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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Catholic Monitor’s Demands to the Remnant Editor Matt if he wants us to “Stand Together” with him

Could the Remnant editor Michael Matt’s “Francis is definitely pope” bias, that Francis is pope because that’s an infallible dogma of the Francis Creed, finally be starting to crack?
[Click here to read the Francis Creed:]

I know from someone who knows the inner workings of Matt’s editorship of the Remnant because she has written for him that he “has not allowed phrases like ‘questionably legal'” before in his newspaper or website that appeared in the article “APOSTASY AND OLD LACE: Do We Have an Uncle Benny Brewster in the Attic?”:

– “… Nearly seven years after his resignation from the Papacy, (questionably legal, but certainly effective) the good bishop has found himself to be in fine fiddle, enough to coauthor a new book with Robert Cardinal Sarah on priestly celibacy.”

In fact, Matt in his latest YouTube video “DONALD TRUMP: Vatican Public Enemy No. 1” appears to be claiming he and the other “Francis is definitely pope” traditionalists may be willing to call a ceasefire and stop their attacks, misrepresentations and blacklisting of the BiP[Benedict is Pope] movement and the Bishop Rene Gracida movement. He said:

“I may have it wrong. You may have it wrong. But what is important, right now, is that we do not dogmatize opinion on some of this… Don’t panic. Stay close. Keep praying. Stay together. We can do that. We can all stand together. Do our part without anathematizing. Let’s give it a try.”
(“DONALD TRUMP: Vatican Public Enemy No. 1”:, 24:22-24:31 and 26:51-27:02])

Sadly, I am tempted to think Matt is using the “Good cop/bad cop” routine:

“The ‘bad cop’ takes an aggressive, negative stance towards the subject, making blatant accusations, derogatory comments, threats, and in general creating antipathy between the subject and themself. This sets the stage for the “good cop” to act sympathetically, appearing supportive and understanding, and in general showing sympathy for the subject. The good cop will also defend the subject from the bad cop. The subject may feel they can cooperate with the good cop either out of trust or out of fear of the bad cop. They may then seek protection by and trust the good cop and provide the information the interrogators are seeking.[3] “

“This technique also has its disadvantages in that it can be easily identified and the ‘bad cop’ may alienate the subject.[4]” []

I want to trust that Mr. Matt is being sincere, but as “President Ronald Reagan on several occasions in the context of nuclear disarmament discussions with the Soviet Union” said “trust, but verify.”

Unfortunately, too many of Matt’s traditionalist collaborators and even he by playing the bad cop too many times have lost our trust with such things as misrepresenting, attacking and blacklisting members of the BiP movement and the Bishop Gracida movement.

Matt’s long time collaborator, for example, Chris Ferrara used misrepresentation:

“Furthermore, the only time I have ever spoken face-to-face with Ann Barnhardt, at least that I can remember, was at Lake Garda, and the entire conversation involved my objection to her claim that the “data set” shows Bergoglio is not the Pope.  We have no competence to assemble “data sets” and declare that the Chair of Peter is vacant.”

He said that the Barnhardt position was “to declare the Chair of Peter is vacant.” The BIP position is the exact opposite of “declar[ing] that the Chair of Peter is vacant.”

Next, Matt has at no time condemned or at least distanced himself from the despicable and loathsome Alinsky tactics of One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec. Canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo explains the tactic and gives an example of which there are numerous (which, also, include attacks on Bishop Gracida):

“The recent attacks on Ann Barnhardt, chief of all, seem to be employing the Rules for Radicals. In Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, we have, for example, Rule 13, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  This means, in regard to persons, to dissuade the public from consideration of the truths professed by an individual by attacking that individual on personal issues.”

“Then there is Rule 5, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” which has been honed into a fine art by Steve Skojec, editor and publisher of — apparently a commercial site, because of its *.com, but in reality organized in US Law as a non-profit, where it appears from its tax filings 100% of funds raised, after expenses, go to Skojec or family members.*”
“Here is an example of that, in regard to Ann Barnhardt.”
Couldn’t care less. If you want the queen of Catholic online cancer, she’s it.

