The below Study has now been completed.  The data was collected from April 1 through November 30, 2018.  All told, there are samples from 15 states located all over the USA map.  I have someone helping me from a statistical view to help break down the findings in a more analytically approved method.
To the layman, the differences are quite striking.  In 1960 about 80% of Catholics were going to weekly Mass and now it is 99% for the TLM and 22% for the Novus Ordo.  Most of my numbers were gathered post 2018 scandal.  There has been a visible drop in Mass attendance among the Novus Ordo attendees from the 22% of 2016.  How much we’ll only know in a few years when the 2018 Novus Ordo numbers become available.  The TLM numbers were not affected by the scandal since the vast majority of the 1700+ samples were taken after September 1st.
The birth rate of 3.6 is just below the 1960 birthrate of all USA women of 3.65, but significantly higher than the 2.3 of the average Novus Ordo woman.  The monetary giving in the collection has got to turn heads.  The TLM attendees give 5 times what their Novus Ordo counterparts give (6% vs. 1.2%).
Blessed and fruitful Advent, Fr. Kloster 
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Once again here are the most recent numbers we have from the Novus Ordo Catholics:
1.) 89% of Catholics agree with contraception                                          Pew Research 20162.) 47% of Catholics agree with abortion                                                   Pew Research 20163.) 22% of Catholics attend Mass weekly                                                  CARA  20164.) 67% of Catholics agree with gay marriage                                            Pew Research 20175.) 1.2% of income donated by Catholics in the USA                                Catholic 2013     Protestants as of 2016 give 2.5%     Catholics gave 3.3% during the Great Depression6.) 62% of Catholics attending weekly Mass go to yearly Confession      CARA 20087.) 37% of monthly attending Catholics go to yearly Confession              CARA 20088.) 6% of a few times a year Catholics go to yearly Confession                CARA 20089.) 2.3 birth rate among Catholics                                                              Pew Research 2015
Online poll of Traditional Latin Mass Catholics was 451 samples from 10 states (Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, Connecticut, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Idaho, Virginia, and West Virginia.  The remaining (+/-) 1300 samples are from 5 in pew parish surveys in the following cities: Dallas, Texas – Denver, Colorado – San Diego, California – Tacoma, Washington – Nashua, New Hampshire 
Question 1.) (Contraception)  1773 samples  (1734-39)  98% said no to the use contraceptionQuestion 2.) (Abortion)           1769 samples  (1755-14)  99% said no to the possibility of abortionQuestion 3.) (Mass)                1763 samples  (1746-17)  99% attend Mass weeklyQuestion 4.) (Gay Marriage)   1759 samples  (1723-36)  98% are against gay marriageQuestion 5.) (Donations)         1702 samples     6%Question 6.) (Confession)       1753 samples  (1723-30)  98% of weekly Mass attendees go to monthly confession Question 9.) (Live Births)        1085 samples      3.6

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  1. James Bishop says:

    If Vatican II has been terrible failure (and it has) and the church is in a mighty pickle (which it is) and riven with appalling scandals both moral (immoral that is) and financial (also immoral) – what does the present reality of Catholicism say about the church’s claims the be THE repository of truth and the one sure refuge for all who would seeks the narorw path that leads to the gate to eternal life? I was brought up with the notion that the Catholic church is the one true church. Right now it seems to be anything BUT that to me. I need help as my faith, like that of so many who love Jesus and love the church, is between a rock and a hard place.

  2. nosst says:

    Gee golly wiz, we better canonize more post-conciliar Popes. That’ll fix everything.

  3. perito91 says:

    Very interesting. I forgot where I saw it or read it but it is said that the average Catholic does not live any differently than the American protestant, Jew, or atheist. What is promising about these studies is that TLM Catholics seems to be withstanding the plagues of modernism. Hopefully the remnant stays strong and our children keep the old faith.

    God Bless you for compiling this information.

  4. Mary Anne says:

    It seems that t has been the plan for a long time. That is, to destroy the one true Church ….

  5. hellenback7 says:

    It seems quite apparent that those whom the Church was trying to court or appease with all the changes in V2, were not in any way edified (let alone sanctified) by Mass in the vernacular…. or any of the other “let’s make it more relevant/accessible” experiments that were supposed to usher in “a new Spring” for The Catholic Church.

    I’ve been loath to write off VII completely, but am now almost certain it was a bad idea gone worse rather than a good idea gone bad.

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