Words of MaryAugust 16, 2020

“As I lived in God, I rest in God.

As my Son dwelled in me, I dwell in Him.

Words cannot describe the things of the Spirit,Or the work of the Father and the Son,For how can it be explained that the Spirit came upon me,And I bore the Son of God, Or that at the end of my earthly life,I was delivered into the arms of my Son,And yet these things are so.

I was born a vessel of the Lord.His mark was upon my soul,And therefore no evil could enter.

 I lived as a vessel of the Lord,And therefore the Son of God was placed within my womb.

And after my earthly life, would the Lord have allowed a vessel of His,To be crushed and broken underfoot?

When my Son died on the cross,He gave this vessel into the keeping of His beloved disciple,And when it was time for my earthly life to end,This disciple gave this vessel back into the keeping of my Son.And I was given a place of honor where all might look upon me,And say, “Behold this vessel of the Lord.”

For to the angel I had said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, Be it done unto me according to thy word.”

And so after my time on earth was completed,And I was placed in the arms of my Son,The angel said to my Son, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord.All has been done in accordance with Thy Word.” 

As I lived in God on earth, I rest in God in heaven.As my Son dwelled in me, I dwell in Him.But always when the children He has given me need my help,I say unto my Son, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord,”And I am sent unto them.

Children, behold this vessel of the Lord,For I am your Mother,And when you honor me,You have honored my Son.”


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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