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The Culture War against European American, Conservative Christian, Catholic, and Masculine Men. Part Two (of Two)Posted: 20 Jul 2019 11:01 PM PDTIntroduction:

See Part One of “The Culture War Against European American, Conservative Christian, Catholic, and Masculine Men”  HERE.

In this second of two blog posts on the subject, I conclude by discussing the culture war against men, specifically those who are red-blooded, undoubtably masculine and heterosexual men, especially such religiously conservative men, in particular that of the orthodox, Catholic, Christian faith.

If you are reading this, odds are high you fall into several or most of those categories of reverse-bigotry as listed in the title.  You may be a conservative Catholic woman.  Or more a “traditionalist.”

You may or may not be of European decent.   But you experience the assault of the Secularist Left against those who believe in traditional, biblical morality, and the religion of Jesus Christ.

But there is a special kind of warfare being waged specifically against men, and we know the source of this attack as Feminism.   As I will try and elucidate, Feminism’s ultimate aim is the destruction of the Church and Christian society, by destroying traditional marriage and the family.

As a Preface, the Church traditionally upholds the sacred dignity of womanhood, femininity, the female gender, the place of women in the home, public society, and the Church.  The Church advocates for the rights and protection of women, to prevent their sexual exploitation, uphold their civic rights, their place in public leadership, their unique qualities imparted specifically to them by virtue of their gender.  

The only theoretically true kind of feminism is one rooted in God’s Revelation about how men and women are created with differences to compliment each other, how women are spiritually equal to men, and how the integrity of the family as the basis of public society is just as guaranteed by the unique gifts of mothers and wives, as it is by the unique gifts of fathers and husbands.

True Masculinity:

I think it is a mistake of those on the Right to portray what masculinity really is or should be in the same way that those on the Left do in a pejorative way.   The Left portrays masculinity as barbarism.  The masculine man to them is authoritarian (vs authoritative), brutish, and overly physical.

A true man does not have to be large, tall, muscular, very physically fit, very confident with high self-esteem.   A true man to be as such does not have to make an American middle-class salary,
or have such ambitious habits that would secure him that level of material security.  None of those things are bad, but they do not make a man masculine, or a fully developed male, husband, or father.  

God designed a natural cosmos, with definite chemical and biological natures, with human beings being imparted a soul and two genders, with maleness and masculinity being divinely drafted by the laws of nature, by biological laws.

Real masculinity in a man acts in respect of his physical and psychological constitution.  Men are designed more for physical labor, guarding and protecting, leading and governing, for the daily mental strain of dealing with public conflicts and hardships, and for looking far into future to plan for the family and other social institutions.  

A real man simply then is one who brings home the main income to support his family, to protect the home from potential invaders and social threats, to oversee order and stability in daily home life, and ultimately to sacrifice himself like Christ the High Priest for the faith and morals, for the salvation, of his wife and children.

The Culture War on Christian Masculinity:

I think this specific attack is so complex, to try and unravel and categorize its sub-errors would be like opening the gates to hell, looking down into hell, and trying to rationally describe the chaos of absolute evil.  I don’t even think God wastes time categorizing all the details of that eternal void.

There is something satanic, witch-like, and diabolically evil about feminism’s attack on masculinity, because it is really an wholesale attack on that way of life that masculinity is designed by God to protect.  That is chastity, moral order, religion, marriage, family, and a Christian society.

The fact that feminism is so largely to blame for the slaughter of tens of millions of aborted babies in the US alone, since Roe vs. Wade, is an indication how evil this phenomenon is.

Feminist women today do not respect the kind of masculinity described above.  Either they expect the man to be a Type A extrovert, with six pack abs, making a six figure salary, before they would even begin to consider him worthy of marriage and a family, in which the woman is financially secure enough to stay at home raising children.  Or they expect him to be an effeminate subordinate to Type A, aggressive women.

Either kind is sort of acceptable, but not that of a simple, devout, ordinary kind of man, who is a conservative, devout Christian, making a working class sort of income.  The Average Joe Gentleman is seen as a Loser, an object of scorn.  Hence the phenomenon of men aligning (misguidedly in my opinion) with the so-called “Alt Right” or online “Manosphere.”

If you are naturally fit, extraverted, Type A type of guy, the kind of guy who dominated high school sports and later in life business and profit, then God has given you certain gifts he did not give your average man, but those gifts do not spell masculinity.  

