The True Pandemic

 By: Cheval

June 8, 2021 

Hat Tip: Rip McIntosh

It is sometimes necessary to take a very large step back and take stock of the BIG, BIG picture. To understand what is happening today to our world, we now need to view our world as if we are looking down from outer space. If, say, we have been perched on the moon since the early part of the 20th century, we would have witnessed an ever-present virus of totalitarianism and communism infecting our planet. We would have observed entire countries, world leaders, and generation after generation drawn towards this virus-like a moth to a flame. As a result, we would have witnessed worldwide, regional, and proxy wars, genocides on a massive scale, coups, unnecessary human misery, economic collapses, and all manner of uncountable symptoms.
We would also have seen free societies, acting as antibodies, pushing back, and fighting the infectious spread. As the virus repeatedly began to appear and spread throughout the global body, time and time again, the antibodies responded, grew in strength, and stopped the spread of the virus, but never killed or eradicated it in its entirety. Sadly, the pattern continued and the antibodies withdrew to a level that would allow the virus to regain its strength, and continue its unrelenting march. The advocates of communism, like a virus, can only survive by moving from cell to cell, consuming the body. Viruses try to survive at all costs, which represents communism’s inherent danger because to survive at all costs, there is nothing the virus will not do to continue spreading. The people responsible for spreading totalitarianism and communism will resort to just about anything, go to unimaginable lengths, take unethical and illegal actions, pay any price, lie and deceive, and squash any “antibody” that stands in their way. And once they have taken over the body, they will do anything in their power to keep the body sick, hypnotizing the body with the magic elixir. They will keep the body in a suboptimal state requiring perpetual care and feeding to maintain life support. This is what is happening in our country today and what our future will look like if we stay on our current path.
The sad fact is that the antibodies will never be able to kill the virus completely because the virus is rooted in the worst of human nature; man’s insatiable thirst for power, control, wealth, and fame, and to build a legacy to man’s own glory. Human nature is universal and constant, remaining unchanged since history began. While most people learn to control their own ambitions, a small number become fixated by their ambitions until they are ultimately checked or vanquished. Then along comes the next generation possessing the very same foibles. This is why the virus never goes away.
This time, however, the viral resurgence is different. Since our founding, America has been protected by two enormous oceans. We have been able to fight the virus at arms’ length, donating our resources, national treasure, blood and lives, intellectual know-how, industrial capacity, and our continued determination and commitment to win, thus enabling our own immunity. We no longer have the luxury of keeping it at arms’ length. In the past, when faced with the spread of totalitarianism and communism, we were united in mustering our healthy economic, military, intelligence, law enforcement, governmental and institutional arsenals to face a common threat. What is different this time is the very tools and weapons we would use to fight the scourge are no longer healthy and have themselves been corrupted, invaded by the virus. Now, our immunity is compromised, distracted by lesser important and mostly manufactured issues and crises by the Left. Until recently, few of us actually realized we were becoming overcome. This is the true pandemic we now face.
Because of the predicament, in which we find ourselves, we must be our own doctors. Just like any desperate patient, we would want our doctors to prescribe anything that will make us healthy again. We would willingly try just about any drug or medication to rid ourselves of the disease. The problem is that nobody is going to prescribe the magic pill that will make us better. As we learned in grade school, schoolyard bullies inevitably back down when outnumbered or confronted. Conservatives have had enough of the Left’s bullying, pushing their foolhardy minority-birthed, minority-held ideas on an unwitting, busy, and heads-down majority. The bullies must be confronted wherever possible – all the time, by groups and by individuals.
Acquiescing to the Left’s warping of our language, perversion of our education and culture, intentional twisting and suppression of all forms of communication, and allowing abuse after abuse to slide by is a recipe guaranteeing the viral spread. This means that we need to take matters into our own hands and fight the contagion at every level, at any place, at any time, and by any legal, financial, and ethical means possible. This is our antidote. Given all the nonsensical ideas, false narratives, abuses, and frauds heaped upon us since before 2016, the arbitrary rules put in place by our so-called leaders, their failure to uphold our laws and put the People’s interests first, it is our duty and responsibility as citizens to take action.
Defeating totalitarianism and communism of any form, like it or not, is the struggle of our lifetime – just as it was for prior generations. Our fight is here now – not just for us, but to set an example for future generations when they will inevitably face the same virus. It is time for the antibodies to coalesce. We owe this to ourselves and to humanity to preserve the freedoms today’s generations still mostly enjoy.
As one of those who have taken the oath to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, I often wonder just how many of my colleagues who have taken that same oath are truly willing to fight our domestic enemies? 
It is a much different matter to fight violently abroad than it is to fight non-violently at home. We should be hardened by the words from our own Declaration that state “it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish” the government, which in this case literally means to remove those who disingenuously represent us because they have wandered off course and are enabling the virus’ spread. Heading back into outer space, I can imagine the approach of a massive viral black hole, eager to consume our planet. As we are sucked into the vortex to be jettisoned to a new place and time, I cannot help but wonder whether we would emerge as a free and healthy world, or as a sickly world where the virus won and our freedoms have been forever shackled. There is good news, however. We are all wearing ruby slippers. It is within us all to take a big gulp, click our heels three times, muster the individual courage necessary, and do whatever we can, wherever we can, to stop the virus in its tracks to prevent the destruction of the nation and world that we love.
We are the antidote. (No vaccine required.)

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. jorgecerra says:

    The world has fallen completely into the UN’s trap. There would be an important resistance to its manipulative and infamous plots if we had had a true Vicar of Christ in place, but the man who was appointed with fraud to that mission has been in the first line of betraying Catholicism and joining the deceivers and enemies of God’s plan. And what is worse, he has been systematically and consciously misleading the spiritual flock. But God is Almighty.

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