TERMITESAuthor unknown
Termite (infraorder Isopteran): any group of cellulose eating insects, the social system of which shows remarkable parallels with the highly organized and integrated colonies of ants and bees. 
Phylogenic studies have shown the closest relative to the termite is the cockroach.
Termites are mostly subterranean. They work in the dark and never cease. They gnaw away 24/7 without stopping, making no noticeable noise while causing great damage and weakening the structure on which they feed. They are mindlessly relentless. Being insects, they have no ethics, no morals; just an insatiable destructive appetite.
Sadly, termite is a metaphor for the Leftist progressive/socialist politicians.
For decades, the progressive Left has been infiltrating our schools, universities, local school boards, and city, county, and state governments. And, of course, the federal government. 
Even our religious institutions have been divided and burdened with the gospel of political correctness. Sadly, the progressive Left now controls most of the mainstream media.
The progressive Left has worked constantly and consistently to weaken our constitution, our legal system, and the integrity of our political processes. 
Today they proclaim that only they – the elite – know what is good and best for the general public. They will tell us what we need to know and give us what they think we need.
This is detrimental to the foundation on which this nation was built. 
This does not give everyone the opportunity to create their own destiny using their God-given talents to rise to the level of their endeavor. 
This denies each man and woman the freedom and opportunities to be all their Creator intended for them to be.
When their leaders told us the USA is no longer a Christian nation and we don’t need God because we have the elite, progressive Left, there was no thundering outcry from the Church.
America has lost its Moral Compass.
>        It is past time to Reclaim America for God.>        It is past time to Rescue the American Dream.>        It is past time for the non-elite, the majority of the Christian and Jewish men and women of this country, to engage in the governance of this nation.>        It is past time to get engaged on city councils, school boards, state legislatures, and of course the U.S. Congress.>        It is past time for the people of God to bring Judeo-Christian. ethics back into each and every decision making office.
>        It is past time for each elected official at every level to see themselves first as a servant of God and second as a servant of the people.>        It is past time for our elected officials to view their positions as temporary responsibilities, rather than as lucrative careers from which to get wealthy and retire.>        It is past time for the religious institutions of the country to encourage and exhort their congregations to get involved, not just vote, but get involved, pay attention and look for ways to Reclaim America for God and rescue the American Dream.
Our decades of national apathy and comfort have allowed the termites to seriously weaken the moral, legal, and political structure of this country. 
It is time to repair and rebuild from the ground up with God’s guidance.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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