Why Sidney Powell’s case before the SCOTUS is a gamechangerEverything up until now has been like the pre-game warmups for the judiciary. Now, it’s game time as Sidney Powell’s case heads to the Supreme Court.
by: JD RuckerNOQ Report  December 17, 2020

A week before Christmas, many Trump supporters have resigned themselves to the notion that this is their last holiday with a duly elected president in the Oval Office. Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to win, they think because everyone from mainstream media to Big Tech has said it will be so. Even many in conservative media have thrown in the towel.
What the left and some on the right don’t want you to know is there’s still time to make things right. The Supreme Court verified that today by docketing attorney Sidney Powell’s case on voter fraud in Michigan.They do not take cases that have no potential of making a difference.
Now, some will say that since the previous Obama-appointed judge who heard the case dismissed it with insults and vitriol, the case is already dead in the water. That’s the narrative you’ll hear from nearly everyone. After all, the Supreme Court wouldn’t even hear a case from the state of Texas. Why would they take a case seriously when a judge labeled it “an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation”?
The answer lies in what Powell, many pundits, and I have said is the most important information the Supreme Court needs to hear. As “CulturalHusbandry” noted on Twitter, the lawsuit has the forensic audit.
This is what Powell has affectionately referred to as “The Kraken.” The information found on the Dominion Voting Systems servers details clear evidence of massive voter fraud, the type that is capable of flipping an election if allowed to proceed unimpeded. This audit shines a bright spotlight on what every contested state in the nation (and technically every state, period) should be addressing in a hurry, namely the technological side of 2020 election fraud.
With this information before the Supreme Court, we have an opportunity to see how they will treat complex vote-count manipulation issues. Unlike other cases, this one does not dwell on suspicious changes to election protocols or constitutional challenges to COVID-19 lockdown prompts. It deals with hard evidence, and the Supreme Court is much more likely to address an issue of blatant voter-count tampering than whether or not mail-in ballots are fair.
Many have lost faith in the Supreme Court because they declined to hear the last two cases, but those cases had challenges from the start. As I detailed in episodes of the NOQ Report before those ruling came down, I had zero confidence in either of them yielding fruit. The Kraken, on the other hand, will challenge the Supreme Court to make a decision on merits. Sidney Powell’s case has unambiguous merits, particularly as it pertains to Dominion Voting Systems.
Some Trump supporters have little hope that the Supreme Court will act based on the last two cases. But Sidney Powell’s case is 100% different. Unlike the last two, this case has hard evidence of Dominion Voting Systems fraud. 

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