Thanks to all who served in our military!


James Gill1:39 PM (13 minutes ago)

Professor Kilpatrick,

In engineering terms a problem well defined is half solved. You have defined ours with stark clarity.

But Churchill said a lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on. ( Russian collusion, Ukrainian collusion, stolen election, insurrection, pandemic terror and lockdown, CDC could not legally give emergency use authorization to Covid vaccines if any other treatment option existed like HCQ or Ivermectin, wet market source, Fauci funded gain of function research, masks and vaccine safety, lotto tickets, discounted concert tickets, and lap dances in exchange for medically necessary vaccines, etc ). The American patriot is getting their boots on by independently investigating election integrity, passing laws to insure election integrity, banning Marxist based critical race theory in our schools, questioning our elected officials more rigorously, writing more comments and letters to the editor, demanding an end to the lockdowns, saying “NO” to the multi-billion dollar medical industrial complex of transgender surgery, prosthetics, and drugs , creating new channels of communication, etc.. The American patriot is letting our would be ” Masters of the Universe ” know that we are on to their end game by unfurling Trump flags at Yankee and Mets games right in the capital city of the oligarchy itself.

The oligarchs visible strength is $10 trillion to spend on temporary “system level ” control over the tools of mass propagandizing (academia, media, social media ) and the pseudo enforcement powers of ( Fortune 2000 corporate jobs, federal law enforcement, and their modern day stormtroopers BLM/Antifa. Their invisible strength is a temporarily disorienting ATHEIST ideology of old lies (fraternite, egalite, liberte ) repackaged anew in bright LGBTQ+ colors. However, the truth is getting its boots on regarding this poisonous ideology. American minorities are not going to fall for the collectivistic lies from old white, yellow, black revolutionaries ( Lenin, Mao, Taylor ) anymore than they are from young white, yellow, black revolutionaries ( Putin, Jinping, Cullors ) Our strength and hope is in our Judeo/Christian ethos, our families, and our 245 year old constitutional republic. Americans patriots of every color know that global oligarchs are all for true equality of outcome; called slavery.

And American patriots know that we have been at war with radical atheism on our left for 2,ooo years known ( paganism, tribalism, communism, fascism ) and with radical theism on our right for 1400 years known as
( Islamic supremacism ).

God Bless,
Jim Gill

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. jgill1215 says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida,

    Thank you for being a man’s man, a military man, and most especially, a Holy man!
    You are a gift of the Holy Spirit.

    May Our Lady of Guadalupe continue to watch over you!

    God Bless,
    Jim Gill

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