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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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4 Responses to A PRAYER

  1. Ana Milan says:

    Cardinal Burke promised us an imperfect council if Francis did not answer the Dubia but we are still left waiting. He also said that numbers didn’t matter only the Truth. Despite the laity cryng out from all sides for the the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be finally achieved it now seems that no-one in the prelature has the willpower to carry out the request Our Lady made over one hundred years ago. This is absolutely disgraceful. The St. Gallen Group Mafia is still alive & running the Vatican along with the many Masons & Marxist followers Francis appointed as Bishops & Cardinals of the Church. If he had not the authority to make these appointments they should be required to resign & Pope Benedict should be released from his imprisonment to perform the consecration & to call for a proper conclave formed by those loyal to him. In the meantime the CC is in the worst apostasy of its history with the Satanic Masonic sects & Marxists persecuting everyone who dares to oppose them while Francis still plays the dialogue card & wants us all to accept God’s enemies as brothers of Abraham by faith.

    Time is running out & we must demand of our prelates that they come together to investigate PBVI’s resignation in Latin to ascertain if he still holds the Office (Keys) of Pope & the election of Francis by one untracked vote. No more silence & no more fence-sitting. It is their duty to God & His faithful followers that this apostasy in the OHCA Church be brought to a hasty conclusion.

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  3. Nance Shaw says:

    So true. This is our daily cry.

  4. Susan Kruger says:


    I am constantly reminded or Our Lady’s words that when it looks as if all hope is lost, that is when we will experience the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.


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