\June 19, 2021 

   In no particular order of importance, I wanted to share a few thoughts that for me seem relevant and important. 

 CATEGORY A: SOME GENERAL THOUGHTS:  1.        Remember when everyone, players and fans alike, stood at sporting events and sang our National Anthem? It was so refreshing to see that last night at the New York Islanders Playoff Hockey Game….and it was not the first time they have done this. 2.        I have been a life-long New York Yankee fan and thought that Kate Smith’s rendition of God Bless America was and is extremely powerful and poignant. But in 2019 the Yankees (and Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team) and now all of Major League Baseball succumbed to today’s woke mentality and discontinued playing Kate Smith beautiful voice because someone said that back in the 1930s (when the word was on the brink of war) she supposedly sang songs containing ‘racist lyrics” How ignorant! How stupid and short-sighted.  3.         Since when do we teach our children to first think about the color of their classmate’s skin, their religion, or whom they call God rather than looking for the goodness in them and learning how to interact with each other, reading, writing, and arithmetic? When did all this start? Can you spell Obama?. Remember his announcement “Change you can believe in”? I maintain what he really meant was he is going to “Change what you believe”! 4.         I’m wondering why we still do not know who shot and killed Ashley Babbit, the white female Veteran who was climbing the wall trying to get into the Capitol Building on January 6th during the so-called “insurrection”. It’s been almost six months and the FBI and the Capitol Police have thousands of hours of film footage of this entire event, ballistics data, and eyewitness testimony so why is this a secret? Ashley Babbit was unarmed by the way and posed no threat when she was killed. Could it be related to the fact that she was white and was shot by a black officer? Or could it be because embedded democrats and FBI informants needed a sacrificial scapegoat to put an emphasis on the end goal of making sure Trump is banned from ever holding office again? And why have people arrested by the FBI for the January 6th event been forced to languish in jails to this day? Isn’t this a denial of their right to a speedy trial by jury? Where are the indictments for this January 6th event which some democrats have classified as an attack “resembling Pearl Harbor or 9-11!” What planet are these people living on? Please know that in an insurrection, people usually carry weapons. Do you know how many weapons were seized at this event? Zero!  Some insurrection. 5.         Why is the U.S. Military forcing officers and enlisted personnel to read books that highlight racial differences? In the military, focusing on racial issues is the last thing you want to emphasize because when the firefight starts you put your life in the hands of the person next to you and he or she puts his life in yours. You don’t see white, black, red, yellow, or brown, nor do you care whether the person next to you is gay or straight. You are more concerned about returning fire, fighting, and staying alive. So why the hell are we asking our soldiers and sailors to be concerned about race? Do we think the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, or Iranians are making their officers focus on this nonsense? Also, if you think for a moment that our nation’s military has not been impacted by the growing Critical Race Theory mindset, I suggest you familiarize yourselves with the work of our Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, and his newly hired hand Bishop Garrison. Race is front and center in our military and I frankly don’t understand or appreciate it. It is downright wrong. CATEGORY B: SOME THOUGHTS ON OUR ECONOMY:            By any yardstick of measurement, our economy was poised for some significant growth coming out of the Chinese Pandemic. Why then did we need more stimulus payments to the tune of $6.0 Trillion? What exactly are the benefits to be derived from this spending? Have you seen or heard of how this sending helps Americans? I have spent the better part of forty years in finance and I do not have a clue as to what this spending is supposed to do to improve our competitive position in the world and enhance the quality of life for the American people. Driving down to Florida with my wife for some vacation and to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, I started to reflect on some of the things that have been going on over the past six months. Here are a few of them that directly impact every citizen in this country, rich or poor, white, black, red, brown, yellow, gay or straight, transgender, or whatever…. and our families. These are undeniable incontrovertible facts:  ●       Gasoline costs on average are now $1.20 per gallon higher than last year. ●       Beef, Pork, and Veal have increased about 20.8% per pound from last year.
