COMMENTARY’s July–August double issue kicks off with a collection of articles about Jews, Jew-hatred, and the Jewish state. 
Liel Leibovitz argues, “No, Jews Aren’t White.” We’re our own thing, and whatever privilege we possess is conditional.
COMMENTARY contributing editor Bret Stephens explores “The Paradoxes of Benjamin Netanyahu.” Bibi is the fox who is also the hedgehog. 
Seth Mandel exposes “The Jews Who Are Complicit in Jew Hatred” and explains that such complicity is a feature, not a bug, of the horrors of the past month.

And in “An American Trapped in an Englishman’s Body,” Roger Bennett offers a memoir of a Jewish boyhood in Liverpool.

In “How U.S. Schools Became Obsessed with Race,” Robert Pondiscio explains that critical race theory took over in two ways: first gradually, then suddenly.
COMMENTARY senior writer Christine Rosen demonstrates how the villains of the pandemic are the leaders of America’s teachers’ unions in “Union Busted.”

In Politics & Ideas, James Kirchick reviews After the Fall, by Ben Rhodes; Michael Brendan Dougherty reviews The Unbroken Thread, by Sohrab Ahmari; Eli Lake reviews A Drop of Treason, by Jonathan Stevenson; Ronald Radosh reviews Ethel Rosenberg, by Anne Sebba; Rick Marin reviews Competing with Idiots, by Nick Davis; and Terry Teachout contemplates the life and work of Nelson Riddle, “The Man Who (Re)made Sinatra.”

In this month’s Tech Commentary, James B. Meigs dives deep into “The Lab-Leak-Theory Cover-Up“; in Washington Commentary, Matthew Continetti describes how “Manchin Goes Rogue“; in Media Commentary, Christine Rosen shows “How the Media Ignore Jew-Haters“; in Jewish Commentary, Meir Y. Soloveichik considers “How Chancellor Kurz Redeemed Vienna“; and in Hollywood Commentary, Rob Long reveals “The Game of Showbiz Crap(s).”

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