Abort Anchor Babies

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A careful, legal  treatment of two divisive issues – abortion and anchor babies –  can provide a resolution to both issues which will be a win-win for everyone. Well, almost everyone.  The simple, yet elegant, solution: a new AAB government program, Abort Anchor Babies. This treatment is based on the “law of the land,” abortion as a woman’s or girl’s right both up to the moment of birth and, as democrats now proclaim, for some hours after birth in some cases.

This article does not address what will be the inevitable  extension of the “absolute right to abortion” both to: A. some days or months after birth;  and B. the expansion of the “right” so that not only a mother, but also the government can exercise the “right.”

Issue: Anchor Babies

Some years, roughly one out of every 12 newborns in the United States can be classified as an  ‘anchor baby.  Every year around 200,000 to 300,000 babies are born here to illegal alien mothers. In the first half of 2019 alone, about 125,000 such babies have been born to  illegals. In the United States today, there  are over 4.5 million anchor babies that cost taxpayers over about two billion dollars annually;  these expenses include, among other things, health care and  hospital costs. Due to U.S. law, each of these babies is a U.S. citizen. This “birthright citizenship” is based on the provisions of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

As with so many issues today, there is even a dispute about simply saying, writing, or publishing the words “anchor babies.” Of course this is the left, democrat, tyrannical, totalitarian gambit to insure that discussion and debate about the issue is stifled:  that  those who oppose their position are silenced as ‘haters;’ that the issue is then ignored;  and  that their agenda becomes reality. Democrat echo chamber Chris Cuomo has publicly apologized for politically sinning in violating the democrat speech/thought code by  saying the words “anchor baby.”

Democrats Losing Minority Support, Turning To Illegal Aliens & Legal Immigrants

As more and more minority voters, especially African-Americans, Central-Americans,  Mexican-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans learn the truth about their democrat totalitarian overlords and overladies, the democrats know they must, in future, look elsewhere to  create the docile voting blocs that have kept them in power in the past.  Across the country democrats have been stunned by minority members beginning to think and to learn, instead of, as in the past robozombie-voting for the Party of Death candidates. For example, democrats were unbelieving recently when the dreams of democrat destiny died in Florida elections. Hispanic –American voters shook off the evilming  democrat mind controls,  and two Trump allies were elected to high office in the Sunshine State –  the governorship,  and what had been a  democrat U.S. Senate seat.

Democrats Are The Party of Death For Blacks & Hispanics

Particularly Blacks and Hispanic-Americans have come to see the truths about the party that in the past was touted to them as their only  hope. These truths include:

  1. The minority voter groups were simply being maintained on the democrat plantations, to be bussed to polling places every few years, then returned and ignored.
  2. The democrats never delivered on their routine campaign promises to minorities to get them – the oppressed –   some of their – the oppressors’ –  money.
  3. The democrats have promoted a RETA policy – racial eugenic targeted abortion – a policy that, particularly as enforced via their eugenics abortion arm, Planned Parenthood,  has resulted in half the aborted babies in America since Roe v. Wade being  minority babies. While their mothers make up less than twenty percent of the population, over 18,000,000  Black babies and over  12,000,000 Hispanic-American babies have been killed – many of whom would be of voting age today. In Pennsylvania alone, according to a recent study,  43% of abortions killed the babies of African-American women and 10%  killed the babies of Hispanic-American women,  but  only 11% of Pennsylvania women are black and only 7% are Hispanic. Mainly because of the democrat RETA policy, and Hispanic-Americans steadfastly cherishing and maintaining the value of intact mother-father families,  in districts across America Hispanic-Americans have or will soon  overtake Black Americans as the largest voting minority for the first time in American history. For Black Americans, this is truly war, abortion war, on their race. Recently for the first time on  National Public Radio the words, “black genocide” were used.
  4. The destruction of minority families that is a major factor in so many minority members committing crimes and being incarcerated – a destruction of the family that is a known result of the democrat welfare agenda and its RETA abortion policy.
  5. Fairly recent legal immigrants and Illegal aliens are taking jobs away from minority U.S. citizens.

Foreigners Here Vote Democrat

For some years now the democrats have realized that immigrants who fairly recently have become U.S. citizens,  and illegal aliens who vote, overwhelmingly vote for democrats. Research has proven that  foreign-born voters are more likely than native-born Americans to vote for democrats.  Democrats are successful in about 90 percent of congressional districts with above-average foreign-born populations. In some studies, it has been shown  that districts with a foreign-born population of more than 14 percent are almost certainly likely, about 90 percent certain, to vote for  a Democrat over a Republican. Clinton  received 64 percent of the immigrant population’s vote in 2016 as compared to Trump’s  31 percent.

The leaked Palmieri memo – stating that foreign-born voters are a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success” – and other sources show that the facts about foreign-born voters voting overwhelmingly for democrats  have not been lost on them. Hence, the democrat push to promote immigration and their opposition to controlling  the borders, or curbing illegal immigration. So, the democrat plan makes good political sense for them, never mind the effects on Hispanic-American voting strength or the dilution of Black Americans’ voting power.

More Verboten Hate Speech: ‘Chain Migration’

For democrats, anchor babies  bring along with them an ever increasing voter windfall, called ‘chain migration,’ which can exponentially increase the number of those voting democrat in a matter of a generation or less, particularly when illegal voting in taken into account. Granting legal U.S. citizenship to a single  anchor baby can result in the ‘anchoring in’ of not only a mother and father, but an  unlimited number of foreigners, relatives, or those alleged to be relatives.

