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Does Fr. Harrison Think Francis’s “Authentic Magisterium” Teaching of Communion for those Committing Adultery isn’t Heresy?

The Wanderer’s Fr. Brian Harrison issued a attack on the 19 scholar heroes by first presenting a straw man then showing his argument:

“Pope Francis has indeed said some things I believe to be heretical… the heretical doctrine of annihilation… [but] Francis is notorious for frequently speaking ‘off the cuff’… [was] he/she accurately reported… [but] supposing… [It’s] really heretical opinion… Only if he/she remains stubborn and obstinate can the Church declare him/her to be a formal heretic.”
(The Wanderer, “Why I didn’t Sign the Open Letter Accusing the Pope of Heresy,” May 3, 2019)

It is strange that Harrison says Francis has only “said” some things that may be heretical when he knows the pontiff wrote the Argentine letter that teaches that those committing adultery can receive Communion which was called “authentic magisterium” by the Pope’s Vatican and placed in the Holy See’s Official Acts of the Apostolic See (AAS).

This means the unorthodox interpretation of Communion for those committing adultery is the official teaching of Francis.

How might Francis and Harrison have known for a long time this teaching is heretical?

First, they just have to read the Ten Commandments. One happens to say that God commands that: “Thou shall not commit adultery.”

But, just in case they never heard of the Ten Commandments, way back on December 23, 2016, Dubia Cardinal Walter Brandmuller said:

“Whoever thinks that persistent adultery and reception of Holy Communion are compatible is a heretic and promotes schism.”
(LifeSiteNews, “Dubia Cardinal: Anyone who Opens Communion to Adulterers is a Heretic and Promotes Schism,” December 23, 2016)

In 2017, Francis made it the official teaching of his papacy that those committing adultery can receive Communion by placing the Argentine letter in the Holy See’s AAS.

He did this despite the fact that in 2016 Cardinal Brandmuller said Communion for adulterers is heretical and in that same year three other cardinals joined him to issue the Dubia against Communion for adulterers as well as other issues.

It has now been 957 day since the Dubia was issued.

Many people say Francis never answered the Dubia.

They are wrong.

He answered the Dubia in 2017 when he made the heretical teaching Communion for adulterers his official teaching by placing the Argentine letter in the Holy See’s AAS.

Could he have been anymore “obstinate” in heresy than that Fr. Harrison?

You Fr. Harrison say the Open Letter is “disrespectful to the Supreme Pontiff.”

Like Paul was disrespectful to the first pope, Peter, when he rebuked him.

Like the disrespectful Catholics of the Middle Ages:

“[T]he Sorbonne’s Chancellor, Jean Gerson [even] reached the point of threatening [Pope] John XXII with the stake if he didn’t make a retraction” of his heretical teaching on the Beatific Vision.
(Rotate Caeli, “Popes who fell into Heresy,” January 28, 2015)

They would not be like you Fr. Harrison in thinking is “disrespectful” to call on the world’s bishops to admonish Francis.

Do you believe that Communion for adulterers it is heretical?

Do you believe that the Ten Commandments are infallible teachings?

If you do believe then start acting like St. Paul or the Medieval Chancellor Jean Gerson.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Fred Martinez at 10:05 PM

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  1. Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas says:

    The question about the Ten Commandments has also been unequivocally answered. In one of his homilies J M Berogoglio – I will paraphrase – encouraged a less than serious and literal approach to keeping them. He mocked those faithful: You wanna keep the Ten Commandments? All of them? But that means you will never get things done.
    I am quite sure that I got the meaning correct.

    The lack of wisdom in this man is astonishing. I, a simple Catholic remember to be grateful to my Father for not cruelly throwing me into this world without any operating instructions. Rather than burning myself on the hot even, I like to be forewarned. We Catholics used to be taught to learn ideally through the experience and kind yet firm guidance by our elders rather than own mistakes and rebellion. We used to be taught to love Church Fathers and Holy Tradition, to build upon existing structures rather than start from nothing with each new generation, each new child born. This man Bergoglio hates the existing structure, and tells the young people (and the old) to make a mess.

    We ought to act like the adults we are. The truth about this man is painful and frightening, but keeping our heads in the sand does no good, and prolongs the pain. I really don’t intend to abdicate my duty to kick the headless, cowardly butts.

    Haven’t we been told not to worry too much about tomorrow will bring? A schism!??? Is this the worst thing that could happen now, when countless sheep are being marinated by the wolf for the coming feast?

    Thank You for being there for us, dear Bishop.

  2. Sheepdog says:

    Father Brian Harrison is a heretic.

  3. Eternal Father……………………Amen.

  4. camroyer says:

    Martinez does an excellent job here, putting so much into crystal-clear focus.

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