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Open letter to US Catholics and Washington Archbishop

Dear US Catholics,

we are writing to you and we are aware that among you are those who in the past came from us, from Europe, to America. About 100 years ago, our relatives came there too and now their descendants live there. For this and other reasons, Americans are not indifferent to us. We remember you in our prayers, especially in more than one hour’s prayer for the spiritual resurrection of the United States according to the prophetic words of Ezekiel 37 which we have already prayed for five years ( As monks and bishops, we have at heart above all the salvation of your immortal souls.

In these days of quarantine and coronapsychosis, riots have been artificially provoked against your President, even though he has taken bold steps to save Christianity and human society. The Archbishop of Washington, Wilton D. Gregory, shocks not only us with his incomprehensible and brazen reaction. He thus takes the side of anti-Christian elites who seek to destroy Christianity and humanity. Unfortunately, by this attitude of his he is in unity with the invalid Pope Francis Bergoglio. The positions of both of these church leaders are in total opposition to God’s interests. Both grossly abuse their authority and obedience of Catholics towards self-destruction of the Church and apostasy from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Why did Francis Bergoglio influence public opinion before the 2016 presidential election by defaming the current President and thus consciously promoting a person who favors the privileging of sodomy, child stealing, immorality, satanism, chipping and reduction, i.e. the genocide of humanity?

Francis Bergoglio defames the President who on the day he took office repealed the gender tendency of American politics and later the Obamacare law (chipping). He pursues a policy of comprehensive protection of life and advocates persecuted Christians. Thanks to him, the compulsory vaccination has been abolished. Among other things, according to experts, he has thus saved several million Americans from death. In these hard times, he has stood up for the reopening of churches. For all this, he should receive recognition from the highest Christian authorities.

Nevertheless, a coup has been staged against him with the moral support of two Judases – pseudo Pope Bergoglio and Washington Archbishop. The whole coup is a farce based on a scenario of color revolutions. When the President justly tries to suppress the coup to protect the American nation, they exploit it to slander him. However, the mainstream mass media and the Judases among the prelates conceal the fact that the behind-the-scenes initiators of the coup pursue the genocide of six billion people and humanity crimes.

The pseudo Pope with treacherous prelates lead you to hell. They rob you of your true faith without which no one will be saved! These prelates, such as Washington DC Gregory, who are united with the apostate Pope, oppose not only Christ and His teachings, but even the President who protects the moral principles which America was built on.

Dear Catholics, you are obliged to obey God, and if someone, even if it is a Pope, opposes God, the Gospel and the commandments of Jesus Christ, you must no longer obey him as he is an apostate. If you submit to him, God’s curse which is upon him falls on you as well.

Whoever now appeals to the authority of the Pachamama demon worshiper has betrayed Christ and is an apostate. One must know that Bergoglio is not a valid Pope. He is neither the successor of the Apostle Peter nor the Vicar of Christ on earth.page1image64021888page1image64027648page1image64022464

As for Archbishop Gregory and other like-minded prelates who have betrayed Christ and preach a false gospel which brings down a curse (Gal 1:8), it is necessary to separate from them, not to submit to them, and to have nothing to do with them as heretics, as the Apostle John urges us: “It is the last hour … many antichrists have come… They went out from us, but they were not of us…” (1Jn 2:18-19) “Therefore come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord.” (2Cor 6:17)

Dear Catholics, call on the treacherous prelates in personal letters or, if need be, through demonstrations to publicly repent, to profess the orthodox faith of the Church and to separate themselves from the false Pope, the worshiper of the Pachamama demon. If they refuse to repent, they must leave office and be replaced by orthodox and moral bishops who will lead you to salvation and not to eternal destruction.

