The expansion of science today is a path to the self-destruction of humanity (+video)

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BCP: The expansion of science today is a path to the self-destruction of humanity


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate exercises the apostolic and prophetic ministry. Its duty is to voice God’s position even on the latest knowledge of science.

Quote from the media: “Researchers at Columbia Engineering have built the world’s smallest single-chip system, consuming a total volume of less than 0.1 mm3. The system is visible only under a microscope. The team used ultrasound to both power and communicate with the device wirelessly.”


Commentary: The inventors justify this injectable microchip by use in healthcare. Unfortunately, healthcare today is not concerned with the health of the people, as the current pseudo pandemic has shown, but rather pursues vaccino-chipping and genocide. The chip is the most effective means of mentally enslaving mankind. The Bible urgently warns against receiving a chip, speaking about the threat of the lake of fire!

The moral and ethical question, the question of the salvation of the soul, is therefore a priority here. As a result, science must be corrected and protected from being abused for the autogenocide of humanity. The use of scientific research must be precisely defined by legislation. One cannot be blinded by a positive justification for apparent benefit without hearing a warning voice indicating a terrible danger of mass abuse.

The ideology that is now in power aims to reduce six billion people. Phrases about the benefits of microchips in healthcare and experimental vaccination are a global fraud. It is more than clear that this microchip will not be used for health either, but on the contrary, for the enslavement of humanity and its autogenocide. In whose hands is the experimental vaccination? It is in the hands of elite satanists who do not hide the plan of mass enslavement of people in electronic camps and their subsequent annihilation.

From a religious and spiritual point of view, the chip is an instrument of casting souls en masse into eternal damnation in the lake of fire. The whole criminal agenda must be brought to light and the abuse of microchips clearly exposed. Weapons of mass destruction are used for physical destruction, while chipping is also intended for the eternal destruction of souls. How? The chip deprives a person of the most important thing, namely his will and freedom. It makes him a controllable biorobot. This is a crime against humanity and a rebellion against God.

Quote from the media: “The chip system was tested in laboratory mice. It was used for neurostimulation. Up to seven of these systems were injected into mouse muscle tissue at once.”

Commentary: The chip system was used for neurostimulation in mice. This means that it becomes a tool for the inner enslavement of the soul in humans. A person ceases to have freedom of thought, emotion, movement. If seven of these microchips were injected into a small muscle of a mouse at one time, people can be chipped during any medical procedure, e.g. with an injection at the dentist, without their knowledge. It is abnormally easy to abuse.

The Patriarchate therefore alarms lawyers, politicians, military experts, cultural workers, civic activists and all people of good will to be aware of the serious dangers of microchips as well as of their responsibility and to respond adequately. Legislative and other protection must be provided. Abuse must be sanctioned with the most severe punishments while there is time.

The criminals who now run a shadow government around the world are preparing enslavement and genocide of humanity. This has been accomplished by lockdowns and the mass enforcement of experimental, fatally dangerous vaccines. If these elite satanists are not brought before an international court as soon as possible, they will chip mankind under the guise of health care, and thus lead it not only to temporal but also to eternal destruction!

The report on the microchip has already been published in the mainstream press, so a serious question arises as to whether the microchip was not used secretly in the experimental vaccine against Covid-19 much earlier.

The system of contemporary false ideology has paralysed reason and conscience, and nurtured the source of evil within the human heart called original sin. If moral restraints and God’s laws are cast aside, this source of evil paralyses the mind and subjugates the physical side to the lowest instincts. Man becomes a slave to lies and evil. All wars, all atrocities, all the most heinous crimes and murders came from this poisoned source of evil in man. At a certain stage, man becomes a medium of Satan, that is, a demon-possessed person. And this global demonic possession today is the goal of the devil and his servants who have usurped power over humanity.