A quiet male school teacher, or truck driver, whose wife and kids live in a1000 square foot house and rarely go out to eat, who gets out of bed every day to put in an honest days work, to come home every night to spend quality time with his kids, to lead them in the nightly rosary, that is more a true man, with true masculinity, than an egotistical, self-centered, rich, successful businessman who treats his wife and kids like a burden or trophies to show off.


Don’t look to me, some anonymous guy with one among 40,000,000 blogs on the internet.  Look to Jesus Christ, to the Saints, to the guidance of the Catholic Church founded by Our Lord.  Let Our Lord and all those male saints, like St. Joseph, by our example!

In Summary:

Liberalism, modernism, Americanism, Protestantism, etc have resulted in this cultural crisis here in the West, especially in America.  The latest Culture War carrying out those false ideologies is from the disenfranchised classes against the common majority, a reverse bigotry on the national-cultural scale, made possible by the Left.

If you are a conservative, a Christian, specifically a Catholic, even more so if your ethnic heritage is that of the Founders of this country, that is European Christians, and even more so if you are the kind of man who is masculine and oriented to the serious responsibilities of marriage and family life…then you are Enemy Number One.  I am afraid.  In all my observation.

The solution is always the same.  To follow God, to follow his Divine Law, to find that spiritual peace that the world, especially this contemporary world, can never give.

The Culture War against European American, Conservative Christian, Catholic, Masculine Men. Part One.Posted: 20 Jul 2019 10:57 PM PDTIntroduction:

I’ve been watching lately YouTube talks with Charles Coulombe by Tumbler House, which I recommend for their informative and comically down-to-earth style.  Coulombe relates a story from his youth how he merely, courteously offered his seat to a woman standing in a bus who subsequently exploded into a tirade accusing him of being a chauvinistic pig.  For offering her his seat.  He replied “Pardon me Sir.”

True Story, Okie Trad!
I myself can recall dozens of similar acts of aggression by people in society merely for showing Christian civility, for trying to be a gentleman, for practicing in difficult social and public situations moral virtue, especially that of fortitude and justice as men in particular are called to defend.

I’ve also been listening as of late to someone I recently discovered whose social thought and commentary I think is a gold mine.  That is psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, who lays out the post-modern social crisis in America so clearly and rationally, cutting through all the PC BS.   He is very Jungian in his approach to religion, but I think a Catholic in potentia. 

  Dr. Jordan PetersonProfessor, Clinical Psychologist

I found one observation made by Peterson to be very salient and illuminating.  He explained how socialism-communism has been transformed in the West.  Whereas before the class conflict for equality was the poor waging political warfare against those classes more predestined by God with wealth and natural constitution, now it is every previously disenfranchised class of people waging war against the common majority in America.   The result, he explains, is simple, absurdist disaster.

Our multiculturalist, liberalist, politically correct culture is not only threatening the dignity of every human person and citizen in this country, but the very pillars upon which the United States of America were founded:  Christianity,  Western Civilization, biblical and natural law morality, and especially traditional marriage and the family.

Let’s be factual.  Those disenfranchised social classes, as our public school system and Hollywood teaches, are African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Women, Liberals, Agnostics, Atheists, Homosexuals, Bisexuals, and Transgender individuals.

For the sake of discussion, I won’t dispute that.  It’s not being politically incorrect (if that were even a social sin) to restate what our social and educational system is putting out there for us to consume en masse and believe.

And by logical extension, who then is Enemy Number One?   It is a simple deduction and observable fact that the categories inversely boil down to just a few.  And if fate should have put you in all of these categories at once, then God help you, you are now practically the new Oppressed Class.

European Americans – Conservatives – Christians – Catholics in particular – And Masculine, Heterosexual Men.  

  A European American, Conservative,Catholic Christian, and Heterosexual Man
This Culture War from the Left against Americans who fit into most or all of these categories needs to be discussed from a traditional Catholic perspective.  

The Culture War Against European Americans:

The obvious root is Americanism and Protestantism.  By the later part of the 20th Century, our European roots have become largely vilified, discarded, and forgotten.  Irish, German, Italian, and otherwise European American ethnic neighborhoods and communities have almost vanished.  Here in Tulsa, the Irish American and German American Society are mainly maintained by senior citizens, whereas the younger generations merely enjoy the beer and polka music one day a year.   

