Attached are the leaflets from the vaccine manufacturers.  The one for the person getting it doesn’t mention death as a possible adverse side effect, while the leaflet for the person administering it does have death listed as a possible serious side effect. It’s pretty much the same for all three.  

I apologize for cramming so much information here, but I think it all ties together and is very crucial.  The liberal Naomi Wolff is warning about the Vaccine Passport as she says it is our last tie to any human liberty and it is coming fast!!

Here is a link to an article from Children’s Health Defense that shows what informed consent is.  The first item listed there is “It must be given voluntarily – without coercion or deceit.  

If you open each document below and do control F on your computer, and put death in the box to see how many times that word comes up, you won’t see it in the leaflet for the recipient.  On the one for the person administering it, death came up 6 times for Pfizer and 7 times for Moderna and 9 times for Johnson & Johnson.

It’s worth reading the leaflet the recipient is supposed to be given.  It’s only a few pages and has so much troubling information in it.  On the Pfizer leaflet for the administrator, go to the bottom of page 9 where you will see what a serious adverse event is defined as.  Death is the first one mentioned.

Pfizer  (recipient)  (provider administering it)

Moderna (recipient) (provider administering it)

Johnson & Johnson

In this link from April 2020, scroll down to see the chart from  The population in the United States in 2017 was 327 million.  They are suddenly forecasting a huge reduction in population by 2025 down to 100 million.

As I’m sure you know, an Emergency Use Authorization can’t be given unless it can be proven that there is no remedy for this virus.  That’s why they shut down doctors who were recommending hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide or anything else. So, in my opinion this EUA is fraudulent!!! And, the vaccine can’t be mandated if it’s in EUA status, thus the vaccine passports that they will use to force us to comply without making the vaccine mandatory.  The governor of NC announced “incentives” for those with vaccine hesitancy. What, like grocery shopping, going to the bank, etc ??? 

Then there is the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028.  There is no end to this, taking us to Agenda 2030.

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  1. jorgecerra says:

    Thank you for this evidence. People in the Nazi camps were told they were going to take a shower.

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