULL EPISODE
  Church Militant reached out to Valli to ask him about the significance of putting down in a book his experience with Viganò and his attempts to blow the whistle on clerical corruption.

“Archbishop Viganò’s memorial, however one decides to judge it, constitutes a historical fact in the life of the Catholic Church,” Valli said. “For the first time an archbishop of such high rank, a diplomat at the service of the Holy See, has come out with revelations on the moral corruption in the hierarchy.” “Church historians will have to study these events that we see today as simple news,” he continued. “Therefore I think that the collection of articles I’ve dedicated to this affair might become useful.” “I hope the reader can pick up on my suffering,” he added. “As Abp. Viganò himself did, I’ve also decided to come out in the open after much reflection and prayer. Our faith is in danger, and it’s our duty to stand up for doctrine and Catholic thought.” About the Vatican’s silence on the affair, Valli said:

Another of Valli’s observations involved the role of independent Catholic media in reporting facts that destroy the false narratives of a press complicit in covering up sex abuse:

Those changes are not being ignored by the Roman Curia. Valli spoke to Church Militant days before the release of the final Youth Synod document, which contains an alarming paragraph hinting at possible censorship of Catholic websites not approved by the Vatican. Paragraph 146 speaks about the creation of “certification systems for Catholic websites, to counter the spread of fake news regarding the Church.” They were put under ‘irresistible pressure from within the Church not to publish anything else that would depict the Pope in a bad light.’Tweet Last year Church Militant was the target of Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica (an article reportedly approved by Pope Francis himself), the only Catholic publication whose contents are reviewed by the Vatican’s Secretariat of State, Cdl. Pietro ParolinIt’s also paramount to note that one of the first accomplishments of the much-riticized Vatican media reform was the “Lettergate” scandal, where the prefect of the Dicastery for Communication, “simple-priest-turned-czar” Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò, had to resign for doctoring a letter from Benedict XVI supposedly commending the theology of Pope Francis. And the quasi-totalitarian measures don’t stop there: Recently Church Militant learned that Fede & Cultura, the publishing house for Valli’s Il Caso Viganò, was compelled to restrict further editions of the book. It was the first time Valli had worked with Fede & Cultura, whom he called “courageous” for their publishing choices. Fede & Cultura confirmed with Church Militant that they were put under “irresistible pressure from within the Church not to publish anything else that would depict the Pope in a bad light.” Perhaps Pope Francis’ next surprise motu proprio will announce the reform of the Index librorum prohibitorum (the “List of Prohibited Books”). 

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  1. Sheepdog says:

    Francis implies open “Dialogue” and then he knows who to make friends and enemies. Example, he makes friends with Father James Martin and his cronies have Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider moved to the sidelines.

  2. Aqua says:

    Before Pope Francis was Pope, I remember such hope over the Apostolic visitation to all the rebellious Women Religious Orders. Such abuses; unorthodox, sinful abuses of the Faith! Finally, the Church would stand and declare Truth to the theological cancer within.p and continue the path of orthodox renewal after the Vatican II innovations.


    Pope Benedict XVI resigned. The investigation ended with no faults found or recommendations offered. All of them formally approved. Pope Francis was elected. And all the powers of the Church are now *Re*-directed at the orthodox.

    Oh yes. The Church has found its courage. They seek out, isolate and destroy every orthodox remnant wherever it can be found; whether in China; Religious Orders; lonely, isolated abuse whistleblowers; TLM promoters … all orthodoxy is met and conquered by the unified force of the Pope and all Bishops united with him.

    Their overthrow, one day, will be most glorious. I hope I live to see it; or at least witness it in heaven.

  3. hellenback7 says:

    Wow! Heterodox theology AND suppression of any criticism (unless of course it’s “the boys in the band” railing against long held Church tradition).

    Small wonder this regime holds up China as a paragon of Christian social teaching and Islam as a religion of peace.
    What’s next in this new Three Card Monte Catholicism? Abstaining from meat on Friday is now a mortal sin…yeah, that’s the ticket!

  4. By putting pressure on the printers of Aldo Maria Valdi’s dossier the Vatican is implying that the contents are true & that PF’s image would be greatly marred. I believe the publishing house is Italian & may not therefore have the rights to print in other languages, so there’s a great possibility that the author could move to deal with publishing companies in other countries who would not be vulnerable to falling prey to such dictatorial pressure.

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