Unless by all appearance your ancestors come more from south of the equator–South America, Africa, Asia–it is assumed they originate north of the equator, i.e. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Russia.  It is a historical fact against which the Culture War wages that traditional Christianity and Christian civilization was spread from the latter, whereas the former were on the receiving end.

If by any appearance you should look Irish or German or Italian, for example, your average politically correct liberal reflexively and instinctively has been brainwashed into looking and reacting to you with suspicion.  Especially should you exhibit anything remotely close to that level of culture, morality, civility, or etiquette exemplified in traditional, Christian, European culture.

I am thinking of my Bavarian, German, High Lutheran mother, who has lived in Oklahoma for over fifty years, who finds burping in public an offense to others.   

Solutions?   There are very good traditional Catholic responses to this particular attack.  Catholic ethnic associations.  Just as an example, every year the Society of St. Pius X encourages those who live in or near St. Mary’s, Kansas, home to 2-3K traditional Catholics, to come together in ethnic groups to share their Catholic, national heritage at the October Christ the King Festival.  Dozens of tables offer traditional foods, music, displays, information, and discussion about the Catholic history of their ancestors’ country, many from Europe, but also from those “south of the equator.”

I think the solution is to research, be proud of, and immerse yourself in your Catholic, ethnic heritage, to befriend those like yourself, to join ethnic associations.  If for example you are an Irish American, don’t be afraid to show your “Irish.”  Whereas the northern European Prots have calumnized us Irish Americans as hot-tempered, depressed, and lazy, be passionate, poetic, of the heart, and hard-working.  As Irish Americans were in decades past.

 The Culture War Against Conservatives:

This is obviously felt by social conservatives on the West and East Coast, and in strongly Democratic, socialistic states.  But this culture war is everywhere, including those states that “bleed red.”  In Oklahoma City, liberal Democrats (and some Republicans who are, truth be told, practical liberals) fight the social conservatism at least officially promoted by the Republican Party.  

But social liberalism is de facto the cultural norm even here in Tulsa, what I call the very “buckle” of the “bible belt.”  I think most here are okay with premarital sex, use of porn, intoxication, divorce, unlimited divorce, staying home from church on Sunday, piercings and tattoos of any sort, and whatever rough-neck lifestyle suits your fancy.  The Bible is relative to interpretation.  The state association of educators is known for advocating for “abortion rights,” transgenderism, multiculturalism, etc, etc.  The same association largely responsible for our public school system, ranked 48th in the nation!

Liberalism is the new social system everywhere, even in rural, central USA.  

Solution?   Promote the Republican party?  No.  Work to elect and support socially conservative politicians whose track record strongly suggests they will defend the sanctity of human life, the family, small business, local communities, and individual natural rights.

The temptation will be to set to the periphery traditional Catholic, magisterial, social teaching on these subjects, but to instead embrace as if it is a religion in itself the ideology of conservatism, or American conservatism.  

I strongly believe the key is the return to the study and implementation of the traditional Papal Magisterium which taught against liberalism and modernism.  And to consider the Popes’ solutions.  Solutions like the Social Kingship of Christ, a specific doctrine that requires Christ and the Church to be directly at the center of government and public life.  The result would be the death of liberalism, but not the rise of another false Christ in a fascist, dictatorial kind of conservative ideology.  Which are a dime a dozen.

But in Catholic Christianity itself.   That is the religion instituted by Christ Himself.

The Culture War Against Christians:

Here I am thinking of those that truly believe Christ is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  Who without question profess the biblical morality commanded in the Old and New Testament.  That is, by and large, orthodox Catholics and Evangelical Protestants.

It is not hard to figure out that said coworker is, or likely is, a socially conservative Christian.  Or if you are one of those, for your co-workers to detect your faith and morals.  The subtle conflict is as diabolical as it is obtusely moronic.    By your very identity, you are a threat.  Even if you are as peaceful as a dove, as docile as St. Francis of Assisi, as compassionate as Mother Teresa.  Because you believe in objective moral truth, and the right to evaluate or judge with moral certitude the objective behavior of individuals or society itself, you are a mortal threat to the group dynamic.

I’ve thought about this.  The secularist liberal who despises the socially conservative Catholic or Protestant only pretends that the existence of the religiously conservative in their presence is a threat to their physical and psychological well-being.  They act as if your very existence itself proves that you will one day inflict upon them in your judgment psychological or even physical trauma.

It is a childish tactic.

