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Hi everyone

There was a problem with script layout on Bishop Gracida’s posting of my recent email titled Antonio Socci on That Angelus Address Pullback

Half way across the column, the script cut out.

Bishop Gracida has corrected that so that it can now be easily read.

He has posted it under a new title:- THE MYSTERY OF THE SUNDAY ANGELUS TALK BY Jorge Bergolio

 Here is the link:-
Further to that, please find below the link to a YouTube interview of Bishop Gracida with Michael Voris of Church Militant which was conducted in April, 2016.

In this interview Bishop Gracida states forcefully & compellingly that Catholic laity need to publicly call out heresy when it preached from the pulpit, and that it makes no sense to suffer in silence in the face of this type of teaching coming from the clergy……..a powerful piece of footage if ever I saw one!!!

My ensuing  thought on this, is that we the laity, need to stand up against false teaching whether the announcer of it is Priest….Bishop….. Archbishop….. Cardinal…..or Bergoglio.

Here goes with this riveting interview.

 The Vortex—Laity, Rise Up!  ………….

God Bless & stay close to the Lord & His Holy Mother every day.

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