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Dear Bishop Gracida ,

It was indeed most kind of you to send your message of 28 April .

    I send this text with all its imperfections simply because I wish you to see it  . Even should you wish to publish it we must have clear evidence that Bergoglio uttered these words in a public  forum . Please accept my prayers . With kind regards , Maire .

      I am about to copy an extract published by Vox Cantoris from what he states is a homily delivered by Bergoglio on 4 May . Vox strikes me as an excitable writer , well meaning , but not always careful as to the authenticity of the material he handles . He cites no source for the extract , nevertheless it may be authentic . I send it for this reason . It is exactly what I should expect Bergoglio to say if he were for once honestly declaring the insane bases of his beliefs . If I be correct he believes in  a   God who could neither create nor redeem us since he is wholly unaware of his own identity . As might be supposed , he is a  ‘’God ‘’ endowed with so small a smattering of love for us that he is entirely content  to leave us in our blindness and sin so that we are never happy , here , or in the world to come . That vital change so rightly emphasized by both Augustine and Newman as the work of redemption and salvation  will never come to pass with such a God . I suspected some years ago that Bergoglio did not believe in original sin , nor indeed in actual sin in any meaningful sense . He believes only in such sins as he determines for us in one of his pseudo-.. theological ramblings . In short he is not in any sense a Christian. The passage follows :-

        ‘’ The Lord died for us all . And also for people who do not believe in Him or are of other religions: he died for everyone . That does not mean that proselytism must be done  : no. But  He died for everyone . He justified everyone .’’

[ I have copied it , I hope , exactly .] You will have noted that while the first statements  are true what follows is entirely idiosyncratic [ if not indeed the words of an utter fool for they have no foundation other than Bergoglio’s private opinions . But , soft , indeed soft . these are the ‘’Vote Catchers ‘’ . Many people like to hear cuddly nonsense and  to have their minds fixed on the  world , Bergoglio’s world of comfortable mock humanism . A world of total  Bergoglian  unreality is so much more attractive  , than the realization that for all the wonders and beauties of a fallen world , it is indeed fallen , and very often abominably so , and  the Christian’s Homeland cannot possibly be here . Some allege that Bergolio is well-read in Sacred Scripture . Perhaps so . If so he has an amazing capacity  to forget all and any word of the Divine and Incarnate Word , whose Vicar it is also alleged that he is , whenever  its memory would obstruct his ramblings . The solemn warnings of Matthew’s seventh chapter do not , it seems , impede the free expression of opinions by him  who was appointed to feed Christ’s sheep and lambs [ Christ’s we note , and only Christ’s ] . Neither does he observe that an evil  tree cannot bear good fruit . [ Matth. 7: 18 ]  H e ignores that most solemn Divine Word, ibid  in both senses , on the active heart of justification , and for that matter on Petrinity , on being Christ’s true Vicar :-

         ‘’ Non omnis qui dicit mihi , Domine , Domine  , intrabit in regnum caelorum ; sed qui facit voluntatem Patris mei ,qui in caelis est , ipse intrabit in regnum caelorum . [  ibid. : 21 ]

The most remarkable  aspect of the blindness of pseudo-petrinity spinning recklessly on its  own fulcrum is found   in this .  Christ  neither gave nor could give the divine prerogative of knowing who is justified  and of exercising the consequent judgement of his limitless wisdom and righteousness to any mortal .  With his assertion that Christ justified everyone by his death  Bergoglio blatantly contradicts his supposed Master.All things are consigned by the Father into that Master’s hands until that day identified by Saint Paul as the day of their  re-capitulation  , their re-heading , in Christ . { Ephes. 1:10 ]  . In the interval preceding that fulfilment of the Divine Plan  it  is Christ who alone is the Gate of the sheep .[ John 10 : 7 ] He judges his sheep , those who are baptized into his death and resurrection , by what Faith fulfilled in Charity they have exhibited in this world to the Blessed Trinity whom he as Divine Word Incarnate revealed . What is more , in the sheepfold to come , and even in measure in its earthly precursor , Christ’s Church , his sheep are happy. They come and go who enter through him and find pasture . [ cf. Ibid ;9]

They  rejoice in the society of the Good Shepherd who has surrendered his life for them . [ cf. Ibid : 11 ] . They rejoice in him whom they know and to whom they are known . [ cf. Ibid : 14 ] They rejoice in him , true God and true Man , through whom alone grace and truth have been given. [Ibid. 1 : 17 ] and knowledge of the Father that none but the Only Begotten God could reveal .[ ibid : 18 , NA 28 monogenes Theos ]

     Justification , the foundation of Christian profession , is offered to all . It can only be accepted by the Father’s gift of Faith , a gift that should sustain every member of Christ’s Church from the highest to the most lowly . It is a gift that hitherto has prompted obedience to Christ’s final and Great Commission . [ Matth. 28 : 18-20 ] When will those authorized to guide and govern Christ’s Church accept that she cannot have two master’s . He who teaches the universality of unconditional justification is the enemy of him to whom all power in Heaven and Earth have been given . ibid. 18 ] If Athanasius dare not rise will not an eye on the main chance beyond all conceivable opportunities not at least provoke ‘’ Il ne passera pas .’’

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