Might Taylor Marshall possibly think “the See… [could be] Impeded… Benedict does not accept Bergoglio as Pope so “Peaceful and Universal Acceptance” is Non-existent”?

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Benedict VIII was opposed by an antipopeGregory VI, who compelled him to flee Rome.[3] He was restored by King Henry II of Germany, whom he crowned emperor on 14 February 1014. – Wikipedia []

Today, the Catholic Monitor commenter unJabbed wrote:  

Interestingly Taylor Marshall on August 28th tweeted, without further comment, a From Rome link to Marco Tosatti’s article covering the Andrea Cionci thesis of an impeded see. 

Of course if the See is indeed impeded, then Benedict does not accept Bergoglio as pope so “peaceful and universal acceptance” is non-existent.

I cannot double check Marshall’s Twitter account to confirm the above because he has me blocked. But, here is a taste of the probable From Rome post which he may reportedly have tweeted:

However, the concept of an impeded See explains a number of oddities, such as when Ratzinger wrote in “Last Conversations”: “No pope has resigned for a thousand years, and even in the first millennium it was an exception”. Given that six popes abdicated in the first millennium and four in the second, he assimilates himself, as confirmed by the historian Mores (Univ. Milan) to the “exception” of the medieval pope Benedict VIII who, in the first millennium, was sent into exile by an antipope and then had – coincidentally – was restore to his see. It is also significant that the institution of the pope emeritus is now considered non-existent, so much so that – as Il Giornale.reports – the Vatican is working (now) to find a jurisprudential solution. So what has Ratzinger been for eight years? It would explain his white robe, the other papal prerogatives that he continues to enjoy and the strange ambiguity that persists in his statements and interviews, suggesting an inability to communicate clearly, because of the impeded seat.

The suspicion – a very serious one – is that in fact Pope Ratzinger has been communicating subtly through books and interviews for eight years, without anyone picking up his logical messages hidden under apparent inconsistencies. Is it possible that the adamantine and highly cultured theologian, after 2013 has forgotten Latin, canon law, Church history, while continuing to write books and give profound interviews? And that all these distractions always lead to the same scenario of the impeded See?

The latest discovery was made by a journalist from RomaIT, Mirko Ciminiello. Again in “Latest Conversations,” Ratzinger admits that he himself may indeed be the last pope on St. Malachy’s list of pontiffs: he practically does not consider Francis as his legitimate successor.If Benedict has not abdicated, in fact, the lines of succession are forever separated: one papal and one anti-papal, and if the cardinals do not settle the canonical question about his Declaratio, the true Church will continue in hiding, with a next spiritual leader who is the true successor of Benedict XVI. []

Stop for a moment of silence, ask Jesus Christ what He wants you to do now and next. In this silence remember God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost – Three Divine Persons yet One God, has an ordered universe where you can know truth and falsehood as well as never forget that He wants you to have eternal happiness with Him as his son or daughter by grace. Make this a practice. By doing this you are doing more good than reading anything here or anywhere else on the Internet.

Francis Notes:

– Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales totally confirmed beyond any doubt the possibility of a heretical pope and what must be done by the Church in such a situation:

“[T]he Pope… WHEN he is EXPLICITLY a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church MUST either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See.”
(The Catholic Controversy, by St. Francis de Sales, Pages 305-306)

Saint Robert Bellarmine, also, said “the Pope heretic is not deposed ipso facto, but must be declared deposed by the Church.”

– “If Francis is a Heretic, What should Canonically happen to him?”:

– “Could Francis be a Antipope even though the Majority of Cardinals claim he is Pope?”:

 –  LifeSiteNews, “Confusion explodes as Pope Francis throws magisterial weight behind communion for adulterers,” December 4, 2017:

The AAS guidelines explicitly allows “sexually active adulterous couples facing ‘complex circumstances’ to ‘access the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.'”

–  On February 2018, in Rorate Caeli, Catholic theologian Dr. John Lamont:

“The AAS statement… establishes that Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia has affirmed propositions that are heretical in the strict sense.”

– On December 2, 2017, Bishop Rene Gracida:

“Francis’ heterodoxy is now official. He has published his letter to the Argentina bishops in Acta Apostlica Series making those letters magisterial documents.”

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church by the bishops by the grace of God.

Election Notes: 

– Intel Cryptanalyst-Mathematician on Biden Steal: “212Million Registered Voters & 66.2% Voting,140.344 M Voted…Trump got 74 M, that leaves only 66.344 M for Biden” []

– Will US be Venezuela?: Ex-CIA Official told Epoch Times “Chávez started to Focus on [Smartmatic] Voting Machines to Ensure Victory as early as 2003”:– Tucker Carlson’s Conservatism Inc. Biden Steal Betrayal is explained by “One of the Greatest Columns ever Written” according to Rush: – A Hour which will Live in Infamy: 10:01pm November 3, 2020: What is needed right now to save America from those who would destroy our God given rights is to pray at home or in church and if called to even go to outdoor prayer rallies in every town and city across the United States for God to pour out His grace on our country to save us from those who would use a Reichstag Fire-like incident to destroy our civil liberties. [Is the DC Capitol Incident Comparable to the Nazi Reichstag Fire Incident where the German People Lost their Civil Liberties? and Epoch Times Show Crossroads on Capitol Incident: “Anitfa ‘Agent Provocateurs‘”:
Pray an Our Father now for the grace to know God’s Will and to do it. SHARE

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