Bergoglio kisses the feet of transsexuals and approves of this perversion. He promotes sodomy, invites homosexuals and transsexuals to the Vatican, pays for their journeys and devotes a lot of time to them. He promotes sexual education for children, which, as you know, is the most serious crime against children because it is based on the UN Kinsey programs which mean the systematic demoralization of children and their mental devastation. In Ireland, Bergoglio urged parents not to prevent children manipulated by sexual education from choosing their orientation and becoming homosexuals or transsexuals. He also systematically organizes the Islamization of the Christian world. He attacks politicians who protect the Christian integrity of Italy and other European nations. He promotes paganism, thereby breaking God’s first commandment. He leads the Church to autogenocide. In 2018, at the request of American bishops, he was to deal with homosexual and pedophile crimes and thus put an end to this epidemic, but he hypocritically maneuvered promising to deal with it globally, and in fact he did the exact opposite. In addition, he supported sodomy with official church documents. He introduces satanic rituals into the liturgy (see Amazon Synod documents). He committed public idolatry in the Vatican Gardens and enthroned the Pachamama demon in the Basilica of St. Peter. These are the most serious crimes against Christ, against the Gospel and against the saving faith. For this reason, he incurs the most severe punishment – expulsion from the Church – and holds the papal office unlawfully. How is it possible that US bishops are unable to unite, radically oppose these crimes of an apostate, and defend Christ and the Church!? If he refuses to accept the admonition, they are obliged in their conscience to separate themselves from this spiritual murderer and criminal against humanity. The US bishops are faced with this duty. The President will certainly not impose any sanctions on them for trying to purify the Church. If EU bishops wanted to take this step, they would be severely persecuted.

Here is also your task, dear believers: Write letters persistently and tirelessly, submit petitions against treacherous bishops who are in unity with the apostate Bergoglio. If you are passive, he will expel or paralyze the very last orthodox Catholic bishops and appoint villains and criminals in their place. The curse which is on them will then be passed on to you, to the whole of the United States and to the whole Church. Threatening people that it will cause a schism and therefore all Catholics must remain under the rule of Judases in the Church who have stood against God and the Gospel just to keep them in obedience to the apostate Pope is a sick view and blasphemy against God and the truth. If apostates want to worship the Pachamama demon instead of the true Savior and to promote sodomy, immorality and introduce anti- sacraments instead of the Ten Commandments, as it is done by Bergoglio and the German heretics, let them separate themselves. It will not be a schism but necessary purification of the Church of Christ. It is a crime to remain on the way to hell under the banner of false unity. God wants to purify the Church but He needs bold men and women of faith who will stand up for God and God’s laws even at the cost of being persecuted by Judases or other traitors of Christ. Therefore, we call on one of them in particular – Archbishop Gregory who supports sodomy – to show public repentance, renounce heresies and subordination to the Pachamama worshiper, and to publicly apologize to the President. If he is unable to take these steps, let US priests and believers publicly condemn him as a traitor of Christ and the Church and force him to leave office. May this set a precedent for the purification of the entire US Church. What penance or punishments were imposed on the Church hierarchs for the crimes of abuse of seminarians and for pedophilia? None but shame, $ 2 billion and a worldwide scandal. Bergoglio did not allow just punishments or correction, whereby he de facto approved those crimes. That is why contamination of the Church progresses and grows in strength. Now, under the guise of a new anti- COVID-19 drug, Bergoglio promotes vaccination, de facto chipping. This is a crime against God and against humanity.

With a bleeding heart, we encourage you, American bishops, priests and believers to work towards the spiritual restoration of the Church in the United States. If you do so, it will have a positive impact not only on the American people, but on the Church as a whole. Make a promise to God to devote one hour daily to prayer and to keep the fast on Wednesdays and Fridays without food until supper. This kind of demons which now occupies the Church cannot go out, as Jesus says, except by prayer and fasting (Mt 17:21).

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr Secretary Bishops

June 8, 2020

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. P. O'Brien says:

    Kate, I was clarifying the status of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which was not clear from the letter it sent. Bergoglio? An antipope. But I have no interest in becoming Orthodox. And I don’t think the Byz. Cath. Pat. considers itself to be Orthodox.

  2. Kate R. says:

    Clear, spiritual direction, finally, comes from Abp. Vigano and now the Patriarchate, whom I need to learn more about. Our God is providing us help.

  3. Kate R. says:

    P.O’Brien, I’m not in unity with Rome! As faithful Catholics, we cannot be in union with devils.
    I appreciate so much what is said here. Sign me up, is this Orthodox? I’m in if so.

  4. jorgecerra says:

    Although I am a European Catholic, thank you + Elijah Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate + Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr Secretary Bishops.
    Somebody in Christ had to tell those truths. Carlo Mª Viganò’s and Elijah’s voices are reminders, perhaps only shadowy proto-figures, of the two testimonies.

  5. P. O'Brien says:

    But the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, however much of what they say is apt and true, are not in union with Rome. These are not the Eastern Catholic Uniates.

  6. Maureen OBrien says:

    Wow!! From the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate!

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