 ●       Chicken costs have doubled in price since a year ago.
 ●      Fruit and Vegetable Prices have increased about 3% since last year.
 ●       Bacon in May 2021 was $6.35 per pound. Last year it was $3.29.
 ●        In May 2019 Ground Beef was $3.62 per pound. In May 2021 it was $4.10 per pound.
 ●       Milk prices today are at the highest level they have been since 2014! In 2018 for example the average milk price was $2.90 per gallon. In 2021 the price of milk is $3.77 per gallon.
 ●       Tolls on the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike have increased by 37% and 26% respectively.
 ●        Clothing, used cars, lumber, furniture all have increased by double digits from a year ago.
 ●      Inflation has risen 5%, a rate not seen in over a decade. But the Biden Administration continues to spend like drunken sailors on shore leave without a commensurate increase in productivity….a blueprint for inflation! It is what inevitably happens when the government pays people not to work which is what the extension of federal unemployment benefits until September has done! If you pay people not to work, productivity declines and that results in supply shortages and drives up prices. Today we have 9.3 million people unemployed and there are10.7 million jobs available. You don’t need an economics degree from the Ivy League to figure out what is happening. In elementary school, I learned that “too many dollars chasing too few goods is inflation”.
 ●       Our National Debt is rapidly approaching $30 trilliondollars. Right now interest rates are near zero. But what happens when interest rates increase to two or three percent? The interest payments on our debt will reach almost $1.0 trillion or 25% of total tax revenues our government collects!
 ●        Our nation has been the target of two major ransomware attacks, one on an oil pipeline and another on a meat processing plant here in the U.S. that disrupted the supply of both products. Both cyber-attacks emanated from Russia. We have, to date, no response to this, nor do we have a strategy to deal with future cyber-attacks.
 ●        Our southern border is in shambles as illegal immigrants continue to flow into our country to the tune of at least 600,000 over the period March, April, and May 2021. President Trump had this shut down before he left office but President Biden has extended an open invitation to illegals draining the economic resources of our country. Biden summarily stopped construction of the Wall Trump had almost completed, hastening the arrival of illegals. And these immigrants are not just coming from South America but from nations all over the globe, including terrorists and people who hate us. Not a word from President Biden about this or from his designated Czar of the Southern Border, VP Kamala Harris who has yet to visit the border. She wants no part of it. Her idea of fixing the problem is to “research the root causes of why people want to come to America” So she visited Guatemala and concluded that the driving forces behind the increase in immigration are; political corruption and a decline in farming and agriculture due to “climate change. Her recommendation: the U.S. needs to provide more financial grants to countries in South America to help them resolve their problems and thus stem the tide of illegal immigration. Of course….let the U.S. taxpayer foot the bill and pump more dollars into corrupt economies so they can steal more. What could possibly go wrong with that thinking?
 ●        The issue is not only confined to the massive influx of illegal immigrants but also some other even greater perils to our nation. While our border patrols are busy dealing with the crisis at our southern border, the drug cartels from South America and Mexico are having a field day making $ billions in human trafficking and by unrestricted and unchallenged shipments of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs into the United States. That means more and more of our children and adults are getting hooked on these drugs. The impact on health care costs and lost productivity is staggering. Oh, and by the way, guess who is the major supplier of fentanyl in the world….China! Incidentally, I have not heard anyone in the Biden Administration speak to the issue of the tremendous drug problem we now face in America.
 ●        Russia has amassed troops on the Ukrainian Border and China has begun rattling its sabers in the South China Sea. Russia also commenced military naval exercises 300 miles off the coast of Hawaii! Are we comfortable with this? And the North Korean Despot has begun firing missiles again. 
