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D.C. Mayor and Democrats Take a Page Out of the Palestinian Authority’s Playbook

By Lauri B. Regan

In the Palestinian culture, children are taught from birth that Jews and their homeland, the State of Israel, are evildoers to be exterminated.  From the minute they enter pre-school, their teachers, textbooks, and class presentations revolve around hatred of Jews and teaching martyrdom (i.e. violence) through the killing of Jews. Families who lose a child who strapped on a suicide bomb vest and blew up Jews receive an annual stipend of $25,000 for the rest of their lives. Families of children who attack Jews and who are arrested and jailed also receive quite a nice sum of money as long as their criminal relative is in prison. But the ultimate recognition for a Palestinian terrorist is to have an arena, street or square named after them.

In the United States and other civilized places in the world, we do not teach our children to hate and commit acts of martyrdom, we do not pay families to incentivize them to raise terrorist children and we certainly do not name public venues or roads after violent criminals. We do the complete opposite in fact, teaching respect for human life and dignity, private property, the rule of law, hard work, and a peaceful co-existence with our neighbors. We name our public places after real heroes like George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., and General Douglas MacArthur. At least we used to.

Young and old, people across the country are now being called racists lest they publicly support the “protests” by Black Lives Matter, an anti-Semitic movement that calls Israel an “apartheid state,” accuses its Jewish citizens of committing “genocide,” and supports the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment and sanctions movement designed to destroy Israel. Our children are being indoctrinated with lies about what that BLM organization is and what is actually happening on America’s streets – from lies about systemic police racism to the idea that the protestors are peaceful citizens with reasonable demands. In fact, even Nickelodeon and Sesame Street have joined the bandwagon of brainwashing our nation’s youngsters.

And if liberal education hasn’t already done enough damage leading to the ignorance we’re watching play out across the country, now the New York Times 1619 project is gaining traction as if rewriting history with lies and distortions about race relations in America is going to help the country and the divisiveness that’s been playing out for years.

It’s bad enough that our youth are being indoctrinated through education, radicalized parents and grandparents who never evolved after the ’60s, and mainstream and social media. Some of our nation’s leaders’ serve as perfect examples of the generation we’ve created. Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose radical past as a supporter of communist dictators, announced how “proud” he was of his daughter for being arrested in NYC.  Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s Attorney General and a former deputy chair of the Democrat National Committee (who has publicized his support of Antifa including Facebook posts of him holding Antifa’s manual) raised a son who serves on the Minneapolis City Council and who took to twitter to “declare, officially [his] support for ANTIFA.” Like father, like son and daughter after all.

But average Americans are also scrambling to outdo each other on social media, blatantly supporting a violent movement under the guise of social justice and civil rights. A poll conducted earlier this week indicates that 64% of American adults are sympathetic to the protestors. Where in the world are those people getting their information? Apparently, they are not watching video after video[i] of mayhem and violence including burned-down businesses, violent attacks on police officers trying to maintain law and order, bricks thrown at innocent people who actually want to support the protests, business owners being beaten and murdered, and looting stores across the nation.

And I’m wondering if any of the American Jews who are taking to social media and marching through our streets in support of BLM have any idea that the movement is, of course, blaming Jews for all of this, including the tactic of using a knee on a neck that resulted in Floyd’s death notwithstanding the history of abuse by the officer in custody and the fact that none of the police officers ever trained with the IDF.

So no wonder Democrats and liberals are jumping on the opportunity presented by an ignorant and helpless electorate and calling for $14 trillion of reparations in order to reward the perpetrators of the violence that has destroyed both black and white businesses across the country, that has resulted in the murders of at least two black men, retired Officer David Dorn and Officer Patrick Underwood, who were simply protecting themselves and others from anarchists, and that involves blaming Jews for George Floyd’s death and the resultant racism.

And just to take the final page from the Palestinian playbook, Washington, D.C.’s radical Mayor Muriel Bowser decided in her infinite wisdom to name the area in front of the White House “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” This is not a joke – and it cannot be missed since she brought in “artists” to paint in massive bright yellow letters those exact words (a street sign would have been classier but that was clearly not the message she was trying to achieve – and class is not her forte). The mayor believes that the violence across her streets as well as much of America, and the perpetrators of much of that violence, deserve honor and recognition as she turns the criminals into martyrs in the form of renaming several blocks of our nation’s capital.  

And if that doesn’t encourage the violence further, not only did Mayor Bowser throw the Utah National Guard, flown in to protect the citizens of the District, out of their hotel in an irresponsibly partisan and hateful move, the St. Louis prosecutor in charge of overseeing the crimes of protestors in her city decided it made sense to release them all back onto the streets. Imagine if the BLM folks get their way and Democrat leaders actually do go ahead and defund police departments (similar to Democrats’ calls to hold back U.S. aid from Israel).

It was insane that Floyd’s funeral was elevated to a nationally televised event portraying him as a hero despite his long history of criminality, violence, and drug abuse, but the naming of a public venue across the street from the White House in honor of a violent social justice movement is beyond reproach. It is despicable, irresponsible, and yes, hateful. It is hateful to the business owners whose livelihoods have been destroyed. It is hateful to those Americans who have suffered physical abuse and loss of life at the hands of the violent BLM members. It is hateful to every single Jewish American who is targeted by this group even if they’re too ignorant to realize it.  And it is hateful to the memory of all black Americans including MLK who have and continue to peacefully fight for equality, peace, and civil rights of all Americans.

