Never again should we quarantine the most healthy among us and shutter businesses across the nation.

Herd Immunity v. Biden/Fauci Perpetual Fear

Every state should open for business, now.


American Thinker

March 11, 2021

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It is now clear that government lockdowns have proven disastrous for people and our economy. They have also been ineffective. According to the most recent summary of social-distancing measures published by Nature, “Stay-at-home orders did little to mitigate the pandemic spread.” The authors say there is “no evidence that the number of deaths/million is reduced by staying at home.”
But there is another reason well-governed states are lifting restrictive ChiCom Virus pandemic mandates.
In discussions this week with physicians who are career disease specialists, I noted these interesting data points. This information is receiving no mention by the Biden administration or its Leftmedia propagandists in order not to disrupt their perpetual “fear and angst” agenda — ensuring their constituents believe BIG Gov is their savior.
First, according to the CDC, in the U.S. there have been 29 million individuals who have tested positive for the ChiCom Virus and recovered.
Second, early in the pandemic, it was estimated that the number of Americans who have had the virus but were either asymptomatic or recovered from mild flu-like symptoms was 10 times the number of diagnosed cases. That number is now more conservatively estimated to be about three times the diagnosed number. So at present, there are about 87 million undiagnosed recoveries.
Third, thanks to the stunning success of the Trump administration’s  Operation Warp Speed vaccine-development program, 60 million people have already had one or both vaccine doses, and by the end of March, the number of those fully vaccinated will be almost 100 million.
Thus, by the beginning of April, more than 200 million Americans will have COVID immunities.
According to Mayo Clinic experts, 70% of the population must have immunities intact in order to reach COVID “herd immunity” — that’s 220 million people. In other words, we are weeks away from reaching herd immunity, as predicted by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor Dr. Martin Makary, despite the variants.
Of course, Makary was “fact-checked” for daring to suggest we would reach herd immunity prior to when the Swamp Doctor, Anthony Fauci, says we will. But the fact-checkers got fact-checked and Makary is correct.
Indeed, this week Fauci himself declared“We anticipate … that the herd immunity level will be about 70-85%. That’s the time that we believe, if you look at the planned rollout of the vaccines, that we would hopefully get to that point somewhere by the end of the summer and the early fall.”
Well, no.
If 70%, we will reach that target by mid-April. If 85%, we should reach that target in May.
Last week, Joe Biden read these words from his prepared script“We’re now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May.” That is “every adult” including those who have already recovered but may choose to take the vaccine anyway.
What’s next from Fauci, “herd immunity when we reach 150%”? Is anyone paying attention to the basic math?
For sure, Fauci’s fake narrative fit all the faux Demo drama ahead of the party-line passage of their larded $1.9 TRILLION so-called American Rescue Plan,” despite an economic recovery well underway.
Question: Should anyone be listening to anything Fauci says?Behind Biden, the second most powerful and equally senile wax figure in DC is Fauci. He wields an enormous amount of power for an 80-year-old lifelong DC bureaucrat, having been in the bowels of various federal agencies since 1968.
Frankly, I never understood why Donald Trump did not tell Fauci “YOU’RE FIRED” last June when Fauci admitted lying to the public about the effectiveness of face masks — or after any one of the countless times Fauci ventured far off the White House Coronavirus Task Force reservation with serial contradictions in celebrity media appearances.
Recall that once caught in that lie, demonstrating his signature unmitigated arrogance, Fauci insisted, “With all due modesty, I think I’m pretty effective.
Fauci’s “modesty” and “effectiveness” notwithstanding, herd immunity is on its way! While those with significant comorbidity factors should take appropriate precautions, it is past time to reopen our country. Unlike Fauci, Makary is sticking with the science. As Dr. Makary advised in an additional Wall Street Journal analysis today, get the vaccine and go.
Finally, never again should we quarantine the most healthy among us and shutter businesses across the nation.

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