 ●        Is Joe Biden a President capable of leading us should a conflict occur? The man displays clear evidence of cognitive impairment which is expected in a man who has suffered two subarachnoid brain bleeds. I remember a time when democrats were demanding President Trump take a cognitive test to prove he was mentally capable and alert. He did and passed with flying colors. Shouldn’t Joe Biden be asked to take such a test? That begs the question…Is Kamala Harris ready to assume a leadership role? She is, of course, an avowed Marxist/Communist and has never held a position of leadership in her career, let alone serve as Commander in Chief…but she is next in line! That raises the question…Are we ready? CATEGORY C: THE CHINESE VIRUS  We have called the pandemic by many names mostly to be “politically correct”. I call it the Chinese Virus because it originated in China. And now, I am going to be politically incorrect by saying this virus was man-made and its release into the world by China was no lab accident; it was intentional. This, of course, is my own personal opinion and I am aware the statement is likely to give all liberals a panic attack with cries of “fanatical conspiracy theory” and I can envision their fangs pointing straight for my jugular. But I am convinced that it was an intentional assault on America and furthermore, that some democrats here in the United States were complicit in the launch of this devastating illness that wrecked the economies of many nations not to mention causing millions of deaths and sickness worldwide. What do I base such an opinion on? Just this: Recently released email messages from America’s Doctor, Anthony Fauci make clear that the U.S. funded a non-profit entity called EcoHealth who in turn provided direct grants to the Wuhan Virology Lab in China who was conducting research on Covid 19, the Chinese Virus. What the hell are we doing funding Chinese Research into a deadly disease? Equally, why are we learning about this now sixteen months later? Did you know that Dr. Fauci provided this financing? Shouldn’t he have disclosed this to President Trump when the virus began to spread? He was using taxpayer dollars to fund this research…our money…yours and mine. Why? For what purpose? Democrats have tried everything under the sun to get rid of Trump. Their hatred for the man knows no bounds. They spied on him when he was a candidate, when he got elected, and when he was a sitting President of the United States. They insulted him and his family and falsified FISA documents to the FISA Courts; conducted illegal wiretaps and attempted to block every candidate for office he nominated including three Supreme Court Justices. For one of these, Justice Kavanagh, they concocted an unsubstantiated accusation by one Christine Ford who claimed Kavanagh molested her while she was a senior in high school but could not provide any credible evidence to prove her claim. It was the theatre of the absurd…but that is what liberal democrats do.  The left fears Trump and will do anything and everything to stop him from running for office again and the Chinese Virus provided the kind of crisis they could not let go to waste. The Chinese Virus proved to be manna from heaven for the left. It enabled them to press for mail-in voting and other machinations and, with some flagrant violations of state election laws, got their candidate Joe Biden elected as the 46th President of the United States with over 80 million votes…more than any presidential candidate in history ever received. More than Barack Hussein Obama! With such a vote, you would think President Biden would be more forceful with China and Russia. You would think, for example, that he would demand of the Chinese President a full disclosure about how the virus was launched upon the world and submit to an independent investigation which, among other things might include “patient #1”. But I don’t believe Joe Biden will do any of that because he is in the pocket of the Chinese. He is the “Big Guy”, the “phantom 10% shareholder” mentioned by Tony Bobulinsky who himself was supposed to be a partner in a firm created by Hunter Biden and funded by the Communist Chinese. And the Chinese have hundreds of lurid photos of Hunter Biden with underage girls, many of which are on Hunter Biden’s laptop…the laptop from hell. The FBI had this laptop well before the 2020 election and the media suppressed disclosure of these details to the public because had they allowed this, fewer people would have voted for Biden. Why have we not demanded of the FBI Director, Christopher Wray an explanation for this? So, I ask you, as you look at Joseph R. Biden, this frail man who has difficulty putting coherent sentences together, stumbling up the steps of Air Force One, answering only a few questions from hand-picked reporters, allowing Vladimir Putin to denounce America for 55 minutes without objection, with a record of plagiarism and lying and with no remarkable contributions to America in his 50 years of public service, and, as you reflect upon the incoherent, illogical actions he has taken which have caused our nation significant harm since January 20, 2021, do you really believe our country is in good hands, secure and safe? I don’t.

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