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Words of Christ

December 20, 2020

“Though no men seek Me, Still I come.

Though no men look up to the star,

Though no men walk down the dusty streets of Bethlehem,

Though no men kneel around my manger,

Still I come.

The coming days will bring such darkness,

And men will see not the light of the star,

And hear not the song of the angels,

For men have forgotten the One they seek.

But when your heart is broken,

And when you feel alone and lost,

And you find the doors of My sanctuary locked,

And guards at the gate,

Do not despair.

For if you will go out into the darkness,

And if you will but roam the dusty streets,

And listen in the midst of the silent, shuttered night,

The angel’s song will reach your ears,

Incongruous on such a night,

And not heard by most.

But do not turn back,

Although you are met by men who attempt to send you home.

For still I come.

Oh the days that come will be dark,

And much tragedy will unfold,

And men will offer the comforts of the world,

If you will but halt your search,

And take what is offered.

But do not halt your search,

For still I come.

And when your heart is breaking,

And they turn you away from my sanctuary,

Go out into the streets of Bethlehem,

And listen as you walk.

And soon you will hear a sound on the breeze,

That can only be made by angels.

And if you will follow that sound,

You will come upon a manger,

And there you will find Me.

For even if no man seek Me,

Still I come.”


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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