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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Is Abp Vigano moving towards Socci’s Position on “Pope Bergoglio” & might he join Bp Gracida in calling for an Imperfect Council?

–  Updated December 23, 2019

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano appears to be moving closer to Antonio Socci’s way of speaking of Francis in his recent defense of the Virgin Mary against Francis’s attack on her title of co-Redemptrix.

Like Socci he only called Francis “Pope Bergoglio” in the recent statement which could infer that he may be considering joining Bishop Rene Gracida in calling for an imperfect council to investigate and judge if Francis’s conclave and Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation were valid or invalid.

Also, in his recent defense of the Virgin Mary he echoed something Socci wrote about Francis:

“Those of us who have not let ourselves be deceived… must unite and face off against the Evil One.”
(LifeSiteNews, “Abp Vigano’s defense of Virgin Mary in response to Pope Francis,” December 20, 2019)

Socci his new book appears to be saying Benedict XVI is  a “supernatural… containment” of “Bergoglio” (Francis) who he equates with “Dostoevsky[‘s]… Cardinal of Seville.”

Everyone familiar with literature knows the Cardinal of Seville in the Russian work of fiction “assumes the role of Satan.”
(Writing the Republic: Liberalism and Morality in American Political Fiction, Page 80)

Socci apparently is equating Francis with Satan and Benedict with Jesus who contains the “apostasy”:

“[H]is [Benedict’s] powerful intercession as pope, which raises a supernatural wall of defense… the extraordinary action of containment… to avert the tragedy of the apostasy of the Church and of schism.

“… [H]is [Benedict’s] rapport with Papa Bergoglio by recalling… Dostoevsky[‘s]… Cardinal of Seville, one of the ‘Jesuits’ who did not believe in the liberating power of the grace of God, but rather in his own power…”

“It may well be the same silent presence of Benedict XVI that until now averted the most serious doctrinal rifts… any false doctrine would be able to be delegitimized by one single word from him spoken before the eyes of the Christian people.”
(The Secret of Benedict XVI, Pages 115-116)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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  1. Donna Bethell says:

    The Italian original says “Papa Bergoglio” and this is typically Italian, as in Papa Pacelli or Papa Ratzinger. It is not in any way disrespectful and should not be seen as implying any opinion on the validity of office.

  2. Charmaine says:

    @P. O’Brien
    What does sedevacantism have to do with this article? Seems you are reading into it what you *hope* is Archbishop Vigano’s “secret” position. Antonio Socci believes Bergoglio to be an antipope; that Benedict XVI is still the true Pope. THAT is the point of the Catholic Monitor blog asking the question: “Is Abp Vigano moving towards Socci’s Position on “Pope Bergoglio” & might he join Bp Gracida in calling for an Imperfect Council?”

  3. Benedict XVI….”as pope, which raises a supernatural wall of defense”…OF DEFENSE?!

    The Last Pontifex, Judas
    The Olive Garden, in which the Lord Jesus was sweating with blood, was also a witness to the treacherous act of Judas the Apostle. The Saint Mary’s church at Avenida La Plata 286 (Spanish: ‘Silver Avenue’) in Buenos Aires, where Eucharistic Miracles appeared (May 1992, August 1996) is a contemporary edifice (1936) of one Jorge Bergoglio. The apostle Judas*, Jesus’ companion [socius] and perhaps His peer, assisted the birth of the Church and sold her Head, Jesus Christ, for thirty pieces of silver. The infamous Argentinean in Vatican, also from the society of Jesus – in his spiritual constriction even retained the passport of his native Argentina – is the payment that Benedict XVI, the last successor of Saint Peter the Apostle, received for betrayal of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, for adultery with the spirit of this world and enabling the crucifixion of the Roman Catholic church. Illusive argentum (silver) of temporality, a mountain of silver on the banks of the Tiber river – man feels betrayal from afar. Poor papa Benedict did not expect such a payment: now he is bound with this Argentine “Living Silver” in the Vatican like Judas with a pile of silver in the courtyard of the Temple of Jerusalem. The merciful Mother of the Church, however, will give, as in Fatima foretold, to the “Bishop in White”, the last Pontifex [B16], an opportunity for repentance and perfect remorse, just as She gave this grace to the first one – Saint Peter the Apostle.
    And where are the cardinals, bishops, when the Roman Catholic Church is in a mortal danger? They hid like the first apostles. Only the beloved disciple, John, persevered at Jesus. Who of the apostles persevere at the crucified Church? Messenger the Fire, but will he find faith on earth?

    *Judas Iscariot appears in the New Testament as the 12th, last apostle. Pope Benedict XVI, as the last of the successors of Saint Peter the Apostle, jumped into Judas’ shoes and committed treason. After the Ascension of the Lord, the College of the Apostles was completed by Matthew [‘God’s Gift’]. When Benedict betrayed the Mystical Body of Christ, Messenger the Fire took his place. Paraclete is the heavenly gift of God the Father and the Son for the last days.

  4. jorgecerra says:

    That is the thesis, sustained since long ago, of Father Alexandro Minutella, pioneer of the fight against the Bergoglio’s false church: The day Holy Father Benedict XVI died, the Argentinian Jesuit would desecrate the Holy Mass.
    Because of the denounce of the imposture, Fr. Minutella has been excommunicated twice, one more excommunication than Luther. His frequent catechesis are very pious, bright and theologically founded. I think he is an example of a Priest, like those Saint Priests that we knew when we were children. He saw the falseness of the present pretended pontificate perhaps not much before than many other clerics (if we lay people see it, I don’t doubt that thousands of clerics have seen it), but he risked his person, his career and comfort declaring publically the truth.

  5. P. O'Brien says:

    Any money that Archbishop Vigano is a closet sede-vacantist. Most outspoken bishop attacking the ruin of the Vatican II Church since Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. And his recent comment mentioning the Antichrist is telling.

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