Bishops Once Again Refuse to
Admonish Pro-Abortion Joe Biden,
Opt for a “Dialogue Committee” Instead 

Just when you thought our sheepish shepherds couldn’t go any lower…they prove once again just how destructive their lukewarm behavior is to the Body of Christ.
First, it was the newly-minted Cardinal Wilton Gregory who stated he was not going to change the current policy, disregarding Canon 915 – which is a grave sacrilege – and allowing pro-abortion Joe Biden to continue to receive Communion!!
Now it’s not contained to just one lazy bishop, it’s the entire USCCB!!
Led by Detroit Archbishop Vigneron, the USCCB has formed a committee with the goal of “interacting” with Joe Biden and his team specifically about abortion.
How can one “interact” with a person who, while claiming to be a “faithful” Catholic for all his public life, has shamelessly promoted the evil of killing innocent children in the womb?!
The answer is simple – YOU CAN’T!
Christ called sinners to repentance not to “dialogue and interaction!!”
Once again, we are being led astray by the weak-kneed Church leadership that has done little to stop abortion — much less call out the “Catholic” hypocrites like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and their ilk.
 Faithful Catholics must make their voices heard – TODAY
Remember, Christ tells us we are obliged to admonish our brothers and speak the truth when they err – or else we’re responsible for the sin as well.
I am calling on all faithful Catholics to pick up the phone, write a letter or email, get on the diocesan websites or social media to let these lukewarm Church leaders know they are not only encouraging evil but promoting public scandal by not calling public figures like Joe Biden into account and repentance.
Here is the contact information for Archbishop Vigneron:
12 State Street
Detroit, MI 48226-1823
Phone: 313-237-5800
E-mail: infodesk@aod.org
As always, be respectful in your communications but don’t be afraid to remind them of their responsibilities to lead all from their sinful ways – especially public sinners like Joe Biden.
Help us get the word out to all our fellow Catholics by forwarding this email to everyone on your contact list, share it on Facebook, social media, anywhere you communicate with your fellow Catholics.
And, if you can, please help this effort financially as we are pulling out all the stops to reach as many Catholics as possible with this important message. Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $500 will go a long way towards making sure the word is spread far and wide about this outrage. 
I am calling all faithful Catholics to righteous action!!
Our feckless Church leaders need to hear from us now, let them know we will not stand for “de-crowning Christ” as the faithful Archbishop Vigano correctly calls these actions.
As always, pray for us as I pray for you.

Yours in the LORD Who IS Life!
Judie Brown
American Life League

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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