To be clear, I am not calling every member of BLM a terrorist any more than I would call every Arab citizen in Israel a terrorist. And some people are trying to distinguish between the openly violent terrorist group, Antifa, with the BLM movement, which at this point is a distinction without a difference. When you watch the videos from the past week, it is clear that these two groups have become indistinguishable and that BLM is an extremist group that promotes violence, hate, and anti-Semitism.

What we’re watching take hold in our nation is domestic terrorism pure and simple – and it is working. White people are cowering in fear. And even when they openly support the BLM movement, they still get rocks thrown at them – and yet they still ridiculously scream, “We’re on your side. We’re on your side!”  Anyone who dares to speak the truth, whether Drew Brees or Donald Trump, is insanely labeled a racist. And the nation is now in a frenzy where social media pressure governs narratives that rise to the level of blood libels while sanity and reason no longer have a place.

The Twitter fan who tweets under the name of the brilliant economist Thomas Sowell, a black man, and one of America’s leading thinkers of the 20th and 21stcenturies, recently tweeted:

Politically, there are few ideas more potent than the notion that all your problems are caused by other people and their unfairness to you. That notion was the royal road to unbridled power for Hitler, Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot – which is to say, millions of human beings paid with their lives for believing it.

We are at a point in our country’s history where we can decide to move forward with civility and law and order, or we can become just like the Palestinians who not only elevate terrorism, but who justify their people’s violence and hate under the guise of blaming others for their woes with false narratives and lies fed to a willing public too ignorant to know any better. Decision time is approaching and the results of the November elections are looking more and more dire every day. I’m voting for this guy.

[i] Thanks to AT’s Richard Baehr for sharing this compilation of videos:

Man stomped and stoned for trying to defend a bar from being looted

Destroying store and beating unarmed woman and her husband

Beating and stomping guy on the ground Santa Monica

Restaurant manager beaten and stomped for trying to defend his workplace

Stopping, beating and stomping a truck driver while protesters yell to kill him

Protesters attack a media member and then pummel him

Chasing guy and kicking him in the face for defending flag in Portland

Police officer beaten on the streets

Car runs over a cop

Protesters set homeless man’s belongings on fire

Throwing fireworks at the cops

Looting a FedEx truck then looter gets dragged when truck tries to escape

Chasing and beating guy with red had

Rioter sets himself on fire while trying to set a building on fire

Fireworks thrown into CNN hq / Police officers

Protester runs over the cops with an SUV

Destroying/looting/setting on fire Old Navy

Guardhouse in front of WH set on fire

Dozens of cars destroyed/torched near CNN hq – Atlanta

St Louis neighborhood on fire

Building on fire while self-proclaimed Mexicans say fuck white people

Destroying police SUV

Near a torched car audio speakers propaganda that all crime is legal

Destroying/looting bank in Montreal

Pharmacy destroyed/looted in Dallas

The remains of whole neighborhood destroyed

Destroying stores – Dallas

Destroying police SUV – Austin

Police SUV torched LA

Looting target/beating disabled person in Minneapolis

Future apartment building destroyed with fire in Minneapolis

Looting pharmacy – Minneapolis

Destroying business in Minneapolis

More businesses on fire in Minneapolis

Ransacked Target Minneapolis

Building burning in neighborhood Minneapolis

Boy drove car into a store

Post office looted/destroyed

Minneapolis third police precinct set on fire

More buildings on fire Minneapolis

Autoparts Store getting destroyed/looted

Autozone on fire

Looting in Minneapolis

Adults loot with their children

Cars torched – Minneapolis

Looting an ATM in Minneapolis

Remains of destroyed/looted Cub Foods

Business and stores on fire in Minneapolis

Brenda Lenton’s home and belongings destroyed by a fire – Minneapolis

Aftermath of whole neighborhood being set on fire in Minneapolis

Nashville city hall set on fire while rioters cheer

Fox reporters chased out with projectiles thrown at them near White House

Attacking drivers Tulsa, Okla

Setting St. John’s Church on fire

Destroying/looting stores Montreal

Destroying/looting store in Downtown Oakland

Bar destroyed/Trying to loot a safe

Stolen Bulldozer in Oakland

Two police SUVs torched in Seattle

Multiple cars torched in Philadelphia

Ohio Statehouse being destroyed

Trying to breach Justice Center/central police precinct Portland

Destroying/Looting Justice Center Portland

Looting small business in Portland

Destroying/looting small business Portland

Looting Louis Vuitton store

Driving stolen cars into stores – Portland

Destroying Chase Bank – Portland

Setting Chase Bank on fire – Portland

Destroying/Looting Apple Store – Portland

Looting in St. Paul

Looting Shoe Store

Looting apple store

Looting North Face store – NYC

Nike Store being looted – NYC

Looting in Union Square – NYC

Looting T-mobile store

Shop owner saves store from looters with a firearm

Business owner defends his store from looters with a firearm

Image credit: PxFuel public domain

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