A new investigation is dredging up some horrific details inside the FDA…
The federal government has been CAUGHT buying ‘fresh’ aborted baby body parts for research.

These body parts are used to “humanize” mice so that the FDA can test biological drugs in science experiments.  Some of these parts came from preborn babies who were 24 weeks old and could have survived as preemies.

ALL fought against this back in the early 1970s and continued that fight into the 1990s, testifying before the National Institutes of Health in 1993 and helping push the Dickey/Wicker Amendment in 1996 (which was never brought to the US House floor for a vote) after the Clinton administration rescinded a five-year ban on baby body part harvesting.

While the FDA’s interest in aborting babies in order to harvest their body parts is not new news, pro-life advocates have been watching them like hawks.  

In 2015 we warned that Planned Parenthood — the nation’s #1 abortion chain — was trafficking in baby body parts after the Center for Medical Progress concluded a three-year investigation into their practices.

In August 2018 we sounded the alarm again asking why nothing had been done to act on CMP’s investigative report.  The Trump administration sprung into action and banned the practice in September 2018.

Of course, trafficking in baby body parts isn’t new.  But this time, from 2012 and until the Trump administration stopped the practice in 2018, Judicial Watch has uncovered for the first time that it was the federal government trafficking in baby body parts rather than 3rd party vendors. 
E-mails from the FDA are as cold as ordering a cut of meat from the butcher’s shop:
 “It is strongly preferred to have a male fetus if at all possible … [but] undetermined sex or female is better than no tissue.”
Some of the responses are absolutely heartbreaking:
 “We only check external genitalia and if it’s not there … we have no way of telling.”
That’s because the act of an abortion is so violent, the bodies of these babies are so mangled that it becomes hard to tell which organs are which.


The time for half measures and the “regulation” of this industry of death needs to stop RIGHT NOW.  

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These investigations are incredibly sad to read and take plenty of work, but they are meaningless unless we begin to educate pro-life activists, policy and thought leaders, our bishops and priests as well as being able to take a stand and defend the Holy Eucharist from those who excuse this trafficking as acceptable.

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For federal employees to line up and purchase ‘fresh’ aborted baby body parts reminds us that when given the chance the federal government will stoop as low as it can go — to Hell if it has to — to do their gruesome research.  

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Thank you and God bless you! 

Yours in the LORD Who IS Life!
Judie Brown
American Life League


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