No one can overcome this criminal and devilish system by human power. It is therefore necessary to turn to God, repentantly confess your sins, especially that you did not seek the truth, listened to and believed in lies, and was systematically deceived by the mainstream media. You now need to find at least one hour a day for your soul and communion with God in interior prayer. God will then save His nation! Therefore, make a promise to God today to devote one hour daily to prayer!

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops

15 June 2021

The expansion of science today is a path to the self-destruction of humanity  /italiano/  /français/  /español/  /português/


BCP: Critique of transhumanism

Transhumanism (TH) is an ideology which claims that man (in a biological sense) has already reached the peak of evolution, and yet he is bad. So it says it is necessary to improve his “mental and physical abilities, eliminate suffering, illness, aging, and even death” through nano-, bio-, information- and cognitive technologies (NBIC technologies).

Commentary: The ideology of TH reveals that it is not only evolutionist but also utopian. In the field of technology, development has progressed, but man himself remains equally sinful and mortal. He can become like an angel or the devil, depending on his thinking and how he acts according to it – doing either good or evil. Man has free will. If he becomes addicted to alcohol, sexual perversion, drugs or destructive sects, he is no longer free but has become a slave. If he receives a chip, he is completely deprived of his free will, ceases to be a human, and becomes a biorobot, a transhuman, and eventually a so-called superman – a demon incarnate.

TH: Transhumanists call this so-called improved version of man a posthuman or superman.

Commentary: We have already encountered this in Nietzsche’s fascist ideology about the superman. Today we know what fruit it has borne. TH ideology can therefore be called a neo-fascist ideology.

TH: This posthuman is said to be smarter than any human genius and will have a much better memory.

Commentary: TH ignores the true nature of man. Man not only has reason or memory, but also conscience. Cleverness in itself, moreover under the rule of an evil man without a conscience, is very dangerous. We have very intelligent criminals, whose intelligence literally made them mass murderers. And, last but not least, immaterial beings with a higher degree of intelligence are called demons.

TH: The posthuman body will not be susceptible to disease and will not be impaired by ageing. According to this view, posthumans will even be able to abandon their own bodies and live (only their brains) in giant super-fast computer networks.

Commentary: On the question of suffering, disease, and death, as well as the question of eternal life, Christianity has a clear teaching that provides an adequate and comprehensive answer. Here reason finds the truth and the human heart’s deep desire for true and eternal happiness is fulfilled. A Christian knows the meaning and purpose of human life. Therefore he seeks to overcome the evil in himself and serves God by keeping His commandments. He thus also keeps the second commandment of love for neighbour. The basic moral rule is: “Whatever you want others to do to you, do also to them.” (cf. Mt 7:12)

TH: Transhumanists believe that a posthuman will exist with a body altered to such an extent that he will no longer be called a human being, but rather a human device.

Commentary: What a corrupt and low ideal! Turning a person into a kind of device! It is hard to identify exactly whether such a posthuman will be a biorobot or a demon incarnate, or both.

TH: In addition to artificial intelligence (by introducing a chip with external regulation) it is planned to make changes in the human body also by introducing foreign nanotechnologies or biotechnologies (genetically modified products or transgenes), or psychopharmacological products (drugs), which would be based on computer technologies.

Commentary: These planned, irreversible changes, which are to be achieved by interfering with the human body, are mass crimes against humanity! Today, the means of achieving them is mainly through mRNA vaccination.

TH: Achieving immortality involves two methods. The first makes use of biotechnology – stem cells, cloning, cryonics (the freezing of bodies for future revival). The other method of immortality uses information and nanotechnology for the purpose of so-called “mind transfer”, in which the human brain is completely copied to a computer in order to create human duplicates.

Commentary: TH methods for so-called immortality are truly ridiculous. Only God, the Creator of man, can resurrect man and give him eternal life in perfect happiness. He is the Creator of the world, of everything visible and invisible (Creed). Cryonics and all other technologies for achieving immortality are a great deception.

TH: The very process of human-to-posthuman transformation will be developed according to the human-transhuman-posthuman scheme. A transhuman is defined as a transient human being, a creature that evolves into a posthuman – a descendant of man modified to such an extent that he is no longer a human.

