By E.P. Unum

October 5, 2020

Here is one more reason to cast your vote for Donald Trump as President for four more years….and this reason is one of the most significant among many others.

The IMF (International Money Fund) is warning that “ economies”will contract by $455 billion+ next year due to the ongoing trade conflict between the U.S., China, the EU and to a lesser extent, Japan. I find this news refreshing. If you think I am smoking something or have lost perspective, read on…..

President Trump will cost the “Global Economy” $455 billion…. because that money will be transferring back to the America First economy. That’s what happens as MAGAnomics reverses the IMF trade (wealth distribution) model.

It is important to note that China and the EU have devalued their currency in an effort to block the impacts from President Trump and the ‘America First’ trade policy. Because those currencies are pegged against the dollar, the resulting effect is a rising dollar value. In essence, the globalist IMF is now blaming President Trump for having a strong economy that forces international competition to devalue their currency. But that is really sour grapes on the part of these nations.

In the bigger picture is why President Trump is the most transformative economic President in the last 75 years. The post-WWII Marshall Plan was set up to allow Europe and Asia to place tariffs on exported American industrial products so that those nations could recover and rebuild their economies from the devastation of WW II. That was seventy five years ago.

Those tariffs were used by the EU and Japan to rebuild their infrastructure, trade with nations and feed their populations…to recover after a devastating war. However, and here’s the kicker.. There was never a built in mechanism to end the tariffs….. Those nations, Europe, Asia all continued to charge American made products tariffs and we let them..for seventy five years. I’ll bet college history and economics professors haven’t been teaching that to their classes. 

All of this continued….that is until President Trump came along and said: “it’s over”! It is also one of the reasons why he is despised so much by ignorant politicians, “never Trumpers”, and others…..his actions embarrass them.

After about 20 years (+/-), say 1970 to be fair, the EU and Japan received enough money to rebuild. …But instead of ending the one-way payment system, Asia and the EU sought to keep going and build their economies at the expense of the U.S. Additionally, the U.S. was carrying the cost of protecting the EU (via NATO) and Japan with our military. The EU and Japan didn’t need to spend a dime on defense because the U.S. essentially took over that role. But that military role, just like the tariffs, never ended. ….

Again, until Trump. Germany received the benefit of U.S Protection against Soviet intrusion and invasion and their thanks to the U.S. was to sign on with Russia to purchase natural gas from them, a big middle finger to the U.S. and President Trump for taking them off the dole borne by U.S. taxpayers and foolish politicians.

The U.S. economy was the host for around 50 years of parasitic wealth exfiltration, or as most would say “distribution”. The term *exfiltration* is a better term because it highlights that American citizens paid higher prices for stuff, and paid higher taxes within the overall economic scheme, than was necessary.

President Trump is the first and only president who said: “ENOUGH”, and prior politicians who didn’t stop the process were just plain ignorant or simply refused to put America First. Trump did, and we are better for it. Now, the New World Order Elite are beside themselves with envy for being painted as foolish and content with the status quo.

For the past 50 years the U.S. was a sucker to keep letting the process remain in place while we lost our manufacturing base to overseas incentives. The investment process from Wall Street (removal of Glass-Stegal) only made the process much more severe and faster. Wall Street was now investing in companies whose best bet (higher profit return) was to pour money overseas. This process created the “Rust Belt”, and damn near destroyed the aggregate manufacturing industry. You remember President Obama, one of the champions of the New World Order Group exclaiming “manufacturing jobs are dead, they are not coming back”. But Trump brought them back…and they are still coming back.

Unfortunately, putting ‘America First’ is now also against the interests of the multinationals on Wall Street; so President Trump has to fight adverse economic opponents on multiple fronts…. and their purchased mercenary army we know as DC politicians.

No-one, ever, could take on all these interests. Think about it… The EU, Asia, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization, China, Russia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Iran, U.S. Congress, Democrats, U.S. Senate, Wall Street, the Big Club, Lobbyists, Hollywood, Corporate Media (foreign and domestic), and the ankle-biters in Never Trump, and COVID-19…. All of these financial interests are aligned against Main Street USA and against President Trump.

Name one individual who could take them on simultaneously and still be winning. Probably the only person in America – Donald Trump.
They say he is crass. They say he is not Presidential. They say he is a bully. They say he’s one man. They say they have him outnumbered. Yet somehow, as unreal as it seems, he’s the one who puts the interests of America first….always. You will never see any of this published by the mainstream media nor will you hear the talking heads on TV, Fox included speak on this subject. The reason is simply they are not smart enough to zero in on it and because their sense of history is appalling. And that in and of itself is perhaps the sadist thing to come to grips with and realize. But thank God Trump is at the helm putting America first.

Ask yourself this one question: Do you really think Joe Biden or Kamala Harris could do what Trump has done? Do you even think they have thought about this issue because if they have they have certainly kept it a secret for the 47 years Biden has been in government.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”~Abraham Lincoln

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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