Issue: Abortion

There is no need to provide much detail  about this issue here. Suffice it to say, democrats believe that the court-created court-legislated “right to abortion” – words not in the text of the U.S. Constitution or in the Bill Of Rights –  is absolute and that no limitations or restrictions of any kind should be imposed on this newly-found “right”  by law, local, state or federal. Most democrats now go so far as to proclaim that the “right to abortion” also includes the right of the mother to kill a baby of hers that is alive after surviving an abortion. This is infanticide, infant cide, infant murder. Democrats seeking the presidency in 2020 are now falling all over each other assuring their bases  that under their rule all taxpayers will pay for abortions. And democrats across America support  “Shout Your Abortion” celebrations.

A Modest Proposal

The problem of anchor babies has a simple, relatively cheap, legal, and ready-to-hand solution:  institute an AAB program, Abort Anchor Babies. Pay each illegal alien mother to abort her anchor baby if she agrees never to return to America.  If such direct, true wording – abort anchor babies –  is offensive or a problem, there are alternatives, e.g.:  “cash for your cell mass ; “pregnancy prizes;” or “ fees for your foetus”.

Some Minor Considerations

Who pays?  Either pass a law so all taxpayers pay for the murders; or fund nonfprofit businesses like Planned Parenthood with tax dollars to do the killings free of charge to the foreign mothers.  The nonprofits can solicit tax-deductible donations, which, as desired, can be used for aborting babies of a specific national origin. Immediately, the tax benefits can be calculated – cost of the murders and payments vs. ongoing costs for baby care, mother care,  chained in immigrants,  etc.

How much do we pay?  The American people are the most generous people on earth. This should be more, much more, than the $800 to $1800 Planned Parenthood makes from  a single  “termination.”  We want these mothers to be able to go back home and live, at minimum, middle class lives – and we don’t want them to return.  A good starting point is to consider a total payment of  $6500,00 –  e.g. a flat $1500 to a business like  Planned Parenthood and $5000 for the mother. Fares for taxis, bus tickets and plane tickets back home can also be included. There could be a premium for any girl or woman who agrees to be sterilized.

How to stop repeaters? The U.S. government will maintain a DNA data base for every mother and every dead baby. Upon initial presentation, e.g. at the border, or in a sanctuary city, a DNA test will be performed to determine if the woman, or girl, has previously agreed never to try to enter the U.S. again.  If they have already agreed not to try to enter the U.S. illegally again, they can be put in touch with Planned Parenthood executives or managers in their home countries, at one of their worldwide business locations , for care and baby killings.

What about abortion dangers?  The abortion businesses that become government contractors under the law will be tasked with, and trusted to inform their customers of all the dangers, possible injuries, and deaths  associated with abortions, e.g. medical malpractice injuries and deraths;  PASS – Post Abortion Stress Syndrome; the  ABC Connection, Abortion-Breast-Cancer Connection; and the typical recurring grief, despair, hopelessness, desolation, and guilt  of many women and girls who kill their baby, suffered by many  for the rest of their lives.

Must the mothers be actually, physically present on U.S. soil to be paid?  This question would be best dealt with in committee when the law is drafted and debated.

Who, if anyone, gets to market and sell the organs, brains and body parts of the dying, then dead, anchor babies (organs can only be successfully and salably harvested from a live cell mass) ?  This question would be best dealt with in committee when the law is drafted and debated.

Who gets paid? Mother only? Father?  Grandparents?  Siblings? Aunts and Uncles?  Cousins?  BFFs? How far down the anchor chain  ?  There is no apparent reason this win-win program cannot be extended, so long as all who benefit agree to the DNA testing and to never return here.

Win Win For Everyone . . .Almost

This is a win-win for all Americans; for all  that are opposed to illegal immigration, for the would-be anchor mamas, and even for the abortion-celebrating democrats.

It will also be infinitely cheaper for all taxpayers as compared to the ongoing government support of millions of those anchored on the democrat welfare plantations and those living in democrat enclaves like Detroit, New York,  Los Angeles, Chicago, and Baltimore .

The win-win for the anchor mothers means that they can be all that they can be,  Casting off the dead weight of a baby impeding their dreams, they will be freed  to pursue all they desire. They can be truly fulfilled as women, or girls. They can return home successful, and, with a nest egg to start a business of which they can be the President or CEO, they will have a career, a future.

Win-Win for democrats too – the new law will  enshrine their “abortion-as-absolute-right” fantasy and they will have tens of thousands more abortion deaths to celebrate –   in multiple languages; e.g. , “Arriba, arriba, Celebracion!  Grita tu aborto.” Thre will be sufficient killings that they can have daily “Fiestas De Aborto!”

Totalitarians usually have no problem saying white is white and black is white and white is whatever we say it is,  all simultaneously; so democrats will have no objection to the AAB  program because they have proclaimed for decades that, unlike any other right of a U.S. citizen,  the right to abortion is sancrosanct and absolutely absolute.

One Tiny Exception

An AAB program is a win-win for everyone, except, of course, for the innocent  anchor babies, murdered in their mamas’ warm wombs.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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