Major Pro-life Victory at SCOTUS!

Marjorie Dannenfelser10:03 AM (41 minutes ago)

A new day is dawning for the pro-life movement at the U.S. Supreme Court, thanks to you.
Yesterday in a 6-3 decision, the Court granted the Trump administration’s request to stop the distribution of dangerous abortion drugs by mail during the COVID-19 pandemic, reversing a nationwide injunction from a lower court – scroll down to read our response and more details at NPR.
You made this major pro-life victory possible. The abortion lobby has exploited the pandemic, seeking to roll back the FDA’s medical safety regulations and turn every post office and pharmacy into an abortion center. The current requirement that these drugs be picked up in person is a key safeguard against abuse by third parties, like disgruntled boyfriends or traffickers. It may be the only face-to-face interaction a woman has with a doctor prior to a chemical abortion.
This is exactly why we have worked so hard over the years to win a pro-life White House and Senate that would confirm strong judges.
It may be a temporary victory, given the threat of a hostile administration – but it is an encouraging sign for future pro-life cases at the Court.
We won’t let up for a second. Today our team is announcing a coalition effort to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in Floridaand save more than 900 children from late-term abortion each year. Our advance at the state level continues while we defend against efforts to destroy all that we have accomplished.
Your support is what allows us to do it all, and we are so grateful!

For LIFE, Marjorie

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