And Ferrara is infinitely more qualified on every topic she forgets 1 Tim 2:12 to bloviate about.
— Steve Skojec (@SteveSkojec) February 6,  []Finally, the editor of the Remnant has not allowed free debate of the issues on his publication or website with real members of the BiP movement and the Bishop Gracida movement. He in his YouTube video mentioned as an example of free debate at the Remnant an article of Robert Siscoe which is a joke. Siscoe is a close collaborator of the disgraceful Skojec who in my opinion, also, misrepresents the issues. (See: Catholic Monitor, “Why are Skojec & Siscoe Afraid of a Conclave Investigation by Cardinals?”) []

If you, Mr. Matt, are sincere and want us to “all stand together” then “stop dogmatiz[ing] opinion” and stop “anathematizing” and stop attacking, misrepresenting and blacklisting the BiP movement and the Bishop Gracida movement.

Here are the Catholic Monitor’s demands if you sincerely want me and my readers to “stand together” with you:

Demand number 1:

Condemned or at least distanced yourself in writing from the loathsome Alinsky tactics of One Peter Five publisher Skojec.

Demand number 2:

Have your writer Mr. Ferrara issue a apology and retraction to Miss Barnhardt for mispresenting her position. 

Demand number 3:

Allow Bishop Gracida and canon law expert Br. Bugnolo to publish articles in the Remnant and then get which ever expert you want and have an honest debate in your newspaper between them and your experts.

Lastly, Mr. Matt, if you really think we who follow Bishop Gracida, Br. Bugnolo as well as Miss Barnhardt are wrong and headed to hell for being in schism from Francis then out of simple charity for our souls you should honestly counter our dissertations and arguments.

If you really believe we are wrong and headed to hell and refuse to seriously give us real arguments then you apparently have lost the supernatural virtue of charity.

If you really believe what you are saying then for charity’s sake you should attempt to save us from hell for being in schism from Francis:

But, all we hear are straw man arguments that don’t counter our stated dissertations, name calling propaganda, blacklisting, silence or the noise of you running away as fast as you can from serious reasoned back and forth argumentation.

Just to give fair warning:

We are not going away.

We are growing.

Soon we will be to be too big to ignore.

As even Church Militant’s Michael Voris reported we are becoming the majority of faithful Catholics in Rome. The same thing is happening in the United States and if you can’t stop us now we will probably grow to be the majority of faithful Catholics in America.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus and the Immaculate of Mary.Posted by Fred Martinez at 5:17 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest


Debbie said…

Excellent idea Fred! How about it Mr. Matt? I remember “Argument of the Month”. This should be right up your alley. Argument of the 21st Century perhaps? 7:21 PM

Fred Martinez said…


Thank you. Please join me in praying for Mr. Matt. My friend who has written for him says he is a sincere and honest man.7:32 PM

Debbie said…

Will do. And I totally believe he’s a good guy. His sincerity is evident in his videos. 8:22 PM

Alexis Bugnolo said…

I praying for Matt that he starts out along the path he has outlined. I think it is a sane approach and I thank him for admitting that Benedict XVI is the pope. I hope he understands that when those in the PPBXVI movement talk about damnation for not recognizing the true pope, we are merely referring to Pope Boniface VIII’s bull, Unam Sanctam, which was the foundation of every Trad apostolate, at least before Feb. 11, 2013…12:29 AM

Alexis Bugnolo said…

Typo alerts….. I am praying ….. for admitting that Benedict may be12:33 AM

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  1. Ana Milan says:

    The Remnant, 1P5, Church Militant for years have blocked Catholics who begged for an answer to the question surrounding the bifurcation of the Papacy – who still holds the Keys, as there cannot be two popes? This resulted in posters being silenced on this topic for fear of similar action against themselves, so blind obedience to an heretical, idolatrous, blasphemer, betrayer won the day. Personal interests held sway as they sat on the fence waiting for one or other ‘pope’ to depart this world when they hoped for a resolution to the situation. It cannot be resolved in that way. PBXVI’s actual resignation must be clarified according to the Canons governing papal resignations & the conclave must be verified as being valid & carried out in accordance with PJPII’s rules governing papal elections.

  2. catholictradition2 says:

    Fr. Gruner early on did not view Francis as the Pope. He was never vilified by Mr. Matt et al. The workings of grace can be a great mystery. We ought not be about the grim business of condemining one another. There is no catechism for our plight. Even St. Bellermine was conflicted, all he had were probable opinions. None of us our sedevacantists. Let us pray for each other, too aware of our own shortcomings.

  3. Will Do. I trust your assessment. He will be in my daily prayers in a particular and special way.

    France ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    France ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

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