Simply put, like Lucifer himself, the committed liberalist is desperately afraid of humility.  They are diabolically opposed to the spiritual order whereby they must submit to the commandments of God as written on the human heart.   The secularist is in a state of turmoil and rebellion.   In reality they are oppressed by demons, and under the trance of the dark side.   

Solution?   Follow the ten commandments and the beatitudes of Christ.  That is the Old Law fulfilled in the New Law.  If the teachings of Christ were hard for the Pharisees of the first century to hear, it is exponentially harder but more meritorious for us to listen to His infinite, divine words of wisdom.  Designed to set our hearts free and give us internal peace.

I myself am more and more coming to terms with the hard fact that this current environment can in no way give external, psychological peace.  I must accept that there will be daily mental agonies to endure at the hand of our persecutors.   That it is only after long practice of the science of prayer, penance, and almsgiving, in order to become detached, that I could even remotely achieve that interior, spiritual peace that sets yourself only on God.




Saturday Morning Musings: Bishop Gracida, Oklahoma Summer Heat, Minivacation, Blue HolePosted: 20 Jul 2019 05:26 PM PDTGood morning fellow Okie Trads and Beyond.  I’m perched at the end of my couch this fine Saturday morning giving my “Saturday morning musings” as I’ve been calling them.  Thoughts circulating this week in my mind.

Bishop Gracida:

Bishop Gracida, retired bishop of Corpus Christi, it seems follows yours truly.  I interviewed him a while back here about his proposal that the Cardinals evaluate the canonical legitimacy of the current pontificate.  Discussed here.  Some time back he remarked I reminded him of a contemporary Will Rogers which I found flattering.

His blog is one of the tiny few I check in on now and then, from my own little corner of the Traditional Catholic Blogosphere.  It seems he has made my own comment moderation approach his own, quoting me here.  Kudos good bishop.  By the way, he celebrates daily the Traditonal Latin Mass!  Probably the most traditional diocesan bishop in the world!!

Hey, I like You Okie Trad!

Oklahoma Summer Heat:

Heat advisories being issued here in Oklahoma this week.  One day I hear tell the heat index got up to 110 degrees F.  I sure did feel it, getting in and out of my car throughout the day as I need to do for work.  There was a spell yesterday when I had to be outside in the purgatorial heat for about 15 minutes around 2pm and it sucked the life out of me.  But I figure I am making up for my missed past opportunities for penance.  

There is a spiritual rule expressed in places that if one owes a large amount of “temporal punishment due to sin” that they can pay that debt even in a short amount of time when dealt heavy suffering, and when offered with humility.  

That will be my endeavor these next weeks ahead as I pass through this southern heat and humidity, this mental marathon until September or October.

July and August in OklahomaOur Penance


PTO has been saved up, and we are taking a mini-vacation next week from Wednesday through Sunday, to St. Louis, MO, then St. Mary’s, KS.  The tentative itinerary is leave Wed at 3am, arrive at 
the “Gateway to the West” at 9am, have breakfast at Union Station, settle into a hotel, see a church, tour the Anheiser-Busch factory, and have dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Thurs. Mass at the SSPX priory, go to the free city zoo, lunch, then go to the top of the Arch, see some more churches, then eat at this gourmet restaurant someone highly recommended.

Fri. morning Mass again at the SSPX, leave 9ish, arrive in St. Mary’s by 3pm, settle into a nearby hotel, evening Mass if they have it, that or Vespers, meet a friend for dinner.  Sat. will be Mass, go to one or two of the Divine Offices chanted by the Society Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters, visit a friend or two, stay out of the heat, then come back to Tulsa first thing Sunday morning after the High Mass.   Trying to convince the wife to visit one “Pope Michael” in Topeka on the way back, as I interviewed him here before as well.  Uniquely unique man, but edifying.  He’s actually emailed me before about info in my blog posts, so I have another very interesting reader to reach out to from my laptop!

Society of St. Pius X Building New Church in St. Mary’s (VIDEO)

Will make a blog post with pics and commentary of our trip!  

Blue Hole:

Well, it’s going to be hot again today I expect so I’m hitting the road now.  To get to Blue Hole early for a swim, picnic, and country drive back.  I love Blue Hole!

Lastly, I am planning a post about the “Attack on European American, Conservative, Catholic, Christian, Masculine Men” by the ‘”Culture War.”  A diabolical attack ultimately in the end on traditional marriage, the family, and Christian society.   Hope to write it this weekend!

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