From: maire
Sent: 03 April 2020 18:56
To: Rene Henry Gracida
Subject: A Gross Blasphemer

Dear Bishop Gracida , I read with spinning head  yesterday your citations from Life Site News , the spinning being occasioned not only by a degree of arrogance from Bergoglio , unexpected even by his usual self promotion , but also by the ignorance of Cardinal Mueller . He who is truly pope , as we know , is pope because his office as Summus Pontifex , Peter’s Successor and Vicar Of Christ was created by  and is conferred on each Petrine Successor by Christ himself  ; and he on whom that office is conferred MUST be the Rock on which Christ , the unshakeable Rock of the Church himself , will build her , until the last day .[ Popes help to build , Christ is the Master Builder .]  Bergoglio’s ‘’ barbarism’’ [ sc .blasphemy ] resides in this. He has laid claim to  knowledge and authority superior  to the divine knowledge and authority of Christ himself . Cardinal Mueller , however , attributes the authority for the papal petrine position to Lumen gentium and the Second Vatican Council . Popes and Councils state and enforce the divine truth that has been revealed through Christ to the Church ,  and taught by the Holy Spirit . They are not self authenticating entities , although , alas , the notion that they are  has poisoned certain areas of Church teaching  through and since Vat .  11 . Now Bergoglio himself claims to outknow God . I find grim satisfaction in this . The real authority of the Bishop of Rome terminates with the boundaries of his diocese .His universal authority resides solely in the Petrine Commission. Peter happened to minister as Bishop of Rome , doubtless by divine intention , on account of Rome’s heritage of law and government , and there he received the martyr’s crown,but without Christ’s three commissions to him , his authority would have been no more than that of other bishops . I ask myself what now will the world’s hierarchy do ? How many will understand what has transpired ? How many will concern themselves with the appalling affront to Christ’s divinity and boldly identify it ? [ May it please God that some , at least , will , no matter what the cost .]

How many will take refuge in the  papolatry manufactured by Bergoglio , forgetting that the glory of the Catholic Church is her endowment of divine truth , and of the freedom accompanying it ;  only divine truth liberates from sin original or actual  [ John  8: 32 ] As is well known  , when delivering these words of the link between divine truth and freedom  ,  Christ was addressing Jews who had come to believe in him . So much are his comments an enucleation  of the evils that have beset his Church during  the past seven years  that their interpolation verbatim here   is merited :-                     

    ‘’ Si vos manseritis in sermone meo ,  vere discipuli mei eritis ‘’. [ ibid. 31]

Discipleship necessarily entails obedience . It is automatically impugned by any spurious plea of mercy , such as is found in Amoris laetitia concerning the administering of Holy Communion to re-married divorced persons who  most certainly are not in communion with Christ , having disobeyed his commands concerning marriage and his general command as to the fixed link between the new life of his Gospel and obedience to the Commandments .[ Matth. 19: 17 ]Divine commands , moreover cannot be in any measure divisible , there is no ‘’up to a point , Lord Copper’’ escape  route . Divine commands must be observed simpliciter or the impossible pertains . God is a deceiver .  Divine commands are , moreover , in themselves true mercy whereby  God’s obedient children  , justified in Christ , enjoy the blessing of knowing what is pleasing to him ,  of a certainty , and the assurance ,  in faith ,   of Christ’s grace   to fulfil what is commanded since , as the Fathers of Trent noted  , God does not command what is impossible .[ V1 De Justificatione , X1.] As they add , moreover , those who are children of God love Christ ; for those who love him , as he himself bears witness , keep his words [ John 14: 23 ] The Fathers of Trent continue with this indeed great assurance [ ibid ] namely that with the Divine Assistance those who are children of God will be able to fulfil Christ’s words . Christ himself , in the passage just cited , has even more splendid hope to give : the Father will love him who obeys the Son , and together they will come to him and will make their dwelling with him. There can be no mercy at all in turning from Christ’s teaching  of justification gained by faith in him made fruitful in good works . It is the foundation doctrine of man’s part in  the New Covenant ,  and its very essence , mercy . Glad obedience is its highest expression or we are ignorant of the Goodness and Majesty of God ;  and unheeding of Christ’s Cross . If we do not labour to remain in his word we become at least akin to the unregenerate  ;  if not worse . We return to Christ speaking to Jewish hearers on the road to conversion :-  

