White Privilege The Left’s Bourgeoisie Bogeyman

 By Kathleen Brush, Ph.D

.July 14, 2021

Hat Tip: Rip McIntosh

White privilege is the exclusive package of unearned privileges for white people, like being able to go to any music shop and find music by white people and choosing band-aids that match their skin color. Surprised? Many politicians and allied media present it as more than the ordinary advantages of a majority population. Something akin to British bluebloods and Indian Brahmins. Funny about the arrival of white privilege in 1989. Nine years after discrimination against Italian-Americans unofficially ended, the success of Italians is chalked off to birthrights. The mass migration of Italians to America in the early 1900s motivated passage of the 1924 Immigration Act. A primary objective was to halt the immigration of racially inferior people. An estimated 1.5 million Italians were American soldiers in WWII, while 600,000 kinfolk Brahmins were surveilled and put under curfew by the US government.  The disproportionate soldier presence of Irish immigrants and citizens in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars was central to all Americans becoming free from imperial tyranny and freeing the slaves. Their overwhelming contribution was due to inordinate poverty. People of wealth were uninterested in the deprivations of soldiering. After the war, these soldiers weren’t feted. The Irish worked the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs building our nation’s infrastructure until the Italians came along. But it took the election of JFK in 1962 to end 350 years of incessant racial slurs and exclusionary actions. Imagine, 27 years later, they found their blood was blue.  What of the Jews? Like virtually every immigrant group to America before 1965, the Jews would qualify as impoverished refugees today. Could they ever imagine that after hundreds of years of heinous anti-Semitism topped with the Holocaust and followed by overt discrimination, including Congresspeople today spewing anti-Semitism that they have Aryan privilege?  The end of Italian discrimination was triggered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. New programs focused on race to facilitate a level playing field, but not for members of the white race. Italian-Americans began improving their English and education to keep up.  The goal of the Great Society (1965) was abolishing inequality, but no one was thinking about white people. Why should they? For centuries, different white ethnicities in America had learned that the antidote to everything, including discrimination and poverty was endeavoring to become self-reliant. In America this meant speaking English, getting educated, working hard, and observing the law.       A simple formula, now seen as too demanding, was useful training. Someone has to pay for the Great Society and the 1965 immigration policy that welcomes people of all nations equally. Noncitizens are not supposed to be public charges, but today they are disproportionately welfare recipients. Poor English skills, and insufficient education and motivation to ditch dependence are faulted. Refugees, including asylees, like those streaming across the southern border, have their bills footed by American taxpayers. America did its best to ignore requests to give refuge to Jews during the Holocaust, but now these self-reliant privileged Americans disproportionately contribute to the comfort of today’s refugees. There is so much irony in American white ethnicities being given nothing, but a chance for a better life if they could win wars, endure heinous levels of discrimination, and frightening squalor being cast as despicable people of privilege that owe a cozier existence to people unkeen on self-reliance. Who knows white people might have been motivated similarly if there was an alternative to surviving and building self-esteem. But it used to be that taking welfare was not socially accepted unless it was otherwise impossible, and being a victim was not a source of self-esteem.  If politics weren’t involved, it might seem impossible that Americans are being browbeaten into seeing the outcomes of self-reliance as privilege. White people need to wake up. Socialism requires drumming up hatred for the rich, or, in this case, the white middle class — the bourgeoisie. It’s a pity to slur and guilt-trips the descendants of white ethnicities that endured hell to build a country where people of all races and ethnicities could succeed, including redistributing vast amounts of wealth from whites (and privileged self-reliant Asians) to people of color.  Politicians are creating a People’s Republic of America where systemic anti-motivation laws replace those ensuring equality of opportunity. 
The day America prioritizes dependence over self-reliance, and mediocrity over excellence is a bad day for our children and the world. 

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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