TOO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tom Brady & Gronk
I don’t care about the NFL anymore and don’t watch it because of all the p.c. stupidity.
In addition, I never liked Tom Brady and his pretty boy ways.
I’m glad Tom and his team won. Not only did this geriatric football player make mincemeat of the opposition, a competitive feat that is extraordinary, he succeeded in making the Maskholes and the Racialists completely freak out.
That’s a trifecta that takes some doing. I’m a total fan, now! Well done, Tom. May your off-season vegetarian diet keep you playing until you’re 100. 
May you win every game you ever play in. May Gronk never retire and you two cause gnashing of teeth forever.
About the January 6th debacleI’ve already written about it, but I’d like to say something about the thousands of decent people in D.C. to hear the President speak and then voice their concerns on The Hill. It is not fair that these people, and the president, are smeared as insurrectionists. 
The vast majority of people were peaceful, had no idea violence was happening and were as stunned and horrified as anyone else about the Capitol being desecrated and police officers being attacked.
Also, it is possible to be totally against the violence, want the baddies rounded up, prosecuted and punted into jail AND to see that most people were decent.
Finally, why is so little known a month later? A police officer died but his cause of death hasn’t been released. The media is saying he was murdered, but no one is making that case yet.
How come some of the agitators weren’t included in the USA Today round-up and their images weren’t shown?
Why were the Capitol police so unprepared? Who planted the pipe bombs? What did the FBI know? And why didn’t federal agents, who HAD to be in the crowd, intervene? The secret service was with the president, for heck’s sake.
Too many questions. They need to be answered. 

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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