                       ‘’     —et cognoscetis veritatem , et veritas liberavit vos ‘’. [ John 8 : 32 ]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  God alone can tell us the truth because only his knowledge is unlimited and he alone is good . [ By ‘’God ‘’ one intends the Blessed Trinity in unity,  or , if specified , one of the Three Persons .] Some among the Jews were offended by these words , being , as they supposed sons of Abraham .Christ responded :-

   ‘’   Amen , amen dico vobis : quia omnis qui facit peccatum servus est peccati ‘’. [ ibid. 34 ]

Amoris Laetitia leaves those fallen into sin ,  deprived of the freedom Christ brings with his gifts of repentance ,  forgiveness ; and amendment of life. As he explains,  the slave of sin  does not remain in the house [ the Father’s House] eternally but the Son remains granting to the penitent immeasurable blessing for he concludes :-

    ‘’   Si ergo vos Filius liberavit , vere liberi eritis ‘’. [ ibid 36]

And that Truth is Christ , without whom we can do nothing [ John 15 : 5    ] unless , it would seem , our name be Bergoglio ,  . Will he now govern Christ’s Church with his apparently superhuman powers ,  as Bishop of Rome  ] the ‘’How’’ eludes us , even for ‘’apparently superhuman powers’;  or will Christ’s Faithful at last admit that there can be no talk of the evil of  schism when they are presented with lies ? Will they now admit that it is Bergoglio’s lies that have already confected a schism that at this very moment  rends the fabric of Christ’s Church ? [ And we add that there are  a schism and a pseudo- pontificate that would not have come into being had the abrenunciatio of Benedict XV1 not been on more than one count uncanonical .]   Where there are lies Christ is never found . [ John 18 ; 37 ] being himself the Way , the Truth and the Life . [ ibid. 14 : 6   ] The option before  Christ’s Faithful  is quite simply this : Christ , his truth and holiness , himself as God incarnate , the only path to the Blessed Trinity  , the one true and only God ; or   the man , Bergoglio ,  his Vatican Coterie with its long claws daily attempting the destruction of Christ’s Church , the man who tosses occasional placebos in the direction of Catholicism while giving his approbation to the Document on Human Fraternity . He now presents himself as Bishop of  Rome only , and as  at this juncture we cannot interweave too much of what is rankly scandalous ,  we shall assume he had not noticed the uncanonical nature of the abrenunciatio of Benedict XV1 . After his election as Bishop the Papal Camerlengo put this question to him :-

                ‘’ Acceptasne officium Summi Pontificis  .?’’

Bergoglio gave his assent . Peter’s Successor , Christ’s Vicar is Summus Pontifex , an office conferred on the Roman episcopal elect by Christ Himself , as John Paul 11 chose to express it , per immissionem divinam . [ Universi dominici gregis 1996 ] In almost two thousand years of papal history there have been popes whose personal lives spoke of little devotion to Christ. Has there been one hitherto whose official scorn and contempt for Christ , and his gracious dispositions for the governance of his Church [ his , be it noted , not the pope’s ] and dispositions , it must be said of a marvellous kind , the plenitudo potestatis applies only to the implementation of the three Petrine Commissions , and these  never assail the divinity on which they stand ,has there indeed been even one who so scorned his Master that he  presumed to cast those dispositions to the winds ? No one , in fact , can claim to seek to serve Christ and at the same time give obedience to him who has chosen to identify himself and his office as that of merely Bishop of Rome .

       Yesterday I had intended to send you some comments on why I found Dr . Kwasniewski’s article on liturgy encouraging , and on my liking for the Yeate’s poem you published . These things must wait .

       I hope that you continue at least in your ‘’reasonable wellness .’’ I make slow progress , thankfully  , I hope .  I am amazed at the fluency with which I have written to-day as for a time my outrage at B’s presumption prevented lucidity .

       I suspect that you are going to be very busy . When it is convenient could you please send word of the name of the priest in Yeate’s poem . I regret that I have already forgotten it . Please accept my prayers and kind regards , Maire .

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  1. abyssum says:

    Response to Brother Alexis:
    Jorge Bergolio never was and is not now the Pope!

  2. To author of this missive, I say calm down and think what you are saying: you are saying that Christ’s prayer that Peter’s fail never fail, has failed in Bergoglio. Therefore you must either admit that Christ is impotent or a liar or that Bergoglio never was the pope, because of some canonical circumstance which you do not know of. Which of the three do you pick? Please respond.

  3. Islam_Is Islam says:

    Thank you for re-posting this email, Excellency. Please send your blessing and your prayers to release us all from the bondage of spiritual blindness and deafness.

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