Dear Abyssum,

As always, God bless you for your fidelity in promoting the Truth!

I had to post a response to the latest re: Benedict XVI on your blog.

What I did not include in the post was 1) the compelling Prophecy of Pope St. Pius X, 2) the vision of Bl. Anne Emerick, or 3) the prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi, all of which refer to ‘2 popes’ in the end times.  I plan to write something up which includes this.  What I also did not offer, but which I shared with you years ago, was my dream about Pope Benedict.  I attach it again for your edification.  Our dear true pope is now at long last putting on the red shoes of the papacy, signifying his willingness to die for the faith. And he is being supported by the prayers of all the saints of heaven as he does so.

Below is the actual post by my nom de plume, Jeremiah11619, a reference to Jeremiah 1:16-19, a scripture which came to me in a quite miraculous fasion.)

One must ask ‘WHY?’ Why after 6 years did Benedict XVI choose to release this? The answer is simple. He is prompted to clarify that which has remained murky and ambiguous, indeed hidden. There is no Church unless there is clarity in Truth. There hasn’t been, so he had a solemn obligation to speak out, as if to say ‘Enough is Enough!’ As we have seen nothing but obfuscation, omission, innovation and confusion from Rome over the past 6 years, it became clear that the ONLY man on the planet who posessed the real Authority to correct the plethora of errors coming out of the Vatican since the occupation began was Pope Benedict XVI, who by the way never renounced his papal munus.  The process of correcting has now officially begun, and the Mystical Body of Christ, those who believe in the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, eagerly awaits!  May God bless and protect him.

God bless you, dear Bishop Gracida! I pray you are well and continue to bless us with your courageous work!

Jeremiah 11619

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. camroyer says:

    If there are as many laymen doubting Francis’s legitimacy as there are now, then I have to wonder how soon it will be before an equal number of priests are doubting (if there isn’t already) and begin praying for Pope Benedict in their public Masses. (I can only imagine the anxiety I’d have were I seminarian right now.)

  2. Sheepdog says:

    Here is the lightning strike on February 11, 2013 hours after Pope Benedict Resigned. Real sound and everything. The signs are everywhere:

  3. Sheepdog says:

    See this thread. I refuted the Sedevacantists.

  4. Sheepdog says:

  5. There is an enormous problem with PBXVI’s resignation & the way it was carried out. Flying off in a helicopter & then returning to live in the Vatican precincts still wearing the Papal attire, calling himself Pope Emeritus & leaving us with an expanded (dual) papacy without any categorical definition as to what that would mean for faithful Catholics who expected that he would be in situ until his death.
    His explanation of not having the energy to travel (Youth World Day in Brazil was on his schedule) & the sexual abuse & Vatican Bank problems demanding a younger man in the Office did not satisfactorily explain his leaving – there was plenty of experienced clerical assistance to take the heaviest load off his back. PJPII stayed the course while the same problems were present though not corrected, he at least stayed faithful to his commitment to the See of Peter under great personal hardship.

    If PBXVI still retained the Keys why didn’t he speak out, as a Pope should, on the outcome of endless Synods which never followed the name given to them but were used to introduce the LGBT agenda with discussions on different forms of families, recognising goodness in SSM, cohabitation & Holy Communion for couples in these situations, without repentance & in a lot of cases to their non-Catholic partners if they ask for it & introducing the possibility of a married priesthood (maybe even SSM?), women deaconesses (later priests?) & implementing what parents described as pornographic catechesis into their schools? Why didn’t he support the Dubia Cardinals effort regarding the heretical Papal Exhortaion Amoris Laetitia by making a public statement putting a stop on its implementation? Why did he allow the countless suspensions of holy priests who were unwilling to offer HC randomly & quash the excommunication orders & interdicts that were imposed on those who were trying to uphold 2,000 years of Catholic Doctrine?

    He witnessed, as we did, the extraordinary heresies, blasphemies, indifference to the Ten Commandments & Scripture coming from the Papal Office on a daily basis & PF’s total contempt for faithful Catholics. He also knew of the continuous reception of Communists, Abortionists, NWO adherents, climate changers, the terrible betrayal of Chinese Catholics & Asia Bibi & her family, the sackings of the Vatican Bank chiefs, Cardinal Müller & three of his staff & the side-lining other prominent traditional Cardinals with no due cause. preferring to elevate known sodomite Bishops to fill the vacancies & the continual ignoring of public letters pointing out the multitude of doctrinal errors in AL.

    If, as he implied at the time of his rushed leaving, he had a ‘mystical’ moment beforehand, it makes it even harder to accept that the Holy Ghost would allow a monster to take over the See of Peter whose election was ensured by stealth & the utter disdain for the rules PJPII laid down for papal elections which prohibited electioneering, nor permit a sitting Pope to tell massive lies to support such a felon. Our Lady of Quito did refer to a Pope being a prisoner in the Vatican (which was thought to be Pius IX) & the ‘one who should speak will fall silent’. The two popes seen by Venerable Catherine Emmerich is also reported as is Our Lady’s assurance that the Pope(?) would in the end consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, but it would be late.

    PBXVI’s resignation, licit or illicit, has brought the OHC&A Church to the Gates of Hell. It is imperative for those who know the real story to allow it to be made public, even at the threat of death. That’s what their consecrations to elevated positions in the CC demands of them.

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