Words of Christ

October 13, 2020

“I have called you by name, but you have not answered for your faces were turned towards the earth, and you missed therefore My sign in the sky.  I will not continue to grant mercy to My people who have thrown mercy in My face by bowing before idols and dishonoring My Mother.  I am merciful, but I am just, and the transgressions of My people call out for justice. 

Oh how I have longed for you, but alas you have not longed for Me.  You have desecrated My holy places, and have trespassed My laws, and have rejected My everlasting care.  You have proclaimed yourselves as the makers of laws and as the deciders of the sanctity and dignity of life.  But I have written My laws upon your hearts, and therefore you stand not blameless before Me. 

The Rock of My Church is covered with moss and has sought a more comfortable chair, while another entertains among serpents and draws attention to his own words which are bathed in error.  I have sent My Mother again and again for she is your Mother, too, and she has admonished you to walk in righteousness, but you have heeded not her words. 

The gifts that I have given you have been thrown into the dirt, and you have sought gifts instead from those things that have no soul, and therefore your hands are empty.  You have cast My Mother aside and have taken instead a Mother who has no children, and is therefore no Mother at all.  You have dishonored Me for you have dishonored My Mother who was bathed in goodness and love so that I might find a place on earth to dwell.  She is all things human, and I am all things divine, and in her womb I traded not my divinity for humanity but rather merged the two so that mankind could transcend the earth and rest in heaven. 

Oh I have moved the universe and have commanded the wind and the sea, and I have brightened your days and your nights with the sun and the moon and have decorated the tapestry of the night with the stars.  But you have not seen My hand in creation and have instead seen creation alone and have believed that creation was in the hands of men.  Do you not know that with a word I can cause the stars to fall, and with a sigh I can unbridle the winds so that nothing can stand?  Do you not know that with a glance I can unseat the seas, and with a movement of My hand I can split the earth in two? 

Oh the foolishness of men, for I have loved you and have called you unto Myself, but you have turned away and have danced among the vipers who have crawled forth from the rocks.  But alas, you will soon lift your eyes from the earth for there will be no help found on the ground, and you will scan the heavens for a glimpse of My face.  And yet I am always among you, but you have seen Me not. 

Oh how I have longed for you, but alas you have not longed for Me.  I am there upon the altar, and I wait for you to join Me there, but you flee and seek refuge among the things of the world.  But justice comes swiftly, and there will be no place to hide upon the earth.  For you have forsaken the One who has loved you best and who has shed His blood that you might be saved.  And you will cry for your Mother, but you will look to images of wood and clay, and they see and hear not so your cries will not be answered.  But oh there is one who hears your cries and who would wrap her mantle around you and keep you safe, for she is My Mother, and I have given her unto you. 

Oh I have called you by name, but you have not answered.  And now moves the hand of God, and you will be brought low.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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