September 7, 2021

A Holy Angel of God

“It was rain,

But a sinister, deadly rain,

As creatures who were not created to die

But who by their choice had sought death,

Fell to earth.

And because they could not die a physical death,

They sought mortal men who could,

For it was death they delighted in,

And destruction.

And their desire was to separate these mortal men from God,

As they themselves had been separated.

But they were thwarted again and again,

For those who died,

Refused to stay dead,

For they had been created with an immortal soul,

And, therefore, even in death,

They vibrated with resurrection,

Placed there by the hands of the very One to whom they had refused to bow.

For even in the darkness of death,

There was something that shone forth from these mortal men,

And it was this that made the fallen tremble.

It was blood – pristine blood –

That had come from a spotless Lamb,

And it was this blood that thwarted the fallen.

For it was this blood

That had the power to change what was dark to light,

And to change the destination of what was marked for hell to heaven.

So, these creatures who had already lost heaven

Sought to cause men the loss of heaven, too,

By causing them to forget

What covered them,

And preying upon their free will

Which had been granted by the love of the Lamb.

They told them the lie

That there was no heaven.

And these men who had been saved at such a cost

Refused their salvation,

And unfolded not their umbrellas,

But stood instead unsheltered in the sinister, deadly rain.

For they saw not,

For it was obscured by the fallen,

That this Lamb who had left heaven to be slaughtered on earth,

Had left for them a sacramental umbrella

To protect them from this sinister, deadly rain.

And, therefore, they unfolded not their umbrellas,

And the rain burned through their bodies

And pierced their souls.

And oh, how the fallen gloated,

But they did not rejoice,

For joy is a gift of heaven

And the fallen were creatures of the darkest hell.

So a sinister, deadly rain fell upon the earth

And the men of earth unfolded not their umbrellas,

And burned.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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