Words from Our Blessed Mother

March 6, 2021

“I have not allowed my children to be unknowing about what now comes.

I have come again and again, and I have said to them—

“Open your eyes, for a great evil walks throughout the world. 

Do not allow your garments to be tainted by that evil, 

And heed my words that you will not be caught unaware.”

But my children have heeded not my words.

My Son has poured great mercy upon the world,

For I have pleaded for mercy for my children.  

I have said to Him—

“They are children, and they will heed the voice of their Mother.”

But although I called to them again and again,

They heeded not my words.

They have made deals with the devil, that great serpent,

And their garments are stained with sin,

And they repent not of their wickedness.  

They have counted life as naught,

Placing their hands on the sacred work of God,

And declaring that they have the right to take away

What God has given.  

Oh, myriads of angels have wept at the sight of the discarded babies,

As they have gathered them in their arms and taken them to the Lord,

And each baby has silently testified to the Lord of the depravity of His people,

And His hand will not be stayed.  

Do you think it of little consequence

That your nation has thrown the plan of the Lord in His face?

Do you think He will overlook where your nation has now moved?

America, your fate is written across the broken and mangled bodies

Of every baby who has been pulled from the womb,

And the hand of the Lord moves, 

And it will not be stayed.  

How I have pleaded for you to listen to my words,

How I have invited you to take shelter in my mantle,

And to turn from evil,

But you have not.

The blood of the babies drips on every person in this nation,

And their cries drown out your petitions for help

Which you have directed unto the Lord.  

America, the day of reckoning is upon you,

And the hand of the Lord will not be stayed.  

Evil comes wearing the disguise of freedom,

Proclaiming that you must throw off the shackles of the past,

For this is a new day, and it requires new ways.

But my children, do you not see that the shackles you throw off

Are the laws of God that have kept you safe,

And without them you will perish?  

Oh my children,

You were warned that to tamper with life is to tamper with the plan of God,

And yet you heeded not those words.

There are those who will say—

“But Mother, we have done all we could to prevent these evil things.”

But when the ship sinks, all those on board will go down,

And it is not only those who participated in evil that will drown.

But guard your souls and not your physical life,

For spiritual lifeboats are in the water.

These lifeboats are the Sacraments the Lord has given unto His people.

Forsake them not, for the ship is even now taking on water.

America, the Lord has cried unto you as He cried unto Jerusalem,

But you turned away your face.

And as the ship sinks, 

The cries of the babies will drown out your cries for help.

For the hand of the Lord moves,

And America, your days are numbered.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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