St Nathaniel

Oct 10, 2020

“The brotherhood of man can only be understood in light of the Fatherhood of God.

For what else can make all man brothers?

And if God is absent in the explanation, then the brotherhood of man breaks down,

For unless your Father is my Father, how then are we brothers? 

Nature cannot make us brothers for it has no progeny, and neither can love alone,

For it is a product, not a source. 

Show me the begetter of love, and if He is the Father of us both, 

Then indeed we are brothers.

But if you call me brother, and you recognize not Christ, 

Then I must kindly disagree,

Because it is Christ that is the source of the fountain from which I drink, 

And I have not brothers who drink from other sources. 

But do I acknowledge those others who, although not brothers, are loved by my Father?

Indeed I do, and I love them because my Father loves them. 

But admonish me not to embrace them as brothers and to accept what they offer, and so dilute the truth my Father has given,

For have I not then abandoned them and shut the door for their potential adoption by my Father?

Although he is not now my brother, I wish that he might be,
And therefore I will not speak to him of a false brotherhood, when he knows not my Father. 

But oh I will tell him of this Father that I have, and tell him to come and see, 
That he may thirst no more.

And then we may truly be brothers, for we will then have the same Father,
And we will together drink from the same source, and thirst no more.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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