Words Matter—Or Not: The Biden Vocabulary of the Times

By: Victor Davis Hanson

 Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers

July 3, 2021 


● Armed insurrection—a motley mob riot with no leaders, no firearms, no plans, and four fatalities, three from natural causes and one shot while unarmed by an unnamed police officer.
● Assault—anything but 120 days of rioting, looting, and arson, $2 billion in damage, 25 killed, and 14,000 arrested.
● Bipartisan—you are if you hate Trump.
● Cages—overcrowded border detention “facilities” created by the Obama administration and useful to the Biden team’s open-borders agenda. Otherwise known as “cages” between January 20, 2017-January 20, 2021.
● Challenge—engineered utter chaos on the border.
● Circling back—just circling and circling…
● Collusion—the projection of the crime of the guilty onto those innocent of it.
● Diversity—coerced uniformity of thought and expression.
● Equity—the plan where everybody ends up the same except those who oversee it.
● Gender—what people with degrees call sex.
● Herd immunity—once a canon of epidemiology, then taboo, now an inconvenient truth.
● Inclusion—mandatory state alienation of a majority of the population.Infrastructure—borrowing trillions for anything but roads and bridges.
● Latinix—unknown, maybe a gladiatorial character in some long forgotten Roman graphic novel.
● Noncitizen—now used as if all legal US residents crossed the Southern border illegally.
● Root causes—an abstraction used to evade the concrete evidence in front of you.
● Scott Atlas—the Nemesis following Dr. Fauci’s hubris.
● Unity—uniting half the country against the other half.
● Woke—body snatched.

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