Plugs Biden & Chuckles Harris Can Solve the Border “Challenge”!!!  Why Haven’t All Their Highly Paid Political Pros Suggested This Yet?  Not to Mention Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer?

How Plugs Biden & Chuckles HarrisCan Solve the Border “Challenge” 
Why Haven’t All Their Highly PaidPolitical Pros Suggested This Yet?
Not to Mention Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer

By Pem Schaeffer

Rip McIntosh

March 26, 1 A. T.

A few weeks back, Rip published our item that discussed the likelihood of Motor Coach caravans, in the range of 2,000 buses per month, carrying new arrivals into our country. I suggested that was a tangible way to visualize the magnitude of 100,000 or more illegals crossing what used to be known as a “border” into the interior of our fair land. I followed that first column with a suggestion for routing the buses to the homes of our elected federal officials so they would have an “up close and personal” sense of their representative consequences for the lack of border control along our boundary with Mexico. We know as well that Democrites* have been pressing to make the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico new states in our federation and to give them each two Senators and appropriate members in the House. Watching the ongoing news in recent weeks of daily congestion in processing new arrivals across our southern border, and the logistical challenges with doing so, finding new homes for them, and all the other annoying details of the situation, a solution came to me. Why not combine the concepts of new states and open borders into a two-horse parlay? If they want to make DC and Puerto Rico new states, why not at the same time make Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala new states? It would solve the problem of illegal border crossings, and give Schumer and Pelosi what they have always wanted. And Plugs and Chuckles would no longer have to face tough questions from the rare press person who actually tries to cover the news, and in the process, speak truth to power.
What’s not to like? Aren’t Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity the principles guaranteed to us in the Declaration of Independence? At least as taught in the educational institutions of Woke America? Think of it. We would no longer have to assimilate new arrivals into communities far and wide within existing US borders, but could instead ship federal funds and resources to new states to the south so they could become fully vested state territories along with the other 50 now enjoying that stature. “Dreamers” would not have to hit the road to find their futures. Instead, we would all agree to provide their dream futures where they are. It’s only fair. And, as a bonus, the Democrats could enforce gun control regulations on the Cartels, and place heavy excise taxes on the drug shipments, just like we try to do on pot here in the states.
*“Democrites” is a combining form of Demo-crats and Hypo-crites.

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