Here is today’s little dose of satire to help ease the pain of watching England trying to kill little Alfie.

Eccles and Bosco is saved !!!

Career options in the modern world

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am a particularly nasty piece of work. My way of relaxing in the evening is to pull the wings off butterflies or to torture sweet little kittens. So, watching the way poor Alfie Evans has been treated, I was pleased to see lots of possible new career openings.

hanging judge


It’s a pity they abolished hanging. Unlike Peter Cook, I do have enough Latin to be a judge, and I would have loved to be able to sentence some screaming villain – or preferably someone totally innocent – to death by hanging. I look really nice in a black cap. Also, a judge is the boss in his own court (sorry, no inclusive language on this blog). Fawning barristers address him as “My Lord”.

And in this modern era, judges can sentence people to death once more. Oh, not terrorists who kill hundreds of people, there’s no fun in that. Still, they can sentence helpless children to death, by removal of water, nutrition, even air, if some doctors say it is the right thing to do. Then they watch the parents suffer! But they won’t let judges wear a black cap.

Doc Morrissey


I wouldn’t be a very good doctor. A priest came to see me complaining of clergyman’s knee (this was one of those rigid priests who still thought that kneeling was an appropriate activity). I helped him by taking out his appendix with a carving knife: the operation was a success but the patient died.

In the bad old days doctors had the Hippocratic oath, so abortion was out, and euthanasia was also forbidden. Especially the unwanted euthanasia of a child, where the parents were fighting for his life. Not any more! No matter if the whole world is shocked – the Pope, the Italian ambassador, the President of Poland, sundry other Americans, etc. Even Kim Jong-un said “Crikey! I wish I’d thought of that!”

laughing policeman


Hello, hello, hello! I want to join the police force to maintain law and order, to serve the causes of justice, and to help the public. So I could spend the night standing outside a child’s hospital room, making sure that nobody came in and interfered with him by giving him oxygen or water! Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Monty Python bishop


SITUATIONS VACANT. ARCHBISHOP OF KNOTTY ASH. Would suit someone who is vaguely interested in Catholicism (no previous experience necessary). Warning – if you’re the sort who likes to give a moral lead on subjects such as putting children to death, then this job is not for you. No, we’re looking for someone who will network well with non-Christians, and definitely won’t rock the boat.

And don’t even think about becoming Cardinal Archbishop of Elephant and Castle, as you have to have your spine removed as part of the terms and conditions of employment.

As Jesus said, “Well you *could* stick up for the weak and helpless, but I don’t advise it as it might make you unpopular.”

Queen opens Alder Hey

“I now declare this death camp open.”

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