Commentary: These sick thoughts, attempts and efforts to “modify” man to such an extent that he is no longer a human are crimes against humanity pursuing global genocide.

TH: The posthuman agenda:

1) to live forever,

2) to live at the expense of others,

3) to have no children.

Commentary: Living at the expense of others is amoral selfishness. Not having children means a painful end to family happiness and human life on our planet. A posthuman without conscience who has become a medium of evil will live forever in hell!

TH: Transhumanism and vaccination: The goal of vaccination is a mass change in the genetics of the entire planet, and chipping (digitization of humans).

Commentary: We are now experiencing this mass pressure through forced mRNA vaccination. Resistance means heroism bordering on martyrdom and death.

TH: Today, TH is deliberately idealized through cinema.

Commentary: Films are promoted that positively and popularly present both TH and related destructive phenomena such as gender and reductionist ideology.

There is a systematic and devious pressure to abolish the institution of the family, to abolish the institution of education and medicine, and to abolish the state. In essence, it pursues global control over all people.

TH: Artificial intelligence: The overarching goal of TH is to create artificial intelligence that should surpass the human brain.

Commentary: This artificial intelligence in the hands of people without conscience, in the hands of the devil’s mediums, will lead the individual and humanity into both temporal and eternal autogenocide.

TH: Transhumanism and digital society: The effort to change a person into a digital being, and vice versa to change a robot into a person.

Commentary: These are really demonic inspirations! This utopia completely distracts from the reality and the meaning of human life. The goal of human life is eternal life. The means to achieve it is the faith in the Creator and Saviour and a life according to a clear conscience, that is, the keeping of God’s commandments, the greatest of which is the love of God and neighbour.

Conclusive thoughts:

Digital education, digital medicine, digital economics is supposed to be created. What does it mean? It means that all current systems will be cancelled, and it will be a beginning of the coming era of transhumanism. The expression “digital” is being introduced in order to transition all aspects to a virtual existence, however the bottom line is to cancel everything.

The true Christianity, morals and traditional social institutions such as family, schools, universities, medicine and finally even the state itself is considered to be the main obstacle to introduction of TH ideology.

Another obstacle to the introduction of transhumanism is people themselves, so their number needs to be reduced. That is why there are theories being created about the overpopulation of the planet and all measures to reduction (killing) of the population are excused. 

Transhumanism bases all of its demonic spirituality on the new age ideology (New Age)

Both ideologists of transhumanism as well as teachers of the new age defend the idea of the deification of oneself. 

Julian Huxley emphasizes so called spiritual development, but in fact this refers to negative meditations, through which a contact with demons is established. He claims: “The ordinary man or woman can acquire the technique of dancing or tennis, so why not of (pseudo) mystical ecstasy or (pseudo) spiritual peace?” Huxley was a permanent member of the masonic order. 

Terence McKenna (1946-2000) recommended to his followers a regular use of psychedelic drugs in order to survive the period of induced transition in the human consciousness without reservations during evolutionary and psychological jump. The concerned person died at the age of 54, in spite of the fact that he pursued immortality. 

Attempts to create ubermensch (superman) in the fascist Germany:

Thousands of experiments were performed, the victims of which were not just men – prisoners, but also women and even children. In one of the experiments, Mengele attempted to change the eye colour of 36 children. He injected colouring, which led to blindness and unbearable pain. After the experiment Mengele sent all these children to gas chambers. All of these experiments were condemned at the Nuremberg trial. 

Commentary: The mass crimes against humanity are presently officially programmed! The key role is played by the coerced mRNA vaccine. Gas chambers will be replaced by official crematoria and mass graves. 

Transhumanism (TH) is the ideology of satanism leading towards the autogenocide of the mankind. TH must be radically condemned by the world population before it can bear catastrophic fruit!

Elaborated by

+ Methodius

+ Timothy

11 June 2021

Critique of transhumanism  /français/

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