By Hal Morris

Now that the Democrat/Socialists have seemingly gained a Presidential victory, pending court challenges, they have announced the immediate start of executive orders’ cancellations put in effect by the Trump Administration. Well, Barack Obama once said, “Elections have consequences.” Under Obama, consequences meant that now we can punish our opposition and prevent their future participation in governance while preventing Trump supporters from being gainfully employed. 
So before I write anything else, let me state, I’m a frustrated conservative loser. I’m reliving the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird, but I’m not Atticus Finch, the lawyer; no. I sit here in the defendant’s chair like Tom Robinson, the black defendant, facing a fixed increasingly socialist society against me and conservatives at large. Who will become my Atticus Finch to help free me from the nightmare of living in a growing swamp of Democratic/Socialists, committed to destroying moderation in their party and throughout this wonderful country. Then I realize it’s got to be me!
I ask myself what happened to the voters in this country who admit to hating a man so much that they can abandon conservative and moderate views while being blinded by the many positive things he has accomplished for this nation’s integrity, the nation that I love so much? How can independent voters, Never Trump Republicans like Mitt Romney join forces with radical left socialist voters? Hate! Then I remember a song from a wonderful Rogers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific, “You’ve Got To Be Taught To Hate,” and hate they have been taught.
Who are the teachers of hate? Easy to recognize the teaching role the print and television news played over the past 3 1/2 years. Never before have we witnessed such a corrupt display of propaganda put forth each day, starting with Trump’s presidential candidacy. The biased, crooked, slanted, and detrimental information the print and TV media throw out every day. Yes, the media are the Democratic/ Socialist party’s public relations arm, experts, and professionals who collaborated with a corrupt Democratic Socialist Party to teach hate, spread lies, fabricate stories, and spread disinformation to an unsuspecting public. A press that is sadly no longer free and unbiased. A press that doesn’t investigate corruption but covers up corruption to protect its political leanings. 
Antonino Gramsci, the founding father of modern Marxism, believed, “…the overthrow of the existing social order will be achieved by gradually infiltrating and controlling the culture creating institutions of society.” 
The infiltration of our colleges led to the infiltration of our news media. Thus the staffing of newspapers, television news reporters become soldiers in the steady movement towards a socialist/ communist government and economy. An essential ingredient for an autocracy is the control of information. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Chavez, and Castro have successfully demonstrated the value of media control.
I realize that the true legacy of Barack Obama isn’t his Obamacare Health Program. It’s the corrupt sense of values that turned our established non-partisan State Department, Intelligence Services, and our impeccably clean FBI into corrupt political organizations worthy of any authoritarian government that exists. It seems that Obama’s time working as a Chicago community organizer, learning the Alinsky method supporting the likes of Bill Ayers, Valerie Jarrett, Bernadette Doren, and the rest of the corrupt Chicago political machine was well spent.
The Obama administration corrupted the supposedly independent departments that should have honestly exposed the illegal surveillance of American citizens. Simultaneously, it utilized the FBI and Intelligence services’ mechanisms to collude with the Democrat/ Socialists in a political campaign during the 2016 election. The same administration that nurtured and deepened the “Deep State.” The Obama administration planned covert operations with the heads of the intelligence services, the FBI, and the CIA. Under a Biden administration, it will happen again.
The term “Noble Cause Corruption” is defined by committing a crime one justifies as necessary to punish or destroy someone you assess as a bad person. No trial is necessary, no cross-examination, no defense, no notice, and no one knows when done covertly. The Obama Mafia is very good at “Noble Cause Corruption.” The Biden’s are fantastic at utilizing the action known as “Plausible Deniability.” That’s when you commit a felony and disguise it so well that you can look anyone in the eye and deny it.
President Trump could not break the hold of former Obama Administration cabinet officials and department heads who are members of high standing in the “Deep State” and “Washington Swamp.” All you have to accomplish to hold your position is a design a scenario and encourage a covert pattern of misinformation and distortions to hid illegal criminal activities. Use the rationale, “Noble Cause Corruption,” because you know what is best for the country and protect its deep state. When the deep state is protected by the press and collaborates with the political party running for office, you have a formidable foe.
We are still awaiting meaningful indictments to be brought against Jim Comey, disgraced former head of the FBI, for lying under oath. Approving illegal searches and leaking information to the press became an art under Comey and Brennan. No indictments have been brought against Jim Brennan, former head of intelligence services, for planning conspiracy and illegal indictments. Despite written records of covert activities by members of the justice department and the FBI, no indictments have been brought and no dismissals. 
So once again, as I sit in the defendant’s chair like good ole Tom Robinson, from To Kill a Mockingbird, or in a southern jail like the Scottsboro Boys, or in a coffin, like Emmett Till. The frustration one must feel as the realization comes alive that the system is fixed against moderation and conservatism. Once again, I feel immobilized and not in control. What can be done to combat the horror of a biased press?
How can we, as a country to revert to a system where there is a free, unbiased press committed, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth., as envisioned by our founding fathers?
The founding fathers fought among themselves and then compromised to create a lasting constitution with checks and balances. They depended upon individual freedom and the ability to support exchanging differing ideas, removing the shackles of censorship and omission. We, the people, have failed to protect our liberties. By design, they limited the power and control of a despotic central government, and today we are on the verge of electing such centralized control.
We are to blame for letting this happen right under our noses. For the last 120 years, this country has been involved in a slow, steady infiltration of radical socialism. The question remains, are we too far-gone to reverse this Socialist/Communist advance? Perhaps not, if we can recognize that our opposition party will do anything to win and continue advancing their radical causes.
True republicans and conservatives have to hold the gains we’ve made in state elections and local governments. We must start now to regain a greater majority in the Senate and House. 
Whenever we can, we must hurt the advertising dollars placed in liberal N Y Times, Washington Post, and viewer ratings of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and NBC. We must boycott the liberal social media platforms and send a message to their owners whenever we can. We must support the few conservative outlets that exist and prepare for 2022. 
It has to be done.

Rip McIntosh

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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